Giveaway I Joined: January 2014

5:20 PM

Typing blog while relaxing with a glass of coffee is sooo good feeling.
Now my style of blogging is: I capture the photos from my phone, I edit the photos on my phone, I write and type the review at my phone, I upload the photos from my phone. If necessary I do final editing on laptop.

That's for review.

But for post like this, I need to do this at laptop. I can't take url and photo url in my phone, too slow XD
But here I can't insert cute emoticon and etc -_-

So okay let's move to the giveaway.

1. The Dark Side of Beauty: Maybelline Color Tattoos Giveaway

Well I never have any cream eyeshadow before, so this eyeshadow would be awesome :)

2. Kiki Coroline's Blog: New Year HUGE GIVEAWAY Sponsored by Glam Collection8
I like to nail-do if I'm not in my lazy or busy stage. And I need more mature colors, hehe.
But if I win, I prefer get the first since it contains many nails essential things like nail strengthener, base coat, top coat, and fast drier.

3. Airi's Blog: Christmas Giveaway! Etude House Minnie Mouse Collection
Such a lovely makeup design! I remember I love Minnie Mouse when I was a little 4 years old. I had Minnie doll and brought it everywhere I went ^-^

4. Pinkoolaid: Tmart 22 Piece Pink Brush Set Giveaway
Always want a makeup brush set. And this is super complete one!

5. My Lovely Sister: Giveaway 2014: January February (Indonesia only)
Our lovely blog now will make giveaway/2 months. This 2 months episode is BB cream and gel liner.

6. Sakuranko: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Giveaway
I never have lip tint :| If you can choose one, which color do you like?

7. twoplicates: Thankyou + Bloggiversary Giveaway!
Jae Joong spotted *gasp*

8. Anjelleee's Giveaway
I run out of comments T_T I want to try the Maybelline dream matte powder and Nivea pearly shine. Looks so dreamy~

9. Astrophoria's Happy New Year Giveaway
And every single things here make me drolling.

Any new giveaway will be updated soon :)
Another non-posting point giveaway can be found at my sidebar.
Thank you :) God bless.

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