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Dev's 3 Empties: Lotions #1

2:47 PM


Long time no see this blog even though I'm in a long free time. I come back with center align, which I think it's more beautiful than the regular left align.

I know I have tons of products I want to review, but too lazy to review. Ah maybe I wasn't born as blogger, but I love writing.

And tons of products I want to review, ended up empty - ran out - before I get the chance to review it. And that's the problem. I piled up everything that I didn't review yet, hope to be reviewed soon. And that piles become a dumps.

I planned to open all my empties forcefully, break in, and scratch every single last bite I can reach. And then peacefully dump them on the garbage - but after I review it!

So now I plan to make 3 empties post series for my empties which haven't been dumped yet. Hope it still can help in my mini review.


Mustika Ratu Hand and Body Lotion in Lily and Honey

This is the newer series of Mustika Ratu. The old ones only have 1 main ingredients such as papaya, coffee, or olive. I think there are 2 new series of Mustika Ratu: this lily and honey and the light green one.

Big in sizes, 150 ml per tube, and comes with flip cap tube. Claims for antioxidant and anti aging due to co-enzyme Q10.

In my opinion, the scent can't leave the impression royal or kingdom-ish scent thanks to the strong lily flower scent. To be honest opinion of me, at first I can tolerate the scent, but then in several applies, I want other pleasing scent than this. This lotions also has purple color and medium quality of moisturize.

[Moisture power] / medium
[Overall☆ / 3/5 stars
[Repurchase] no

Nivea Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Serum SPF 25 PA ++

This Nivea also comes in flip cap tube like Mustika Ratu. The difference is the size is only 75 ml, a half of Mustika Ratu. Designed for dry and extra dry skin, Nivea intensive series never fails for extra moisturizing. Added with  UVA and UVB protections makes me never afraid to go out with this.

This white cream color and the same scent still reminds me of the old intensive series. The difference only on the serum version. Serum tends to be denser nutrient and quality, but this serum version for me is like thinner, more liquid version of the regular intensive series.

I have dry to very dry skin and it's flaky, so my skin loves hydrating lotions like this. It claims to hydrate more than 24 hours, but never works on my skin hahaha. If my skin is super dry, it would dry again after a few hours I think.

But cmiiw, the old intensive didn't have any UVA and UVB protection, am I correct?

[Moisture power / medium to high
[Overall☆ / 4/5 stars
[Repurchase] maybe later, I still want to explore another lotions

Citra Light-touch White Japanese Wakame Hand & Body Gel Lotion

This one is almost empty so I can't reach much lotions left, because I already scratch it through the neck of the bottle. So yeah this lotions is different from the other. It's bottle but still flip cap in unique diagonal cap.

At first it launched, I don't think it can fulfill my skin's thirst. It's super light and greenish gel texture makes it a light moisturizer. I don't know why I suddenly bought this. Maybe I want to try it for sure and I also tired of the same texture of lotions.

And I was right. Yes it's low moisture stuff. Because it's a gel, it's absorbed quickly and doesn't make any touchable barrier to trap the moisture in. I love the idea of "gel" and "light", but in the end it's not for my dry skin. I recommend this lotions to those who doesn't like the feeling of "slippery" regular lotions after you apply it, because it's absorbed quicker than regular lotions. And also those who has normal skin.

A bit honest opinion. My friend also love this for its lightness. And if you consider the price ( I forget about the price but let me tell this), my pharmacy lecturer told us that it's difficult to make a gel. A gel should be transparent, and if he fail to make it transparent, he fail. Let's appreciate the works of the pharmacist ♡^▽^♡

[Moisture power / low
[Overall☆ / 4/5 stars
[Repurchase] maybe, if my skin in a bit normal condition

That's the end of 3 empties today. Make blog post is somehow time consuming, suddenly I don't know I didn't reply my BF's text. I also know my photo quality is suddenly bad, I am improving my photoshoot skills more and more. I hope this blog post is useful, and now time to scratch and dump these out! Hehehe (♡´౪`♡)

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