Review: OPI Morning, Moneypenny Magnetic Lacquer & Magnetizer

1:06 PM

Hello guys, so I am ready for next review now. This is the nail polish review I promised before... I know it's so late, but time doesn't want to cooperate with me naw -_-

At first time I got the present, I was very interesting with the magnetic lacquer. I never had any of them before and I was very very excited to see the magnetic effects. It sounds cool! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Cool! My first .GIF! 

So first I start with the packaging.

Sorry for the reflection of my phone, so the box is made from a plastic, clear side for showing the nail lacquer, and printed side - which is covering the plain magnetizer box - for showing the main picture at the front, and its description at the back.

The back side. Still reflects my phone, sorry for the green lime color, it's my phone.

Here I tried to snap the description the other day, just ignore the blue color (´_`)
It ended still reflecting my phone that now in blue case. I couldn't stand the green lime case (the green one has a lid) for more than 2 weeks because it was limiting my left hand to use my phone. I'm ambidextrous, you know?
So I was back to my baby blue case although it made my phone feels thicker.

The upside. This nail lacquer is the part of 007 series in... Skyfall, I think? celebrating the 50 years of 007. But I never watch Skyfall before (´_`。) my BF doesn't like 007 series that much.

The downside. Ingredients and the enterprise description.

O hello inside! This is what you get from the box. a nail lacquer and a white plain box!?
How how how, actually the box contains...

Tralala the magnetizer~!
And the description how to use it inside.


I did 2 coats so the color's more vibrant, and at last use magnetizer. Don't forget the base coat and top coat too!
The colors looks magenta with a hint of rainbow glitters. Just a little, so you can't see it unless you look carefully.

How do you think? Is it good?

Overall, this is the first red type nail lacquer I have, cause I love pastel colors and never tried any sexy lust colors like this. I think it's really good and match my red pink bag I posted earlier.

First time with magnetic, I really love the magnetic shadow just create like a hologram illusion. First time I tried and and I amazed like "woooow, it's magic!!" lol. However, I felt the magnetic shadow faded after a few days, it was still there, but just not as strong as the first time.

Minus point (for me), all of my first tried using the magnetizer always ended with... the nail lacquer touch the magnet and stick there -,- then I like "oh, ****!" and removing the mess in the magnet and my nail, and start over again, with carefully.

So my tips is press your finger to the bottom so the nail lacquer doesn't touch to the magnet.

5/5 stars~!  it~!

Hope for future, I hope there are magnetic lacquer with pastel colors. Hehehe. Oh, maybe there are some but I don't know?

Say bye to my nails, hehe.
See you on another post! ♥♥♥


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  1. This magnetic nail liqueur looks super cool, I am surely getting it.
    U choose a great color
    Happy Monday

  2. Thank you Pooja :D this was a giveaway present btw :D but the color really looks pretty~
    Happy Monday too!


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