About My Guilty Pleasure and My Layout Transformation

11:22 PM

Just have a little time, typing fast. Sorry guys, this is just a diary session. If you don't want to read non beauty things then just don't click it, hehe.

So it started when I was feeling so dummy, the lecturer may be remembered me as the dummy student who can't answer my question, huh T_T
I feel in pressure, my life schedule is messy, honestly I hate my life to become this way. So when I have spare time, I didn't study. I just rolling around in bed and gaming. No heart for studying at all.

Until now I still researching how I can manage my life better. How I can love my life however it will go. How I can study diligently. Do you have any suggestion?

Also I am a perfectionist person. This makes sense when I do craftworks - it will be neat - but it become a disaster in another topic. I deleted my old blogpost on my old blog so I can focus it for my notes, every time I read a book, I'll write in the blog. BUT... It just ended so bad. I stopped and no mood for doing it again because of the format is messy. ONLY THE FORMAT! How perfectionist I am!! Still researching about a good format so I can do it again T_T

And that perfectionist makes me to delaying anything so badly, and that's the beginning of my PROCRASTINATION.

I was thinking of sacrificing some of my most time-wasting games and apps, and then the "guilty pleasure" just pop out from my mind.

I thought that guilty pleasure is a pleasure things but you feel guilty to doing that. Such as I was gaming that cost much time (it can be more than 1 hour long for 1 game/apps).

But dang I was wrong. I just search on Google to make sure what the real means is.

Got it from Wikipedia. Majorly said it.

According to it, I just realized that "that's" different. And I just remembered this blog *changing topic*.

I enjoy collecting makeup stuffs, I really want to have a beauty blog, it's really my pleasure, I love it. But I never said I have a beauty blog to anybody nor my parents, except my BF. He just need to know all the way I do, because, later he'll be my husband right? He'll mad at me if I keep it secret, and I can't keep it secret when I live together with him. Although I still don't want anybody, ANYBODY sees how I blogging and capturing pictures and tons of selfies and editing and typing and etc etc. I still soooo embarrassing if someone sees me.

I am in real life just a very low-fashioned girl, even people and all of my friends wouldn't be proud of my beauty blog or even they wouldn't believe I have a beauty blog, maybe. Even if they just found it and they read my blog, they may be said "ALAY" and that's just makes me more lack of confidence. I got that word from my friends before, I don't know why, and that just made me... ( p′︵‵。)

And that's it! So I changed the sub-title to "My Guilty Pleasure". This blog is my guilty pleasure. I don't want any of my real friends see my blog. I just want the worlds that accept me like this :)

I changed my title back to Hasuhana's Blog, it just suits me better than another quotes. Let the quotes fills the sub-title.


And about my blog layout transformation. I edited the layout myself before, because of my perfectionism I just want to make my own cute layout *and failed*. Later I bored with the old layout and start searching a new free cute light blue layout, and also a cute layout for my another blog. I want more cutesy on my blog, doesn't matter if it's free design.

So I transform from this:

To this:

TADAAA~ *Loki style*

Which one do you like? Any suggestion?
I keep it simple because my laptop's slowness and my internet's slowness, I always like "hhhh...." *exhaling dragon's breath* everytime I opened heavy blog layout, much gif pictures, added with music on it. And then my brother that playing dotA would screaming and glaring at me because of their dotA lagging.

I feel that the header just a bit empty, so I am thinking what designs to fill it up.


Thanks if you read this. You can comment below what you think of me, or just answering my unanswered questions above. Who knows if your comments may encouraging me T^T

Love ya' ♡♡♡



Review: OPI Morning, Moneypenny Magnetic Lacquer & Magnetizer

1:06 PM

Hello guys, so I am ready for next review now. This is the nail polish review I promised before... I know it's so late, but time doesn't want to cooperate with me naw -_-

At first time I got the present, I was very interesting with the magnetic lacquer. I never had any of them before and I was very very excited to see the magnetic effects. It sounds cool! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Cool! My first .GIF! 

So first I start with the packaging.

Sorry for the reflection of my phone, so the box is made from a plastic, clear side for showing the nail lacquer, and printed side - which is covering the plain magnetizer box - for showing the main picture at the front, and its description at the back.

The back side. Still reflects my phone, sorry for the green lime color, it's my phone.

Here I tried to snap the description the other day, just ignore the blue color (´_`)
It ended still reflecting my phone that now in blue case. I couldn't stand the green lime case (the green one has a lid) for more than 2 weeks because it was limiting my left hand to use my phone. I'm ambidextrous, you know?
So I was back to my baby blue case although it made my phone feels thicker.

The upside. This nail lacquer is the part of 007 series in... Skyfall, I think? celebrating the 50 years of 007. But I never watch Skyfall before (´_`。) my BF doesn't like 007 series that much.

The downside. Ingredients and the enterprise description.

O hello inside! This is what you get from the box. a nail lacquer and a white plain box!?
How how how, actually the box contains...

Tralala the magnetizer~!
And the description how to use it inside.


I did 2 coats so the color's more vibrant, and at last use magnetizer. Don't forget the base coat and top coat too!
The colors looks magenta with a hint of rainbow glitters. Just a little, so you can't see it unless you look carefully.

How do you think? Is it good?

Overall, this is the first red type nail lacquer I have, cause I love pastel colors and never tried any sexy lust colors like this. I think it's really good and match my red pink bag I posted earlier.

First time with magnetic, I really love the magnetic shadow just create like a hologram illusion. First time I tried and and I amazed like "woooow, it's magic!!" lol. However, I felt the magnetic shadow faded after a few days, it was still there, but just not as strong as the first time.

Minus point (for me), all of my first tried using the magnetizer always ended with... the nail lacquer touch the magnet and stick there -,- then I like "oh, ****!" and removing the mess in the magnet and my nail, and start over again, with carefully.

So my tips is press your finger to the bottom so the nail lacquer doesn't touch to the magnet.

5/5 stars~!  it~!

Hope for future, I hope there are magnetic lacquer with pastel colors. Hehehe. Oh, maybe there are some but I don't know?

Say bye to my nails, hehe.
See you on another post! ♥♥♥


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