Update: Friend from France

6:17 PM

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates.
I'm in big stage again, I'm not so sure, actually I'm not as crazy tired as in the first big stage, but I feel like I'm so lazy to make a review these days. So many excuses I want to say:

★ Because I want to buy a pocket camera, I become lazier to take pictures with my phone. I feel like "Ah the pic from my phone would be in bad quality, better to take with my soon camera."

★ Ah my phone full of picture of the clerkship things (hundreds of them!) and it would be messier if I take picture with my phone. It would mix up and would sure make me confused more.

★ Ah I still stupid! I need to learn! *but I think I didn't study that significant*

And so more...!
I have so many beauty products I want to review but somehow I'd like to wait my camera and don't want to mess my blog life and real life. My life without a blog was already a mess, man.

So many things I want to tell (but I forgot everything).

One of them is... We have student exchange program and some students from France come to our stage. And we will be together for 1 month. So fun having chat with them! But I feel so self-blamed myself because I didn't talk properly. I have difficulties like talking with another because naturally I am introvert, silent person, and when I talked, I always have a mumbling-like pronunciation and low volume so they can't hear my voice T_T I will improve it I promise T_T *cross-finger, which Indonesian never do this, but they did it before haha*

 It's the first or second time I have real conversation with foreigners

I'm grateful that I am an English blogger. If I never saw this beauty topic, I don't know, maybe I can't talk to them? Haha

Yah, I just want to make an update and make this blog alive. No beauty-related things, sorry. I even never went out with makeup again. Feels like I have limited time so... skip makeup.

And I want to go to Paris when I have money. It seems a beautiful city I should visit.

See ya~


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