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Hi everyone!
I promised 2 weeks ago that one week after I would post about Beautylabo Hair Color, right?


Sorry for the delay. Some this and that went on. This always happen every time I want to post a review, but this time was more than that.

Actually I want to made a video, I record everything, but in the end I am still a new baby born about this video stuff, I can't edit much 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 I will improving my video editing from the start. Right now I'm using Windows Movie Maker and had no idea, while every Youtuber use Final Cut Pro or iMovie on their Mac. I don't know if they're different, though. If you have any video editor or tutorial suggestion, let me know in the comment!

And so I decided to make the blog post first and upload the video later. Stay tune!

Let's get into the review, shall we?

Say hi to my new hair dye. I got this from Kawaii Beauty Japan's giveaway with Beautylabo. They kindly sent us 50 bloggers a hair colorant of our choice to review. Thank you <3

It took a long time until finally I got this hair coloring because I really want to color my hair after my final exam done. I still have a college projects so I don't want to color my hair too light, so I choose Dark Brown instead.

Jang jaang~ dark brown and the model. We also can see the full body photo of the model.

Ok, it's not full, it's half in a cowgirl or country style. Next we have the color chart.

When it comes, I'm about to surprise because the color chart was darker that what I saw or expect. I expected to have a chestnut dark brown hair color but still visible in brown, so I chose this. But let's have a hope. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

This kit contains a set of hair colorant:
  1. A bottle with developer cream inside.
  2. A cream colorant which contains my dark brown colorant.
  3. A nozzle tip, like sauce bottle cap. Some hair colorant set have a nozzle like a comb, but this is just a small tip. I didn't find any difficulties using this tip.
  4. A pair of plastic transparent gloves.
  5. An instruction leaflet in 4 different languages. There are also Indonesian/ Bahasa and English one.

This set doesn't include a protective robe. Some will include but many hair colorant set are not. That's okay with me, I have a black towel specially for hair dyeing (╯✧∇✧)╯

It also easy to use it. We don't need to go section per section even though the result may be more even if we apply it as sectioned as possible. But I did it just like the instruction said. My mom has a salon skill background so she told me "how to use it properly" by section per section and I told her "this is how the instruction said, and I record it" and then she gave up hahaha.

So, can we use it right now? NO! I have a healthcare background, so I will always promoting the best way to prevent any danger on you, readers. Even the box and instruction itself also gives you precaution.

Always read and do carefully as instructed. You have no idea how dye allergy would affect on your skin and hair. I include this Google link if you want the pics.

And allergy always come at the second or more contact. Even if you already dyeing your hair before, it's not a guarantee you are not allergic to hair dye today.

The instructions leaflet will give you better instruction on how to do the allergic test and stuff,

Okay enough the chit-chat about allergy, I don't want to scare you (ᗒᗨᗕ) let's say I already did my allergic test on the back of my ear and the result was negative.

The messiness of the desk captured by my bro. So excited and nervous, it's my first time dyeing my hair by myself, and also record it.

My black towel. And the dye still in choco milk color.
Right at that moment, the ammonia odor came to my nose for a few second, then it went away. Until the process done, I only smell things like odd perfume. No strong ammonia,

The dye turned to this dark brown compare to the picture above.

I use all entire my shoulder length hair. And I think that's enough. And I still have the dye about the level of my finger pointed on.

✧ ✧ ✧ Result ✧ ✧ ✧

The hair color chart was right. They're dark. So dark. Too dark. Just like my real virgin hair. OMG. Ommo. Ommo. Ommo! I tried to looking for the "brown" tone. In some lights, there are some red tone like the picture above, which is barely seen. If you don't see it, maybe it was just my illusion...

My hair was sooo smooth and scented. I felt like using hair treatment rather than hair colorant. I've read some reviews of other hair colorant, some of them made their hair hard bla bla bla but this hair colorant, even though this is my first time using DIY hair colorant, I recommend it! ♥

Then I went to a mall and self-curiously decided to took pictures of my hair.

Sorry if my hair from the back looks like a broom I didn't style it because I'm afraid to style a "just-dyed" hair. Running through the mall hoping for a hint of brown. Every time I saw a mirror I tried to catch the brown. I couldn't see them. Anywhere. No uneven dyed hair or something.

I though it was failed. But the hair color chart was so dark it may be the dye that so dark.

I was so "hair color mad" щ(ºДºщ)

The second day, I styled my hair because the hair colorant seems didn't do any harm or damage to my hair, my hair feels like my old virgin hair. And I took photos under the sunlight.

This photo still so dark. Oh no, this means the hair color didn't reach the one I wanted.

Just a false happiness because my hair became brown because of the sunlight hit behind my hair.

My virgin hair also did this trick.

The smile of pseudo-brown.

The hair color that I wanted didn't appear when the sunlight hit it, and that was the true hair color. The pseudo-brown also appear in my virgin hair, even though not that vivid. This is more vivid, I admit it.

Seriously, for a few days after I dyed my hair, I was like "hair-madness", swearing that I will dye my hair again. And with that madness, I will not afraid to buy light-colored. Because, they may appear darker than what it shows on the hair color chart. Plus, my BF finally gave me permission to buy light-colored hair dye, because of my "madness" LOL.

I took some photos again under undirect sunlight. Still curious LOL. Seriously nobody will realize that I dyed my hair (´;︵;`)

I give a space in this section for videos (coming soon).

✧ ✧ ✧ Conclusions ✧ ✧ ✧

I give it:
4/5 stars!

What I ♥:
♥ Makes my hair smooth, like hair treatment 
♥ Easy to apply 

What I dis ♡:
♡ Short range of hair colorant, only 6 available 

I still can't blame the hair colorant for the color result. That was pure my own fault because the hair color chart shows really dark color. Never judge hair color result by the hair color chart on the screen, they're different, seriously. Some bloggers may also chose this dark brown and surprised like me. And there isn't any review about this hair colorant so I picked what I felt okay. Dark brown feels safe and okay and not so vibrant color so I chose it.

I suggest this dark brown for people who want to cover their grey hair in natural hair color, and for those who still at school, wants to color your hair but not vibrant. Results may be different but it's dark enough for school.

Before I ended this post, let's knowing about Beautylabo.

Beautylabo is a hair colorant from Japan under the Hoyu company. Hoyu company has been established for more than 100 years. They made some hair colorant products like Bigen, CIELO, Beautylabo, and PROMASTER, and also some skincare under the name Kracie.

With the slogan "Color Your Heart", they want to make their costumers happy and satisfied with their hair products that helping their costumers' achieve a healthy and beautiful hair, that will impact their costumers' heart.

I only know the Bigen brand, to be honest. However I tried myself and still amazed on how smooth my hair. I hope they add more color (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) 

Right now I write this post, I am not in hair color madness anymore. But I still want to dye my hair to be a brown color (๑・`◡´・๑)

This is a beauty blog but I didn't use makeup on all my photos above, you just met my bare face and the dark circle LOL. To end this post I will give you the makeup version of me.

Thank you for reading this long post LOL. Thank you. Free hugs via air ⊂((・▽・))⊃

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