Giveaway Winning Report: Hadabisei Sheet Mask

4:45 PM

Hello, long time no see~ Sorry for being MIA, again, for like, 2 or 3 weeks. I was busy cleaning my room and procrastinate to edit the photos. Quite happy with the results of cleaning. But there's still many many places in my house that needs to be cleaned as well, and I don't know how to begin. We also ordered a mini vacuum to help us cleaning our space, because the act of dusting just make the dust blow away and drop again.

Actually I got this many many times ago, but I'm so lazy to put it up. My make up and skincare stuffs also pilled up waiting to be blogged, nah. This is happen to me, as always. What a lazy blogger I am. Do not imitate me. Enough and let's see what I got.

I joined Kawaii Beauty Japan Make A Wish giveaway sponsored by Kracie. We can get 2 sheet masks of our choice. I thought my face needs more elasticity and bouncy so I chose the elasticity masks.

One day, my happy mail finally arrived.

If you can see, my name was Hasuhana Song. And my mom seems confused who the hall is dat. But she recognized our family name so she asked me, and I felt ashamed and quickly got the happyshamed mail. After that I promised myself to change my cyber name, kay kay. That's why I've been through many process of changing my blog name and my cyber name also. I actually don't want to introduce myself as my real name online, but this incident made me think thousand times. I keep my Chinese family name behind so random people can't get into my actual profile easily. Feel so insecure with cyber life.

Next, I opened the happy mail and *boom*! I got more than just 2 sheet masks. I also got a table calendar! (That's why it was so thick...)

And also some brochure. I feel like I have a responsibility so I also capture the brochure, maybe you'll be interested.

Four variants of the sheet masks available. We only chose from 3 of them since the last is eye mask. I don't remember much why I chose elasticity then the rest two. Maybe I remembered my BF's mini thesis about lack of collagen leads to uterine prolapse?

After see this brochures, interested in something? I got interested at the cleansing oil and hair care, especially the treatment regime.

Also I kinda happy because I don't have a table calendar that day. Hoyu seems so established and well-experienced, look, 100+ years!

In my desk photos, pam pam pam :3

 Last, my sheet masks.

How do you think?
Thanks for reading this, and see you! ;3

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