Giveaway Addict in October 2014

10:58 PM

Hello guys, long time no see you aaaaa~ (so happy and said "aaaa" so many times).
Sorry if my giveaway post is late this month, the fault in my laziness :P
So here's the resume of the giveaway I joined this month:

Rini Cesillia Birthday Giveaway (Indonesia)

Look who's having a birthday this month? Yes, Rini Cesillia! Happy birthday! Hope you get successful and more beautiful, and get the loveable one, yes! And thank you for sharing your happiness to us :)

I quite drooling with the prize, since I want a brush set for a long time and couldn't help it coz I still have another things to do, so although you should pay for the shipping yourself, getting a brush set ++ should be a worth one!

My Lovely Sister: September - October Giveaway (Indonesia)

My Lovely Sister always generously make some giveaway every 2 months, and this time is about skincares. Besides, they have cool blog! I love the photography exercise the most ^^

Loveellentan 1st Blogiversary Giveaway (Indonesia)

Happy birthday, Loveelentan blog! X3

Pinku Room Birthday Giveaway (Indonesia)

Happy sweet 17th birthday, Dewi! ^^

Winter Blush x Charrmyn Giveaway (International)
Hyo, basically I got an email from her, anddd join~ Her blog is cute and fun anyway, visit her and her giveaway.

Don't forget to visit my online shop from instagram, Devan Beauty Shop, I'm having a planner pre order coz I want to have one too, so, buy with me, hehe. PO closed at November 1st, 2014, Indonesian only.

Thanks for reading, bye~



Review: Viva White Chic On Lips Moisture Balm (Choco Dreamer)

9:46 PM

Hello gals, big hug to you one by one,
coz today I have some spare time and finally uploading my review again~
I've spent my days for exam yesterday (and the remedial *sob*), and I was having luxury dindin with my BF this night for after-exam-treat. So I came home and ready to post this.

This time I took a product from Viva Cosmetics which I never saw before and after, at other places. Or it was just me that didn't care about.

Fyi, Viva Cosmetics is an Indonesian cosmetics producer.

I was looking around on a supermarket until I saw this lipbalm. It was cheap and choco it made me wanna buy it so I bought it. I love choco~ If I buy any beverages mostly I chose choco and its variants.

I bought it for about IDR 20K, maybe? I lost the bill >_<

When I bought this, I only see this Choco Dreamer variant only. From the website it should have 4 variants.

Screenshot from

Each contains of 4.2 grams lipbalm.

The introduction claims to care the dry, cracked, and chapped lips. It also shows off the chocolate therapy sensation as the unique characteristic of this lipbalm. Moreover, it has shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

This lipbalm was wrapped with this cardboard to hang it up. The container was made from plastic with its white and brown theme, and roll to get the lipbalm's out, just like another regular lipbalm.

At first time I opened it I shocked seeing the color. It's really choco color, but not dark choco. Looks like brown sugar for me.

The choco scent is so-so. It's just like a regular choco, not as rich as the Tender Care in Chocolate which I gave to my BF, That Tender Care was smell oh-sooo-good-quality-choco.

Pict above shows the length of the lipbalm, again, just like another lipbalm. Yah maybe it can last for a few months, depends on how often you re-apply the lipbalm.

At first I saw the lipbalm quite fine, until I coincidentally turned the lipbalm and found this:

Bahahahahaha a hole!
Actually it's fine and didn't offend the applying nor the quality, but somehow I'm a lil' disappointed to see a defect on it.

Move onto my experience about this lipbalm,
It glides easy just like any other lipbalm. The cocoa scent's level is about 2 from 5.
Although it's claimed for intensive use, but it's easy to wiped off when I eat, should re-apply after eat or drink. It last for 4-6 hours without eat or drink, in my opinion.

Actually I never concern about the lipbalm's function whether for intensive or daily, coz' for me all of them are same. Unfortunately the intensive series doesn't contain any UV filter and only daily series contains UV filter. What aaah~ I think I will buy the daily one someday.

Someday, I questioned myself, "is this lipbalm stain my lips?" because of the brownie color.
Then I checked on tissue...

From the tissue, the color shows, but lightly.

But on my hands, it gives minimal, light color and can blends with our natural skin. Yes, it stain my lips as well! But tolerable and nobody would know that I use colored lipbalm.

See? Just like my virgin lips. No brownie-brownie at all!

3/5 stars~

I ♥ this:
-♥ So far this lipbalm is good for daily use. Any lipbalm always good, tho!
-♥ Color, but colorless. Isn't that somewhat magical?
-♥ Cheap

I dis♡ this:
-♡ But this lipbalm doesn't carry any UV protection which made a minus point. I prefer it has UV protection although it's supposed to be an intensive use.
-♡ The choco scent is so-so.

But I think I will buy another Chic On Lips series if I see them later. The aloe lipbalm makes me curious!

How about you guys? Ever tried it?


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