My 22nd Birthday

11:33 PM

Good day everybody! ^^

I know it's already 2,5 months since my birthday. Thank you so much for everyone I love, that gave me some special things that day and another days.

Usually I don't want people know my birthday. When my birthday came up, I change my birthday date on Facebook so almost all of my friends didn't know my birthday date, and my Facebook didn't get flood of birthday comments. I did it before, because I don't have money, and I didn't get money from my parents, instead they (or she) insisted to made food herself, use "rantang" (a lunchbox, in cylinder) and spread to my group. Well, aah, I would be somewhat embarrassed and my friends would be somewhat have weird feeling for making my mom cook for them, I think. So I hid it.

But after I told many stories to my parents about how my little group (different than before) is contains of rich people (they were insisted that they're not rich, but their economical stage is absolutely above my economical stage, so, they are rich for me) and always treated us when their birthday, so this year I got some money to treated my friends!
And so on, I finally showed up myself and my birthday, uploaded the pics above, with self-promised that I must get money for next birthday to treat my BF and friends.

----- Anyway, let's move to the birthday stories this 2014 year -----

--- At hospital ---

The stories of surprise may be began that afternoon, after I back from the hospital. My BF insisted that I should went to his boarding house, although I already told him to picked me up in front of the ATM.

After a few minutes I got a feeling and so I walked to his boarding house.

Oh yeah, while waiting me walking, I recall that I was getting some birthday congratulation from some of my friends.  I can't say whether they were remember my birthday or not, but technology is great, right? And Facebook never die, Facebook is the only social media I know this day that would giving alert to your friends whenever you're in birthday. Cool!

--- At BF's boarding house ---

I didn't find him on his boarding house like he always did - waiting my outside - so I sat on the terrace and wait. I saw a box at the table but I didn't explore it so much. I though he was still busy.

After more then 5 minutes I asked him where was he, and he suddenly out from his hiding place - so he was hiding - and successfully made me surprised, I didn't expect he was hiding that long.

And he gave me some surprise. First of all is the chocolate cake. I love chocolate flavors, I would always ask for chocolate if I eat ice cream.
Chocolate cake

Also gave me a birthday letter and a present.

The birthday letter.
Was opened at home and successfully being trolled with the first letter. Now I treasured it.

The present I got from him.

--- At home ---

Now I got home. Suddenly my lil' bro came out and gave me a beverages which I love:

This is choco-mint beverage!

Oh thanks my bro! I know it just a beverage but I appreciate it and taste sooooo good~!
My BF tasted it and made a sour face XD and said "weird taste!"
Oh, c'mon baby, it's great!

I would have a hang out with my BF that evening because he wanted to get a trouser so I should get ready. But before that, I opened the present, and...

Being trolled. Again.
I know I like peanut when I need a snack in hospital, but, as a birthday gift... I... I tried to appreciate it and hid my disappointed feeling :(

Let it gooo~
Let it gooo~

--- At Hartono Mall ---

"Hey, baby, I invite you to the mall, not because I want to buy trouser, but I want you to choose one of item you like below 250,000 IDR. Everything. Blouse, bags will be fine."

Sometimes I don't want him to buy something expensive for me, but this time, I just burst in happiness because I don't have any other handbag for outgoing besides my brown bag, and let it gooo~

So that time I walked over Matahari Department Store choosing a bag which below 250,000 IDR and...

Could find any that I like. Many of them also expensive beyond 250,000 IDR.

"Erm,  below 300,000 IDR would be fine," he said.

But, none of them I liked.

So we moved to Matahari Department Store in Matahari Singosaren, hoping the design were different and found any that I liked.

--- At Matahari Singosaren ---

Finally, in short, I found design which I like (though actually I want purple instead of pink)

Here's my new bag ^-^

Why I love is because I wanted a bag that can change from handbag to one-sided bag, I dunno what it's called, if you know please tell me, hehe

--- At home ---

Tadaimaa~ I'm at home again. But my story is still about a half, man.
So, after my BF went home, about 9-10 p.m. my little group friends came over my house (actually I thought they didn't know it was my birthday, so I wasn't hoping so much at first)
And they brought a blue cake!

Ermm, why Cars? I think they were looking for blue cake because of my craziness in baby-blue colors, instead the design (which is more likely for boys than a girl).

My friend captured my photos

Praying before blowing the candle up

You should know, my second last time I got surprise from my friends may be about Junior High School. I don't have many friends, in Senior High School and Uni I didn't get much attention (if my memory didn't go wrong).


My friends came from China (I forgot the town) and told me to picked up a package she was preparing for me (because we didn't get a spare time to hang out together)

So I came to her family's shop business and got it like a boss' friends wkwkwk (indeed) and got my package.

My package. Inside a paper bag. When I first saw it, I smiled. Her writing style just changed a little from the last I knew her writing (about Junior High School) that I still can recognize her style.

Opened the package and found these, which I believe it's a souvenir snack from China.

Opened the envelope and found this. How creative China is! *Or is it just me that never saw a card like this!?*

Okay I reveal her name, but it's okay I think. She also has her blog and all I know that she is a K-pop fans. Hellow, K-poppers, you may give her a visit~

If you see the package in "batik" wrap, it's my birthday present, oh thank you :*

I never saw something like this before and it's so creative. It might be simple but I love it! She even arrange it in January 2014 calendar and put "birthday" on 20th.

And I picked this package in the same day with my giveaway winning package. What a double happiness~!


Okay, this is the last birthday present I got, because, I was attending the first PMK service in this semester (actually I absolutely an alumni for them, but sometimes I want to come over) and when the people that having birthday at holiday called out, I was too. And because of my alumni status, the PMK caretaker felt sorry that he didn't prepare a present for me, and I said it's O.K.

But in the other day, I really got present from my BF and said, "It's from the PMK caretaker." And I just "Whaaaaat!?" oh okay thanks~ (until now I didn't SMS him to say thanks, too late).

So here's the present I got:

I saw people in PMK service before got a picture of their in frame. But mine is different. Actually this is suit my live that coass needs a little book accompany us everywhere for writing every med-things we just got. Moreover, I got my photo in frame last year.

So, thank you PMK~!


Here's the end of my story. Sorry that the chapter after my birthday has no date, it's because my photos in my phone suddenly gone. So sorry I just posted it now. Browsing internets, watching Youtube, and reading your blogs and another beauty blogs take my major spare time that it give me too little time to writing my blogs. I enjoying watching and reading more than blogging, I should say. I don't know why, may be I bored? Do you feel like me?

Anyway, if you read this, thanks for reading. I appreciate you so much because I know my writing is boring xD

See you :*


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  1. I am really moved by your honesty girl.,you wrote about your situation, peer pressure of birthday treat so openly.
    Your boyfriend is so sweet. :)
    And your friends got such a nice cake..
    Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Pooja, I'd love to write my special moment :D *the problem is: time*
      I got special people around me T^T yeah, thanks for your thought, sometimes I didn't recognize it...

  2. that birthday cake is lovely <3
    I didnt have many friends during highschool and still now at uni, but the friends I met are all awesome people. My 22nd birthday is coming soon but I dont celebrate birthday so it works fine for me ;)

    The Lady In Red,

    1. Although it's a car, hehe :D
      Ah at uni I was like you, just about 5 closest friends I think... That was because the uni made a small group too so I close to them...
      I hope your birthday will be awesome dear :*


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