You Should Tell This to The Clerk Before Laminate

7:58 PM

Halo, guys,

About a week ago, I got RAK from Stephanie Nangoi. Thank you big sis ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪
I got so many stuffs, maybe I should blog about it in separate post.

And a few days ago, I decided to laminate the dashboard and divider she gave because I was afraid it would ruin later.

I went to photocopy service shop (I can't spell how "tempat fotokopi" in English) because I don't have my own laminator machine. Besides, it's cheaper to use the service than buy the laminator machine. But the result wasn't as I expected.

So I decided to make this post to share to you about what you should tell or examine before laminate your dive and dash at photocopy service shop.


Free Snack! Mau?

3:00 PM

Halo semua, kembali lagi di blogku, kali ini spesial bilingual, karena yang akan aku sampaikan ini hanya ada di Indonesia.
Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog, and today is special in bilingual, because the content on this post only available in Indonesia. I just don't want my international followers/ readers get confused to my local language.

Apakah kamu ingin mendapatkan ini:
Do you want to get this:

Secara gratis? Aku ulangi, secara GRATIS???
For FREE? I repeat, for FREE???

Baca lebih lanjut jika kamu penasaran.
Read more if you want to know.

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