You Should Tell This to The Clerk Before Laminate

7:58 PM

Halo, guys,

About a week ago, I got RAK from Stephanie Nangoi. Thank you big sis ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪
I got so many stuffs, maybe I should blog about it in separate post.

And a few days ago, I decided to laminate the dashboard and divider she gave because I was afraid it would ruin later.

I went to photocopy service shop (I can't spell how "tempat fotokopi" in English) because I don't have my own laminator machine. Besides, it's cheaper to use the service than buy the laminator machine. But the result wasn't as I expected.

So I decided to make this post to share to you about what you should tell or examine before laminate your dive and dash at photocopy service shop.

1. Punch, laminate, then punch again.

I asked to a planner groups and most of all do this. So, do punch - laminate - punch again.

2. Go to the service shop that you trust.

This is important. Every service shop has different quality, different machine, and different clerks. And when the clerk isn't careful, this picture explains that. Lucky me, this only happen to one of my divider. She's still safe, but seeing this may cause a little annoying.

You know what you should tell your clerk, to make sure your divider and dashboard is all covered inside the laminating plastic. Or maybe you should watch the clerk place the divider and dashboard.

3. Double please!

Everytime I see videos about laminating, they always go heat twice, to make sure it's quite tight, and make the air bubble as narrow as possible. In this picture the air bubble is a bit thick, and it sure become an obstacle when you flip the divider, especially if your planner is bulky (╯✧∇✧)╯

So remind your clerk to go twice to make as narrow air bubble as possible.

4. You may cut the plastic yourself.

If you have trust issue, you may ask your clerk to cut it yourself. If you trust your clerk, then let him/ her to cut it for you. No big deal. My clerk was cut in a wide wide way so I ended up coming home, and cut it again myself to make it as close as possible to the air bubble. Fortunately all of my dash and dive are clear, no air bubble cut. In this picture I already cut it.

If you decide to cut it yourself, I suggest to use a paper guillotine, or a cutting board. These two are great to make a straight cut. My mom have a mini guillotine so I took it. If you want a conventional way, use a ruler and a cutter. Use scissor for the corner, and make it round. If not, it may cut your finger, ouch! I don't suggest to use scissor all the way, but if you're out of budget, do whatever you can, just be careful, don't cut the air bubble.

5. Punch!

Last step is punch the plastic. It's a bit harder than when you punch the paper. Requires a lot of energy. And make sure your puncher size is same with your planner need. I have two punchers, one for medium size planner, and one for small size planner. Each has their own story, if I remember.


That's all my tips for you if you laminate at the photocopy service shop. Based on my bad experience. The results is okay, my dive and dash are safe, just not perfect. I hope you learn something from my experience. Bonus cluttered dive and dash pic for you (*・_・)ノ⌒*

Also informing that I will go to Jogja for a week so my blog will hibernate, my online shop will be closed for a week but you still may chat me, but I still active at Instagram.

Thank you for reading, hope it helps ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

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  1. Aaa makasih tips"nya kak Devi! Sampe sekarang aku belum berani laminating divider di tempat fotokopi gara" takut ga bener huhu
    Membantu banget!


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