The KonMari Method of Tidying, Decluttering, and Organizing

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Hallo girls,
Sorry I haven't blogging this week, I'm so confused yet didn't prepare any photoshoot and blah blah blah because I'm still deep cleaning my room and didn't have a place for taking photos, so this week I'll post about lifestyle.

So in this last week I'm so obsessed with Marie Kondo. If you never heard her name, let me tell you. I'm writing this while drinking on my Creso Soda coffee flavoured :3 yum yum! Better you have your relaxing beverage while reading this.

Marie Kondo, is a Japanese lady, who is also known as organizing consultant. She is the author of best seller book about tidying: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

The book sounds promised, so I start searching for more and more about her book. What really hooked me up is her method of folding the clothes so it can fit the drawer. She folds it until it and makes the clothes can stand which she refers as "sweet spot" and voala! Because I love doing things "sequentially". Here the Youtube video when Marie Kondo demonstrate how to fold the clothes.

After I know about this folding method, I still searching everything (or you can say I'm kepo). I ended up knowing that she was a cleaning and tidying fanatic since childhood. She spent her days reading all decluttering and organizing magazine in Japan, started organizing from room to another room in her house, and also her school, yes, she cleaned her classroom and another room as well, rotating from room to room, everyday. She practiced every words on the magazine and book, but she often feels so wrong about the tidying method from the magazine and stressed out - started to think that the article was wrong, and ended up making her tidying method.

Her tidying method is called KonMari method, here I share a Youtube video about her lecture on Google.

Here you can take the point of her method, but not her folding and another tidying tips method :(
And also, I read her book sample on Google Play, you can also buy it, though it's pretty expensive. I wonder when the book come into Indonesia :/

So here's a little opinion. After I knowing this much, the key of her method actually a radical one, for me. Doing tidying up a.s.a.p, in one shot (but you'll never tidying up again, she said), and throwing/ donating so many things at once, yoohoo, would you do that?

But in fact, it opened my eyes. Now I know more about what I need to keep and what I didn't need. How I should spend my life surrounding with things I loved. And actually there's more tips I'll gain if I have dat book pffffttt. Sorry.

I'll give you some summary about her method on video if you don't have time or quota, but I recommend to watch it.

  1. Tidy in one shot, as quickly, and completely, as possible - one shot like an event, not little by little, so it makes a huge impact of your life.
  2. Sort by category, not by location - so you want to sort by the catogory like clothes and pill it up in one place, not by room because you may encounter tidying clothes again and again.
  3. Does it "spark joy"? - or "tokimeku" (flutter, throb, palpitate) in Japanese. Touch your stuff, imagine how your body react to your stuff, is it spark joy? Kyun! or Zut!
  4. Order of tidying: clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous items, mementos - she arranged it that way so it trains our "spark joy" feeling, so when it comes to mementos, you can wisely choose which one to keep and which want not to keep.
Finally, I share some Youtubers who tried the KonMari method and share it in Youtube and hopefully it also helps. Some of them that I like are Lavendaire and ProjectLifecoach time lapse. The Lavendaire videos are spared so I just can put the link.

Thank you for reading, hope it helps you find some inspiration, while enjoying some drink with me :)
Don't forget to comment about your thought after reading this.
Thank you!

 Spark Joy 
-Marie Kondo

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Review: NCLA - Eight Days A Week & Cirque - Book of Shadows

9:22 PM

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Hello you awesome guys,
Welcome to the next post of 20 Deviations. As I promised before, here is the next review of another nail polishes. Because I was NOTD using these two polishes, I put both in one review post together.

So I got NCLA and Cirque from this giveaway, thank you! These pictures was also from a long time ago when my hair still short. Excuse myself. Let's begin from the NCLA, shall we?

This NCLA series also come in 15 ml, so much, and maybe I can't finish it up for 24 months. And also don't get it wrong with the "Animal Testing". It has "without" above. So it should be "without formaldehyde, without DBP, without toluene, without camphor, and without animal testing". I was getting it wrong so I tell you. 

I don't know why it's called Eight Days A Week. Did it say eight?! But a week only consist of seven days...


Next is the Cirque. I don't know much about nail polishes, I'm a newbie and I never know about this nail lacquer, but I know it's a good one. It comes with a black paper box. Neat, and elegant, since I never get a box for one nail polish. The silver sticker makes it looks more elegant. Sorry didn't capture it, I forgot. Hence it's only a black paper box.

And also for the name, I was thought I get a tutorial book about nail art. I got it very wrong. Also, shadows reminds me of something dark, but it's blink blink. Very contrast.

The zoom in swatch. Sorry for blurry picture.

The NCLA has purple color and ashy tones. My friend said in a distant my nail polish looks like grey color. Very dense at first coat. Quality? Good.

The Cirque has a silver, I should say, the silver and it's blinky is more dominant, with a hint, little hint of pink-purple color. And blinky. I thought that it was a sheer polish but no, it's also a dense polish. I was trying to make my OPI blinky and add a coat of this Cirque, but it turned out this Cirque wins and the color became silver, like my previous review.

Here's my NOTD.

Another NOTD in slightly different angle so the light doesn't flare.

NOTD featuring NCLA. 

NOTD featuring Cirque.

NCLA Eight Days A Week
5/5 stars

What I love:
♥ pretty dense 
♥ 15 ml 
♥ good color 
♥ last long ♥

What I dislove:
♡ the price 

Cirque Book of Shadows
5/5 stars

What I love:
♥ pretty dense 
♥ blinky , pink hint 
♥ last long ♥

What I dislove:
♡ the price 

And it's a wrap! 
What do you think about this nail polishes? I combined these two because I think they're get along together. Here's my NOTD bonus.

If you see my camera on the first pic, comment "I see your camera!" :P
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Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy it as me writing it,

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Review: OPI Nail Lacquer - Chocolate Moose

11:17 PM

Yeeeey finally ^^

Hello guys, Devi's here,
Thank you for the prayer (if anyone prayed for it) but I think I still need more prayer for our results. I pray that I pass the tests! Until that day, I have some spare time that I can fill my time doing anything I want. And one of them is blogging. GOALS! Sorry for neglecting this blog, I still love beauty and makeup and anything I still read and watch and commenting despite I'm inactive at blogging.

So I have so so so many pictures waiting to be edited and to be posted. Here's one of them.

I present to you guys.....

Sorry, it should be "Lacquer". It was edited a long long time ago (maybe last year?!)

Since I'm a fan of "CHOCOLATE", I love the color's name. Although it has "Moose" after it. 

OPI always comes in 15 ml, which is awesome. Feels like never run out-stuff for me, moreover it's quite rare for me to do my nails because of my college's subject requires my hand's clean and I'm a lazy-busy.

When I got it the first time I thought like, "Yay I got nude nail polish!" But no. As you can see, it's a few shades darker than the color from the bottle when it's dry. And it's more like brownie to my skin. Maybe someone with darker skin shade will suit this nail polish better than my pale skin - as a nude nail polish.

I also think to use this as chocolate drip nail art, but I think it's too light to be a chocolate. Until now I can't think about what this color can do, so I just use it as regular nail polish. If you have any idea or suggestion, just comment below~

And that's it! Thank you for reading it, hope you guys enjoy and have some inspirations~✧

If you noticed that silver nail polish in my ring, the post will up soon ♥

See you soon and have a pleasure ^^
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