Giveaway Addicted July 2014

11:06 PM


Okay I'm a little back to my fantasies~
It's just a giveaway post so you may skip it, or not, up to you.
I just wanna share some blogged-required giveaways, to be honest :P
I miss blogging... I wish I come back to blogging soon :3 but maybe after I buy my dream camera, and in that time, I want to focus on my real life first.

But right now, you may want to check out what I share:

Misaraisu Kawaii Box Giveaway
I know it's not beauty related things, but I LOOOVVVEEEE cute things! And this innovation is the best! *I wish I have spare money to subscribe this box* *feels like got a box of happiness every month*

PhanXiaoDan Opening New Beauty Blogger ft. Etude Recipe (Indonesia)
A new beauty blogger held her opening giveaway~ This is sponsored by Etude Recipe. Welcome to our world, dear. Hope the best for you and your new blog :)

Lala & Xiao Vee Collab Giveaway
I'm kinda late about this. However, the Etude House and the Holika Holika always calling me to pick...
The good news is, it's international! Hurry up! You can also check the giveaway from Xiao Vee's Blog.

Rini Cesillia ft. Misslie Collection (Indonesia)
Ever tried Cathy Doll? If not, try your luck here coz this giveaway specially for Cathy Doll giveaway.

My Lovely Sister July August 2014 Giveaway (Indonesia)
Two monthly giveaway from My Lovely Sister, join join join :3



Update: Friend from France

6:17 PM

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates.
I'm in big stage again, I'm not so sure, actually I'm not as crazy tired as in the first big stage, but I feel like I'm so lazy to make a review these days. So many excuses I want to say:

★ Because I want to buy a pocket camera, I become lazier to take pictures with my phone. I feel like "Ah the pic from my phone would be in bad quality, better to take with my soon camera."

★ Ah my phone full of picture of the clerkship things (hundreds of them!) and it would be messier if I take picture with my phone. It would mix up and would sure make me confused more.

★ Ah I still stupid! I need to learn! *but I think I didn't study that significant*

And so more...!
I have so many beauty products I want to review but somehow I'd like to wait my camera and don't want to mess my blog life and real life. My life without a blog was already a mess, man.

So many things I want to tell (but I forgot everything).

One of them is... We have student exchange program and some students from France come to our stage. And we will be together for 1 month. So fun having chat with them! But I feel so self-blamed myself because I didn't talk properly. I have difficulties like talking with another because naturally I am introvert, silent person, and when I talked, I always have a mumbling-like pronunciation and low volume so they can't hear my voice T_T I will improve it I promise T_T *cross-finger, which Indonesian never do this, but they did it before haha*

 It's the first or second time I have real conversation with foreigners

I'm grateful that I am an English blogger. If I never saw this beauty topic, I don't know, maybe I can't talk to them? Haha

Yah, I just want to make an update and make this blog alive. No beauty-related things, sorry. I even never went out with makeup again. Feels like I have limited time so... skip makeup.

And I want to go to Paris when I have money. It seems a beautiful city I should visit.

See ya~


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