Review: NCLA - Eight Days A Week & Cirque - Book of Shadows

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Hello you awesome guys,
Welcome to the next post of 20 Deviations. As I promised before, here is the next review of another nail polishes. Because I was NOTD using these two polishes, I put both in one review post together.

So I got NCLA and Cirque from this giveaway, thank you! These pictures was also from a long time ago when my hair still short. Excuse myself. Let's begin from the NCLA, shall we?

This NCLA series also come in 15 ml, so much, and maybe I can't finish it up for 24 months. And also don't get it wrong with the "Animal Testing". It has "without" above. So it should be "without formaldehyde, without DBP, without toluene, without camphor, and without animal testing". I was getting it wrong so I tell you. 

I don't know why it's called Eight Days A Week. Did it say eight?! But a week only consist of seven days...


Next is the Cirque. I don't know much about nail polishes, I'm a newbie and I never know about this nail lacquer, but I know it's a good one. It comes with a black paper box. Neat, and elegant, since I never get a box for one nail polish. The silver sticker makes it looks more elegant. Sorry didn't capture it, I forgot. Hence it's only a black paper box.

And also for the name, I was thought I get a tutorial book about nail art. I got it very wrong. Also, shadows reminds me of something dark, but it's blink blink. Very contrast.

The zoom in swatch. Sorry for blurry picture.

The NCLA has purple color and ashy tones. My friend said in a distant my nail polish looks like grey color. Very dense at first coat. Quality? Good.

The Cirque has a silver, I should say, the silver and it's blinky is more dominant, with a hint, little hint of pink-purple color. And blinky. I thought that it was a sheer polish but no, it's also a dense polish. I was trying to make my OPI blinky and add a coat of this Cirque, but it turned out this Cirque wins and the color became silver, like my previous review.

Here's my NOTD.

Another NOTD in slightly different angle so the light doesn't flare.

NOTD featuring NCLA. 

NOTD featuring Cirque.

NCLA Eight Days A Week
5/5 stars

What I love:
♥ pretty dense 
♥ 15 ml 
♥ good color 
♥ last long ♥

What I dislove:
♡ the price 

Cirque Book of Shadows
5/5 stars

What I love:
♥ pretty dense 
♥ blinky , pink hint 
♥ last long ♥

What I dislove:
♡ the price 

And it's a wrap! 
What do you think about this nail polishes? I combined these two because I think they're get along together. Here's my NOTD bonus.

If you see my camera on the first pic, comment "I see your camera!" :P
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Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy it as me writing it,

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