Merry Christmas 2013 and Happy New Year 2014!

9:46 PM

Hi there! Merry Christmas from us! (ノ^∇^)
Well, I know, I'm MIA these months.
Coass makes me more busy and lazy so I spend my time for sleep and rolling on the bed.
Just not that I neglect this blog, I do love this blog, just my laziness made my body can't move from the bed(*^^*)

So, I think almost all of my 2013 resolution didn't go fine. I still can't join the IBB ╥﹏╥
Let's take a look about how's my resolution last year...

Make some good review post
Well, actually you can count with your fingers, how many review post that I made through 2013... Good or not, you decide.

Join IBB
Still. Can't.

Try almost all makeup kind e.g. eyeliner, blush, mascara
Yes I've tried all! Finally, some of my 2013 resolution passed! ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)
My eyeliner is Silkygirl (which is ran out already ╥﹏╥, my blush is Face On Face, and my mascara is Pixy. Haven't make the review yet.

Make this blog growing and growing
I don't know if it's growing or not. It's grow a little, maybe my blog is still a sprout. But, I will say, yes it's growing!

Earn money
No money I harvested from this blog, hahaha. My online shop hadn't open already too.

Manage my time more
I still think I'm failed in this section. If I could manage my time, and.. and.. not lazy, I would.. I would blogged more...

Wake up in the morning
Still unbreakable habit.

Do routine exercise
At the holiday session I did routine exercise, and stopped for coass sake. Maybe after I become a doctor, I can exercise again? For marriage sake ♥(ノ´∀`)

More closer to God
I think it showed a progress. I realize I am not perfect, I still often skipped my bible reading and praying. But I feel that I can feel His love more and more, after all this pain and suffering. Hope this year I can minimalize skipping bible reading and praying (^_−)☆

3 of 9 resolutions go well...

For kaleidoscop of 2013, I can't say much since I can't remember my memories well. Here's what I remember...

★ January: Got my android phone, Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, and the launching is exactly on my birthday! Since then, I can captured photos for this blog.

★ February: My friend asked me to accompany her at a wedding party and that was my first time I did full makeup on my own.

★ March: I created Bloglovin' account, due to the issue that Blogger Reader would shut down. In this month, almost all of my classmates were graduated.

★ April: Finally made a Facebook account.

★ May: Made my first review. Also, my compre exam took this month.

★ June: The month that I was graduated. Finally. (*^^*) Now my name is Devi PS, S.Ked.

★ July: My first time using eyeliner.

★ August: I can't remember any...

★ September: I began my coass. And the last post was in this month. Cause I got double hard stage, pediatric and obsgyn, made me lost appetit on blogging.

★ October: The month of my pediatric exam. Super stressed till I cried in front of the examiner...

★ November: Entering obsgyn stage.

★ December: The month of obsgyn exam, and it took 1-2 days before Christmas. Happily, the ending of this stage was great, we helped the residen dancing. I love dancing ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ) Unfortunately the real ending of this stage wasn't good...

Well, let's end this post with new resolution for this year. Well, I should write this and place it in my shelf.
For this year, I hope:
● I can wake up in the morning, hahaha still the same as last year. If coffee can help, please, my body, wake up to make a coffee.
● Manage my time, again.
● Study and learn more, at least once a day.
● Go smooth through coass. No more prolong.
● Revive this blog if I have some spare time. Made a post quicker. Do not procrastinating. And don't leave the study.
● Revive the online shop. Find a way to get money, for the marriage sake.
● Find the God's path. And closer even more to Him.

I will add more if I remember something new.
In the end of this post, I hope you guys get abundance blessing through this year.

My first selfie on 2014.

Ps. Do you have Dayre? Don't forget to check my personal Dayre on
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-Hasu Hana

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