Review: Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Moisturizer SPF 15

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Hi sweeties,
Today's review is about Clean and Clear Moisturizer. I used Clean and Clear before I got Garnier sample before. After move my heart to Garnier, I move back to Clean and Clear again. Not because one is more and one is less, every skincares are good!
Do you ever use it?
Let's have a review then!

So, why Clean and Clear first? Because its runs out now, and I need new moisturizer. Before I throw it out, I shall review it first!

Wrapped nicely with a paper box, in purple to white ombré. There is a seal sticker in its opening, make sure its brand new. Expired date printed on the bottom.


The container itself is a plastic white bottle with a blue screwed cap. Simple and small.

Can see the hole? Yes, the entire hole is where you can get the moisturizer. A moisturizer container usually has a small hole, but it's different! I'm thinking of how germs and bacterias can get inside easier, but I don't bother that.

I got it for IDR 13.5K, and get 25 ml moisturizer.


It contains parabens, vitamin B3, and SPF 15. Also some extracts, like rice, grapefruit, and bitter cherry. Sorry guys I can't read about ingredients again. Next time in my next life phase, I want to be your skin consultant ;)


It's white and light just like normal water-based moisturizer, also quick absorbed.

My opinions
I love how it's lightweight and absorbed quickly.
My face changed from normal-to-dry to normal-to-oily. After I used it, my face get hydrated enough.

SPF 15 is the plus point for this moisturizer, since the older version doesn't contain SPF. 15 is enough :)

Let's see the claims:
♥ oil-free, checked! It's water-based and sure don't add more oil to your face. My face less oily when I used it.
♥ won't clog pores, checked! My face didn't get any serious condition when used Clean and Clear moisturizer.
♥ brightening, I'm not sure about it because it didn't significant enough but yes checked! Thanks to the SPF. Absolutely it won't make your face lighter than your natural skin.

5/5, perfect!

Whenever I have no idea what will be my next moisturizer when my current moisturizer run out, I often buy Clean and Clear.
It's simple, lightweight, and quick absorbed. And I'm happy to see that they launched this new version with SPF 15.

As a simple moisturizer, it's just purrfect (=`ω´=)
But I expect more innovation from Clean and Clear, especially in moisturizer line.

Most of you guys looking for non-comedogenic moisturizer, and Clean and Clear is the one that you looking for.

Now let's end this post with some photos of mine ^0^
I want to show you how small is the moisturizer bottle, compare to my face and hand :|

If any of my real-life friends see my selfies, please don't call me "alay", I only do this in my beauty world, c'mon, all beauty blogger do selfies T_T (except my BF wants to do couple photos and selfies)
There is a friend called me like that before, just because suddenly I twitted more often, what kind of this world are?!? That's why I made another accounts (Hasuhana by nickname) separate from my real account, because I dislike to be called "alay".

Thanks for reading it guys!
Any of you use it?
Do you like the new photo concept? ^-^


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  1. Hello i'm from Morocco, I just bought it thank you for your help

    1. Hello Fatima ^^
      I'm glad my review was helpful :D hope you like it


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