My Haircut From Long to Lob

12:38 AM

So my hair was long enough to be cut. Yah. Last year I had a long hair because I'm too lazy to cut my hair. Not only lazy, I didn't know what kind of style will suit me. Layer seems too ordinary and I want something different, stylish, and at least I love my hair after I cut it.

Two years ago when I did my duty at a small city, the villagers told me that my hair was scary and reminded them of "some ghost". I didn't know what kind of folklore they had, but my friend from a week before said that she saw "something". Nyah. I hope I can dye my hair so it wouldn't look like "ghost" -_- (getting the permission from my BF, the rules, and the money that I would spend makes it wasn't happen).

So last year I chopped my hair short enough. There was a trend for short hair maybe. Dewie and many blogger chopped their hair. Reminds me of Short Hair song by AOA (that Dewie shared about). The song still ringing in my ears right now hahaha.

I probably didn't blog about that. My, my. I want to blog it now but I lost all the picture because I lost my cellphone. My S3 Mini, my birthday present my mom gave me. And took credit payment. Hiks. Sorry mom, and thanks for the new cellphone. Sorry I spent your money more.

But maybe I can find my short hair photo in my Instagram... Hmm let's see...

*rustle rustle*

. . . . .

Nah, found it!

And my BF was so kawaii~✧ What haircut is dat thick hair.

Sorry for blurry picture. Low light mode. Outside the salon. Actually didn't want to cut my bangs but, chop! *heartbeat skipped*

My hair was growing back into long...

I cut my bangs again, ended totally short I should take a selfie.

And long...

And finally this long.

From the left

From the right

From behind

I was so confused, which kind of haircut I should do. It should be totally different! I was bored with layer cut! I was thinking about hime cut or mullet? (that jellyfish hair), but remembering my position made me didn't pick the crazy fashionish haircut. So yah, I wandered around Pinterest and Youtube, and this one caught my eyes.

So yeah, I gotta have long bob! Lob also a trend right now, some Youtubers and Hollywood actress also have lob haircut. I was afraid a short bob won't suit me, and I still have a graduation in a month, so I want my hair still in long length so I can style it for the graduation (graduations here is like a wedding, full costume and full makeup and full hairdo).

I asked my mom to do the second tutorial, and because she was running a hair salon before she met my dad,she knew the basic haircut. But if you want to do it yourself, use the first tutorial.

To be honest I used both. My mom did the section cut, but still too long, then did the hair tie cut, then did the section again. My mom is a super careful person, but her super careful makes her slower. So my hair cutting session took so long time.

And here's my result:

To the right.

To the left.

Just realize that my lob is still looooob.

Back side. My front part still on the front.

Back part while I put every single hair include the front part, and they make a straight line.

After a long time having layer hair, now I have a straight hair - still a bit layer for texture. For styling, I usually straighten them because my real hair would be like growing and curving everywhere. If I have spare time, then C-curl them. For this photos, IDK why my hair curving outside hahah I didn't do it. They are usually straight, a bit curved for stubborn hair.

I also cut it for another reason: the preparation for Beautylabo Hair Color because I was afraid the hair dye won't enough for the entire hair. Review next week! ;) Stay tune!

Have you try a bob or a lob haircut? Comment below ;)

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