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Hi everyone (。^_・)ノ

I am in the middle of no-night-shift and short stage, so I have much time to blog.
Usually when I went outside my house, my brain filled with soooo many ideas of what would I do if I am at home. But when I arrived at home, the idea popped out and I did daydreaming at home. Sometimes I remembered my ideas, but the acts never happened. Sometimes I thought I was lack of time. Some things need much time.

Enough my procrastinanting reason and okay let's write some review post.

The choice goes to... *drumroll* Maybelline Baby Lips!

This is the second Maybelline Baby Lips for me. The first was Energizing Orange, but for the review photo, I use the Anti-Oxidant Berry one.

Maybelline Baby Lips comes in so many variation outside Indonesia. Sadly, only 3 flavors available here.
1. Smoothing Cherry in green and peach cap.
2. Anti-Oxidant Berry in light blue and pink cap.
3. Energizing Orange in purple and orange cap.

Totally cheap among any lipbalm! I got mine for about IDR 16K it think. I'll update soon when I found the note.


As a drugstore lipbalm, the lipbalm comes inside a transparrent plastic and a cardboard in oval shape, with a hole in the upside for hanging the lipbalm.
For the lipbalm, it comes in plastic tube, strong enough even if you drop it.


The weight is 4 gr.
It contains SPF 20, and Centella essence.
It claims to an instant 8 hours moisture and rejuvenated lips.

The balm itself is white with a little hint of pinkish. See?

My Opinions
I remember the claims to smoothen lips and reduce the lip's fine lines and become like a baby's lips.
But for me it's just like a regular lipbalm. My fine lines' didn't reduce at all.

The staypower is so low, compare to my previous lip balm, Mentholatum Lip Ice. It's easy to vanish, especially after you ate something. Need to apply many times at any times.

The SPF level is great, I ever red that minimum SPF level for our skin is 15, so 20 is perfect! In theory, we must apply sunscreen every 2 hours, so because it's easy to fade, let's reapply, reapply, and reapply.

Because I applied at any times, even when my mouth isn't as clean as when I dolled up, the lipbalm started to collect bacteria from my mouth and developed odor.
My first Maybelline Baby Lips also developed odor. Thumbs down for this p(´⌒`。q)

Compared to my previous lipbalm, I have tried Mentholatum Lip Ice about 3-4 tubes and just 1 tube that developed odor.

2/5 stars from me, a little disappointed.

♥ I love the cheapness. It's the cheapest lipbalm I've ever seen. And contains SPF 20 is more than enough to protect my lips.

♡ I just hate the others. The claims wasn't work at me. It's easy to fade and develops odor. And it made me disappointed because the claims seems wow but the real is just a regular lipbalm.

★ But I still want to repurchase. Maybe next time I'll try the Smoothing Cherry.

★ The last conclusion I get from this review is: it's more hygiene to use lipbalm in a pot instead in a tube. Your mouth always have bacteria and make the tube-lipbalm, especially in the hole to collects bacteria. To use the pot-lipbalm, just make sure your fingers are clean. You can use hand sanitizer at any times to clean you fingers. But, for the tube-lipbalm, I never hear any mouth sanitizer before (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Thanks for reading (^_−)

-Hasu Hana-

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  1. I have 2-3 baby lips and I love them all.. I have it the pink color , u must try a colors one
    I am inviting you to enter phone covers giveaway

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that at first, Baby Lips in Indonesia are colorless.
      Now they have the new baby lips with colors, but I still have their lip smooth color & care, so, next time I'll try :)
      Thanks for your suggestion :D

  2. i love this lipbalm!:*) of course following you now and please follow me back:*))


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