Review: OPI Nail Lacquer - Chocolate Moose

11:17 PM

Yeeeey finally ^^

Hello guys, Devi's here,
Thank you for the prayer (if anyone prayed for it) but I think I still need more prayer for our results. I pray that I pass the tests! Until that day, I have some spare time that I can fill my time doing anything I want. And one of them is blogging. GOALS! Sorry for neglecting this blog, I still love beauty and makeup and anything I still read and watch and commenting despite I'm inactive at blogging.

So I have so so so many pictures waiting to be edited and to be posted. Here's one of them.

I present to you guys.....

Sorry, it should be "Lacquer". It was edited a long long time ago (maybe last year?!)

Since I'm a fan of "CHOCOLATE", I love the color's name. Although it has "Moose" after it. 

OPI always comes in 15 ml, which is awesome. Feels like never run out-stuff for me, moreover it's quite rare for me to do my nails because of my college's subject requires my hand's clean and I'm a lazy-busy.

When I got it the first time I thought like, "Yay I got nude nail polish!" But no. As you can see, it's a few shades darker than the color from the bottle when it's dry. And it's more like brownie to my skin. Maybe someone with darker skin shade will suit this nail polish better than my pale skin - as a nude nail polish.

I also think to use this as chocolate drip nail art, but I think it's too light to be a chocolate. Until now I can't think about what this color can do, so I just use it as regular nail polish. If you have any idea or suggestion, just comment below~

And that's it! Thank you for reading it, hope you guys enjoy and have some inspirations~✧

If you noticed that silver nail polish in my ring, the post will up soon ♥

See you soon and have a pleasure ^^
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