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9:11 PM

Hey guys,
Thank you for reading and still stay tune in my blog.
I'm so sorry if I can't update my blog these times, I'm so enthusiastic with my online shop. I need to have a side work. Once my shop is done, I'll update this blog again.

And so on, again, I'm in a big stage (surgery and will go on interna on the next), so I can't say much, my time is limited. All of my free time is used to rest and when I recharge, I go on my online shop first.

I open the online shop in...







And oh btw, my online shop may be still doesn't up to date, but I'll update it a.s.a.p if I have spare time.
It's in pre-order system in 3 weeks a time, Indonesian resident only.

Right now I have SHOP OPENING PROMO, get 5% discount for ordering at deadline April 26th, 2014 and May 18th, 2014. For further information please see the social media above.


If you are my follower, I'll give you special discount +5%* by mention my blogname HASUHANA.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you catch the promo (○゜ε^○)
Bye-bye~ good luck d(-_^)


*+5% means you get 5% discount before, then add 5% discount from the final prize.

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