Happy New Year 2015! More Updates, Resolutions, etc!

3:00 PM

Happy New Year for all my bae!
And also, Merry Late Christmas for all of you who celebrated it!
I hope I'm not late.

New year is always exciting. People gathering, throwing party, hanging out together, watching fireworks, while counting down the time to enter the new year. I realize that new year is the best moment to start over. The time will be reset from one, again, and new future, hope, faith, dreams are awaiting in front of us.

And I saw this pic several times at Path, BBM, etc.

And maybe I'm one of them who planned few years back and still didn't accomplish it :P
However, I always make new year resolutions since I knew it (from blogging too).

So I present to you,
.₊ My 2015 Resolutions ₊.
*cling cling cling* 
Make a small goal as a stepladder for my big dreams. I realize I still have my last and last and last year's resolutions undone, and never get started. I hope a smaller goal will make a progress through the big dreams. Apply to all life goals, whether I want to save money, having shop, knit, blog, study, etc. Everything starts from a small piece, isn't it?
Stick to my planner. Last year I bought a planner to help myself. I'm not a digital type so having a physical planner will get my attention better.
Buy some clothes regularly. Many girls have addiction to shopping, and most of them may be clothes. But not for me, I rarely have much money, even if I have it, I would like to buy other things than clothes. Right now I just have one purple jeans, one legging, two cardigans, one sweater, some dresses, some shoes, some blouse, and most of my clothes are big T-shirt and I used T-shirt mostly for hang out. Sadly, some people saw that I always used the same clothes, maybe they thought like, "Oh, what a pity," and gave and bought me some clothes, shoes, etc, and I felt guilty like, " Oh my God, am I that poor? I don't wanna look like a poor girl. I want to be independent." So this year I will start to save money and invest on clothes.
And 2015 special goals, this year I will be a doctor and must study hard so I can be a doctor in one shot! I also want to dye my hair since the first time I go to uni, so I want to dye my hair this year!

*And make sure I print it and place it on my planner.

And, if you didn't make one, visit Pinterest and type "new year resolution". There are so many inspirations come from people.

And updates...

After my diary post last year, I said that I want to change my cyber name, and yah maybe now I know what I want to do. This is the last post using Hasuhana name, and I will come back as Febe with cyber name @febe_dv. This is just the reverse mode of my real account, so count this as second account :P I will set everything when I have more time. I hope you won't confuse later :P

And because it will be count as second account, I will also merge some rarely-used account, like Pinterest, Tumblr, ask.fm, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.

As closing, I found some good advice from 9gag, and I think, "Why not? Try it!"


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