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10:24 AM

Dear everyone who read my blog,

Thank you for dropping by to this post. Let me tell you the story first.

First things I build my blog is, I don't want any single of my real friends get to know my blog. So I use my alter name so they would think hundred times to get clear if it's me or not. I'm too shy if they found out my selfies, my craziness around my blog, etc. Also, I want to make this blog a product, and not a personal blog (though it become a personal...).

I also don't want people get annoyed by my giveaway posts and shares coz it's really annoying for regular person. It also helps me to choose whether I want to read my personal or my beauty things when I separate my twitter.

But since I saw my blog instagram being filled with real friends followers, I got scared. Really. My BF also warned me before and I said it's OK I can handle it. But now it really slaps me.

I wanna die with shyness

I just want to share this with you, I can't change my name many times, so I wanna make the decision with your help. I need to know what your thoughts. Your comments and your vote will make me feel better.

Thank you so much.
Actually, my real Chinese name. Sòng Lián Huā.
I think it's to difficult to spell.


Xiao Vee's Mini Giveaway

9:52 AM

Xiao Vee-unnie requests a single blogpost for her giveaway entry, so here we go...

I have a huge interest about Korean skincares, so this giveaway would definitely catch my heart.

Would you like to see the details?

Left: Missha All-Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF50+/PA+++
Middle: Innisfree Eco Dual Tear Drop Liner and Tony Moly Back Stage Eyeliner
Right: Schwarzkopf Freshlight Melty Cherry Foam Color (okay actually this products isn't a Korean one, but since I want to try bubble hair color, this also catch me)

Top: Etude House Magic Any Cushion Trial Kit
Bottom: Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch, Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch, Dermal Herb Collagen Essence Mask

It's worth maxy for mini, yes?

So if you want to join it, you can click any pics from this blog post and it will redirect you to her blog, or you just can click here ヽ(´・ω・`)、

Btw, it's only for Indonesian resident.

Thank you for reading, also thank you if you join too, though it would make my chance smaller, wahaha, still, thank you coz' you definitely read my blog :P



Giveaways in December 2014

11:00 PM

Whenever I got myself active on blog, I can't forget the giveaways in the month. There are no November 2014 coz' that's my lazy time :P I will put that November in this December, though.

So here are your giveaway-nice-to-try to end your 2014, girls!

~ Airi x Glow Recipe ~

Want to try some Korean brand new? Here's the chance! Aigoo... I can't say much... Just click the pic and she will tell everything!



Wow! December is coming so fast!

10:57 PM

Hey, guys! *christmas song's ringing*
Do you also feel that December and Christmas coming so fast? I feel like I didn't do any big things this year, include my blog. Yah I also make some difference but not as same as the one I imagined in the beginning of the year.

Actually I'm in a holiday-like stage but I still too lazy to put blog things up, hahaha! Pardon me. I'm so much neglected this blog, yeah. So today I'm in a mood for anything like cleaning, making my projects which I procrastinated for months. And blogging also the one of them!

So my pray for today:

"Oh, dear almighty God, please make this happy, productive mood last forever. Amen."

But today I'm not coming with reviews or beauty things, no. It would take time to capture, edit, write reviews, etc. Today I'm just having some mood for writing diary.

O.K, now from when should we start...

Oh, back pain!

Back in these days, I'm suffering a back pain. I dunno where it comes, it just like I'm too tired and want some rest especially for my back. Taking a massage would be awesome, but cost me money. My mom said it because I'm on my period. But I don't think so. For now, using my mom's corset is the best idea for compressing my back.

So, question one, do you also feel some back pain?

Horrible test result

On Sunday, I attended a symposium about nutrition. The point is, I came to Diabeta*** booth, and I saw a bone density meter. Excited, - because it was also free - my dad and I took the test. My dad was osteopenia - a condition that the bone density was lower than normal, described by yellow area. The normal is green area. I also took the test, and the result was pretty horrible. I was diagnosed with OSTEOPOROSIS - even worse than the osteopenia, the red area! Seriously, in my age?! The examiner also shocked and borrowed my phone immediately to capture the test result.

I also asked the examiner to repeat the test, but they said it would be the same result. And my aunt bought me some high-calcium-low-fat milk...

Intermezzo, osteoporosis actually asymptomatic. No symptom would appear, just suddenly you got fracture easier than normal human, or got sudden back pain (not my back pain, I think) because of the compression fracture from your spine. This would be worsen if you are an elder, but I don't want to talk about it in this blog, too long :P

But seriously I want to take the test again. Maybe they misdiagnosed it by calculating my achilles tendon, not my calcaneus bone. Maybe...

Okay, it's sleep time! I want to tell many things I didn't blog for months including my short hair, but, maybe later.

Last, I want to write things I got from my life this time.

It's nice to accomplished some to-do-list and projects, why did I procrastinate!? ヽ(♯`Д´)ノ

I have so many talents. If I develop it, I would be more than my friend who can do this and that. I just need to manage the time, and an intention.

We do the chronic things, only God do the acute things. (maybe only doctor would understand this)

Thanks for reading, may this writings help you too :)
God bless,

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