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Giveaway Winning: Kiki Coroline's Blog New Year HUGE GIVEAWAY! Sponsored by Glam Collection8

5:34 PM

Hi everyone, welcome back from my exam hibernate.

I didn't make any review and beauty post this month, I admit it. Now I want to make some and make sure I can become IBB's this year.
Before that, I want to report what I got few days ago... a giveaway present again!

So this time I got from Kiki Coroline's Blog: New Year HUGE GIVEAWAY! Sponsored by Glam Collection8. Kiki is a nailies blogger, and her designs are awesome! If you haven't read her blog yet, it's time to give her a visit :)
I got the first present total 10 nail care and polish items, like I always wanted to have before!


Before this, I always wanted a base coat and top coat. For the first, I just have my 2 Oriflame Vision nail polishes. I have it for years now, eventhough nail polishes shouldn't be used anymore after 2 years. As time flies I just used my 2 dear nail polishes and 1 cheap white nail polish until a few months ago I want more colors and want to create more nail arts. I decided to bought some cheap nail polishes again. This time I got myself a pink, yellow, and light blue. I want black one so I can mix the polishes to get new colors (that's why I bought 3 main colors before) but I can't found it.

Later, I managed myself to bought a base coat, will review it later (^_-)

Then I managed to paint some nail arts on my toenails and ring nail.
Hohoho (≧▽≦)

I had so much fun with nailies.

I wait over years for myself to buy some good stuff, I can buy a base coat now, but I dunno when I can buy top coat, etc, etc.
I even can't do nail arts so much, because my job needs professionality and hygiene, some works don't allow me to use nail.polish, so I just do it at my toenails.


When I joined Kiki Coroline's giveaway ft. Glam Collection8, I hoped I can get the first since it has more essential nailies like base coat top coat quick dryer, even a nail strengthener and nail oil, beside, the other was just a nail polishes which I can collect more later.

Didn't think about it until someday when I was on duty, I got an email that I won her FIRST giveaway, nyah!

Dear God, You are awesome! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

So here's the report I promised before.

Let's begin with reposting the giveaway pics from her blog.

The first winner get 10 nailies... which I got. Wait, why I don't see my purple NCLA Eight Days A Week? Ah nevermind, I got it  〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
First winner:
1. OPI Say Bye to Dry
2. OPI Chip Skip
3. Seche Clear Base Coat
4. OPI Chocolate moose
5. Cirque Colors Book Of Shadows
6. NCLA Eight Days a Week
7. Zoya Loredana Matte
8. OPI Magnetix Morning Money Penny
9. OPI Rapidry Top Coat
10. OPI Drip Dry 9ml

Here's the second winner got, let's just skip it because I didn't get it ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

The third winner:

Rafflecopter screenshot:
Now my lucky number is #1439.


Actually, when I got email that I was the winner, I've been told that the package would be send about the beginning of March. But suddenly on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014, I saw my package on my mom's desk. That was quite fast, I think.

The package looked like a pillow, with a "fragile" sticker, reminded me that there were many glass bottles inside, so, to make sure the bottles didn't break, Glam Collection8 wrapped it in many-many protections:
1. The "fragile sticker.
2. The package itself were designed for breakable things, just like a bubble-wrap.

See? Bubble-wrap!

3. She wrapped the contents one by one with bubble-wrap. I get soooooo many bubble-wrap to be popped, maybe last for a month lol (。♥‿♥。)

4. Later I opened the bubble-wrap and the box, she put many sponge inside to make sure every bottles would stay in the place, prevent it from breakage.

I admit that the wrapping is soooo great! It gave me some time to open it and unwrapping it one-by-one. No problem, if it was for the safety of my package and all of them weren't break at all.

And, oh, I forgot something!

I got a brochure about SeneGence and their famous product LipSence, and her namecard.

The inside. Sorry for the different editing style, I took them quickly and edited them on my laptop. Now I think my phone's filter gives a better results -_-a okay, I will edit it from my phone -_-a

Another brochure :)
So, if you want to try LipSense and another SeneGence products, Glam Collection8 also sells it.

Unwrapping one-by-one. Woo! So happy because some of them are a set.

See the OPI white box? That's my 6 other nailies. Unboxing below.
Finally I got my own top coat, I could die in happiness~  (*´▽`*)


Okay, you reach the end of the post. Thank you for reading my report here. Absolutely many thank you for Kiki Coroline and Glam Collection8 for the giveaway. It feels like you all know what I need, accidentally ^-^" I always wanted a top coat, now I have it. I always wanted to know how is it using a magnetic polish, now I know. I always wanted a matte nail polish, I got that one too. Nail strengthening, cuticle oil, and drip dry are also the things I never used before, but not as exciting as the 3 things I said before.

If you want to buy nailies like mine, you can buy them at:
instagram: @glamcollection8

Or you can contact the person, Irra Veronica, at:
Phone number: 0888 326 3773

She's a trusted seller, and a neat wrapper :P
Last time I saw over my Instagram, Glam Collection8 is giving some discount too, make sure to check.
Don't forget that you can also buy SeneGence product from her.

Now I end this post with my "excited with new polishes" NOTD:
Stay tune if you interested of what color I used ;P



Giveaway I Joined: February 2014

10:20 PM

Hi, welcome February~
The month of love, no? Because Valentine is on this month.
Have you prepare some chocolate for your lover and your dearest friends?
I haven't done it yet :P
I should do something special, but the idea hasn't come yet.

Yeah, back to the topic, here's some 'chocolate' giveaway you might like ;)

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2. The Dark Side of Beauty: 3rd Blogiversary Giveaway: Wet n Wild Eyeshadows

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4. Beautifyiu by Nella: My Giveaway! (Indonesia)

5. Moon Princess Giveaway

PS. I'm getting tired on writing all my giveaway and the end date on my sidebar, so, no more, except they request for it to get points. I prefer to save them at my bookmarks. Besides, it made my blog slower. I'd like my blog loads fast because I have slow connection. Yeah ;)


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