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Dev's 3 Empties: Lotions #1

2:47 PM


Long time no see this blog even though I'm in a long free time. I come back with center align, which I think it's more beautiful than the regular left align.

I know I have tons of products I want to review, but too lazy to review. Ah maybe I wasn't born as blogger, but I love writing.

And tons of products I want to review, ended up empty - ran out - before I get the chance to review it. And that's the problem. I piled up everything that I didn't review yet, hope to be reviewed soon. And that piles become a dumps.

I planned to open all my empties forcefully, break in, and scratch every single last bite I can reach. And then peacefully dump them on the garbage - but after I review it!

So now I plan to make 3 empties post series for my empties which haven't been dumped yet. Hope it still can help in my mini review.


Mustika Ratu Hand and Body Lotion in Lily and Honey

This is the newer series of Mustika Ratu. The old ones only have 1 main ingredients such as papaya, coffee, or olive. I think there are 2 new series of Mustika Ratu: this lily and honey and the light green one.

Big in sizes, 150 ml per tube, and comes with flip cap tube. Claims for antioxidant and anti aging due to co-enzyme Q10.

In my opinion, the scent can't leave the impression royal or kingdom-ish scent thanks to the strong lily flower scent. To be honest opinion of me, at first I can tolerate the scent, but then in several applies, I want other pleasing scent than this. This lotions also has purple color and medium quality of moisturize.

[Moisture power] / medium
[Overall☆ / 3/5 stars
[Repurchase] no

Nivea Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Serum SPF 25 PA ++

This Nivea also comes in flip cap tube like Mustika Ratu. The difference is the size is only 75 ml, a half of Mustika Ratu. Designed for dry and extra dry skin, Nivea intensive series never fails for extra moisturizing. Added with  UVA and UVB protections makes me never afraid to go out with this.

This white cream color and the same scent still reminds me of the old intensive series. The difference only on the serum version. Serum tends to be denser nutrient and quality, but this serum version for me is like thinner, more liquid version of the regular intensive series.

I have dry to very dry skin and it's flaky, so my skin loves hydrating lotions like this. It claims to hydrate more than 24 hours, but never works on my skin hahaha. If my skin is super dry, it would dry again after a few hours I think.

But cmiiw, the old intensive didn't have any UVA and UVB protection, am I correct?

[Moisture power / medium to high
[Overall☆ / 4/5 stars
[Repurchase] maybe later, I still want to explore another lotions

Citra Light-touch White Japanese Wakame Hand & Body Gel Lotion

This one is almost empty so I can't reach much lotions left, because I already scratch it through the neck of the bottle. So yeah this lotions is different from the other. It's bottle but still flip cap in unique diagonal cap.

At first it launched, I don't think it can fulfill my skin's thirst. It's super light and greenish gel texture makes it a light moisturizer. I don't know why I suddenly bought this. Maybe I want to try it for sure and I also tired of the same texture of lotions.

And I was right. Yes it's low moisture stuff. Because it's a gel, it's absorbed quickly and doesn't make any touchable barrier to trap the moisture in. I love the idea of "gel" and "light", but in the end it's not for my dry skin. I recommend this lotions to those who doesn't like the feeling of "slippery" regular lotions after you apply it, because it's absorbed quicker than regular lotions. And also those who has normal skin.

A bit honest opinion. My friend also love this for its lightness. And if you consider the price ( I forget about the price but let me tell this), my pharmacy lecturer told us that it's difficult to make a gel. A gel should be transparent, and if he fail to make it transparent, he fail. Let's appreciate the works of the pharmacist ♡^▽^♡

[Moisture power / low
[Overall☆ / 4/5 stars
[Repurchase] maybe, if my skin in a bit normal condition

That's the end of 3 empties today. Make blog post is somehow time consuming, suddenly I don't know I didn't reply my BF's text. I also know my photo quality is suddenly bad, I am improving my photoshoot skills more and more. I hope this blog post is useful, and now time to scratch and dump these out! Hehehe (♡´౪`♡)

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You Should Tell This to The Clerk Before Laminate

7:58 PM

Halo, guys,

About a week ago, I got RAK from Stephanie Nangoi. Thank you big sis ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪
I got so many stuffs, maybe I should blog about it in separate post.

And a few days ago, I decided to laminate the dashboard and divider she gave because I was afraid it would ruin later.

I went to photocopy service shop (I can't spell how "tempat fotokopi" in English) because I don't have my own laminator machine. Besides, it's cheaper to use the service than buy the laminator machine. But the result wasn't as I expected.

So I decided to make this post to share to you about what you should tell or examine before laminate your dive and dash at photocopy service shop.


Free Snack! Mau?

3:00 PM

Halo semua, kembali lagi di blogku, kali ini spesial bilingual, karena yang akan aku sampaikan ini hanya ada di Indonesia.
Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog, and today is special in bilingual, because the content on this post only available in Indonesia. I just don't want my international followers/ readers get confused to my local language.

Apakah kamu ingin mendapatkan ini:
Do you want to get this:

Secara gratis? Aku ulangi, secara GRATIS???
For FREE? I repeat, for FREE???

Baca lebih lanjut jika kamu penasaran.
Read more if you want to know.


My Haircut From Long to Lob

12:38 AM

So my hair was long enough to be cut. Yah. Last year I had a long hair because I'm too lazy to cut my hair. Not only lazy, I didn't know what kind of style will suit me. Layer seems too ordinary and I want something different, stylish, and at least I love my hair after I cut it.

Two years ago when I did my duty at a small city, the villagers told me that my hair was scary and reminded them of "some ghost". I didn't know what kind of folklore they had, but my friend from a week before said that she saw "something". Nyah. I hope I can dye my hair so it wouldn't look like "ghost" -_- (getting the permission from my BF, the rules, and the money that I would spend makes it wasn't happen).

So last year I chopped my hair short enough. There was a trend for short hair maybe. Dewie and many blogger chopped their hair. Reminds me of Short Hair song by AOA (that Dewie shared about). The song still ringing in my ears right now hahaha.

I probably didn't blog about that. My, my. I want to blog it now but I lost all the picture because I lost my cellphone. My S3 Mini, my birthday present my mom gave me. And took credit payment. Hiks. Sorry mom, and thanks for the new cellphone. Sorry I spent your money more.

But maybe I can find my short hair photo in my Instagram... Hmm let's see...

*rustle rustle*

. . . . .

Nah, found it!

And my BF was so kawaii~✧ What haircut is dat thick hair.

Sorry for blurry picture. Low light mode. Outside the salon. Actually didn't want to cut my bangs but, chop! *heartbeat skipped*

My hair was growing back into long...

I cut my bangs again, ended totally short I should take a selfie.

And long...

And finally this long.

From the left

From the right

From behind

I was so confused, which kind of haircut I should do. It should be totally different! I was bored with layer cut! I was thinking about hime cut or mullet? (that jellyfish hair), but remembering my position made me didn't pick the crazy fashionish haircut. So yah, I wandered around Pinterest and Youtube, and this one caught my eyes.

So yeah, I gotta have long bob! Lob also a trend right now, some Youtubers and Hollywood actress also have lob haircut. I was afraid a short bob won't suit me, and I still have a graduation in a month, so I want my hair still in long length so I can style it for the graduation (graduations here is like a wedding, full costume and full makeup and full hairdo).

I asked my mom to do the second tutorial, and because she was running a hair salon before she met my dad,she knew the basic haircut. But if you want to do it yourself, use the first tutorial.

To be honest I used both. My mom did the section cut, but still too long, then did the hair tie cut, then did the section again. My mom is a super careful person, but her super careful makes her slower. So my hair cutting session took so long time.

And here's my result:

To the right.

To the left.

Just realize that my lob is still looooob.

Back side. My front part still on the front.

Back part while I put every single hair include the front part, and they make a straight line.

After a long time having layer hair, now I have a straight hair - still a bit layer for texture. For styling, I usually straighten them because my real hair would be like growing and curving everywhere. If I have spare time, then C-curl them. For this photos, IDK why my hair curving outside hahah I didn't do it. They are usually straight, a bit curved for stubborn hair.

I also cut it for another reason: the preparation for Beautylabo Hair Color because I was afraid the hair dye won't enough for the entire hair. Review next week! ;) Stay tune!

Have you try a bob or a lob haircut? Comment below ;)

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giveaway winning

Giveaway Winning Report: Hadabisei Sheet Mask

4:45 PM

Hello, long time no see~ Sorry for being MIA, again, for like, 2 or 3 weeks. I was busy cleaning my room and procrastinate to edit the photos. Quite happy with the results of cleaning. But there's still many many places in my house that needs to be cleaned as well, and I don't know how to begin. We also ordered a mini vacuum to help us cleaning our space, because the act of dusting just make the dust blow away and drop again.

Actually I got this many many times ago, but I'm so lazy to put it up. My make up and skincare stuffs also pilled up waiting to be blogged, nah. This is happen to me, as always. What a lazy blogger I am. Do not imitate me. Enough and let's see what I got.

I joined Kawaii Beauty Japan Make A Wish giveaway sponsored by Kracie. We can get 2 sheet masks of our choice. I thought my face needs more elasticity and bouncy so I chose the elasticity masks.

One day, my happy mail finally arrived.

If you can see, my name was Hasuhana Song. And my mom seems confused who the hall is dat. But she recognized our family name so she asked me, and I felt ashamed and quickly got the happyshamed mail. After that I promised myself to change my cyber name, kay kay. That's why I've been through many process of changing my blog name and my cyber name also. I actually don't want to introduce myself as my real name online, but this incident made me think thousand times. I keep my Chinese family name behind so random people can't get into my actual profile easily. Feel so insecure with cyber life.

Next, I opened the happy mail and *boom*! I got more than just 2 sheet masks. I also got a table calendar! (That's why it was so thick...)

And also some brochure. I feel like I have a responsibility so I also capture the brochure, maybe you'll be interested.

Four variants of the sheet masks available. We only chose from 3 of them since the last is eye mask. I don't remember much why I chose elasticity then the rest two. Maybe I remembered my BF's mini thesis about lack of collagen leads to uterine prolapse?

After see this brochures, interested in something? I got interested at the cleansing oil and hair care, especially the treatment regime.

Also I kinda happy because I don't have a table calendar that day. Hoyu seems so established and well-experienced, look, 100+ years!

In my desk photos, pam pam pam :3

 Last, my sheet masks.

How do you think?
Thanks for reading this, and see you! ;3

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The KonMari Method of Tidying, Decluttering, and Organizing

4:42 PM

Hallo girls,
Sorry I haven't blogging this week, I'm so confused yet didn't prepare any photoshoot and blah blah blah because I'm still deep cleaning my room and didn't have a place for taking photos, so this week I'll post about lifestyle.

So in this last week I'm so obsessed with Marie Kondo. If you never heard her name, let me tell you. I'm writing this while drinking on my Creso Soda coffee flavoured :3 yum yum! Better you have your relaxing beverage while reading this.

Marie Kondo, is a Japanese lady, who is also known as organizing consultant. She is the author of best seller book about tidying: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

The book sounds promised, so I start searching for more and more about her book. What really hooked me up is her method of folding the clothes so it can fit the drawer. She folds it until it and makes the clothes can stand which she refers as "sweet spot" and voala! Because I love doing things "sequentially". Here the Youtube video when Marie Kondo demonstrate how to fold the clothes.

After I know about this folding method, I still searching everything (or you can say I'm kepo). I ended up knowing that she was a cleaning and tidying fanatic since childhood. She spent her days reading all decluttering and organizing magazine in Japan, started organizing from room to another room in her house, and also her school, yes, she cleaned her classroom and another room as well, rotating from room to room, everyday. She practiced every words on the magazine and book, but she often feels so wrong about the tidying method from the magazine and stressed out - started to think that the article was wrong, and ended up making her tidying method.

Her tidying method is called KonMari method, here I share a Youtube video about her lecture on Google.

Here you can take the point of her method, but not her folding and another tidying tips method :(
And also, I read her book sample on Google Play, you can also buy it, though it's pretty expensive. I wonder when the book come into Indonesia :/

So here's a little opinion. After I knowing this much, the key of her method actually a radical one, for me. Doing tidying up a.s.a.p, in one shot (but you'll never tidying up again, she said), and throwing/ donating so many things at once, yoohoo, would you do that?

But in fact, it opened my eyes. Now I know more about what I need to keep and what I didn't need. How I should spend my life surrounding with things I loved. And actually there's more tips I'll gain if I have dat book pffffttt. Sorry.

I'll give you some summary about her method on video if you don't have time or quota, but I recommend to watch it.

  1. Tidy in one shot, as quickly, and completely, as possible - one shot like an event, not little by little, so it makes a huge impact of your life.
  2. Sort by category, not by location - so you want to sort by the catogory like clothes and pill it up in one place, not by room because you may encounter tidying clothes again and again.
  3. Does it "spark joy"? - or "tokimeku" (flutter, throb, palpitate) in Japanese. Touch your stuff, imagine how your body react to your stuff, is it spark joy? Kyun! or Zut!
  4. Order of tidying: clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous items, mementos - she arranged it that way so it trains our "spark joy" feeling, so when it comes to mementos, you can wisely choose which one to keep and which want not to keep.
Finally, I share some Youtubers who tried the KonMari method and share it in Youtube and hopefully it also helps. Some of them that I like are Lavendaire and ProjectLifecoach time lapse. The Lavendaire videos are spared so I just can put the link.

Thank you for reading, hope it helps you find some inspiration, while enjoying some drink with me :)
Don't forget to comment about your thought after reading this.
Thank you!

 Spark Joy 
-Marie Kondo

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Review: NCLA - Eight Days A Week & Cirque - Book of Shadows

9:22 PM

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Hello you awesome guys,
Welcome to the next post of 20 Deviations. As I promised before, here is the next review of another nail polishes. Because I was NOTD using these two polishes, I put both in one review post together.

So I got NCLA and Cirque from this giveaway, thank you! These pictures was also from a long time ago when my hair still short. Excuse myself. Let's begin from the NCLA, shall we?

This NCLA series also come in 15 ml, so much, and maybe I can't finish it up for 24 months. And also don't get it wrong with the "Animal Testing". It has "without" above. So it should be "without formaldehyde, without DBP, without toluene, without camphor, and without animal testing". I was getting it wrong so I tell you. 

I don't know why it's called Eight Days A Week. Did it say eight?! But a week only consist of seven days...


Next is the Cirque. I don't know much about nail polishes, I'm a newbie and I never know about this nail lacquer, but I know it's a good one. It comes with a black paper box. Neat, and elegant, since I never get a box for one nail polish. The silver sticker makes it looks more elegant. Sorry didn't capture it, I forgot. Hence it's only a black paper box.

And also for the name, I was thought I get a tutorial book about nail art. I got it very wrong. Also, shadows reminds me of something dark, but it's blink blink. Very contrast.

The zoom in swatch. Sorry for blurry picture.

The NCLA has purple color and ashy tones. My friend said in a distant my nail polish looks like grey color. Very dense at first coat. Quality? Good.

The Cirque has a silver, I should say, the silver and it's blinky is more dominant, with a hint, little hint of pink-purple color. And blinky. I thought that it was a sheer polish but no, it's also a dense polish. I was trying to make my OPI blinky and add a coat of this Cirque, but it turned out this Cirque wins and the color became silver, like my previous review.

Here's my NOTD.

Another NOTD in slightly different angle so the light doesn't flare.

NOTD featuring NCLA. 

NOTD featuring Cirque.

NCLA Eight Days A Week
5/5 stars

What I love:
♥ pretty dense 
♥ 15 ml 
♥ good color 
♥ last long ♥

What I dislove:
♡ the price 

Cirque Book of Shadows
5/5 stars

What I love:
♥ pretty dense 
♥ blinky , pink hint 
♥ last long ♥

What I dislove:
♡ the price 

And it's a wrap! 
What do you think about this nail polishes? I combined these two because I think they're get along together. Here's my NOTD bonus.

If you see my camera on the first pic, comment "I see your camera!" :P
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Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy it as me writing it,

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