Please help to vote my poll

10:24 AM

Dear everyone who read my blog,

Thank you for dropping by to this post. Let me tell you the story first.

First things I build my blog is, I don't want any single of my real friends get to know my blog. So I use my alter name so they would think hundred times to get clear if it's me or not. I'm too shy if they found out my selfies, my craziness around my blog, etc. Also, I want to make this blog a product, and not a personal blog (though it become a personal...).

I also don't want people get annoyed by my giveaway posts and shares coz it's really annoying for regular person. It also helps me to choose whether I want to read my personal or my beauty things when I separate my twitter.

But since I saw my blog instagram being filled with real friends followers, I got scared. Really. My BF also warned me before and I said it's OK I can handle it. But now it really slaps me.

I wanna die with shyness

I just want to share this with you, I can't change my name many times, so I wanna make the decision with your help. I need to know what your thoughts. Your comments and your vote will make me feel better.

Thank you so much.
Actually, my real Chinese name. Sòng Lián Huā.
I think it's to difficult to spell.


Xiao Vee's Mini Giveaway

9:52 AM

Xiao Vee-unnie requests a single blogpost for her giveaway entry, so here we go...

I have a huge interest about Korean skincares, so this giveaway would definitely catch my heart.

Would you like to see the details?

Left: Missha All-Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF50+/PA+++
Middle: Innisfree Eco Dual Tear Drop Liner and Tony Moly Back Stage Eyeliner
Right: Schwarzkopf Freshlight Melty Cherry Foam Color (okay actually this products isn't a Korean one, but since I want to try bubble hair color, this also catch me)

Top: Etude House Magic Any Cushion Trial Kit
Bottom: Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch, Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch, Dermal Herb Collagen Essence Mask

It's worth maxy for mini, yes?

So if you want to join it, you can click any pics from this blog post and it will redirect you to her blog, or you just can click here ヽ(´・ω・`)、

Btw, it's only for Indonesian resident.

Thank you for reading, also thank you if you join too, though it would make my chance smaller, wahaha, still, thank you coz' you definitely read my blog :P



Giveaways in December 2014

11:00 PM

Whenever I got myself active on blog, I can't forget the giveaways in the month. There are no November 2014 coz' that's my lazy time :P I will put that November in this December, though.

So here are your giveaway-nice-to-try to end your 2014, girls!

~ Airi x Glow Recipe ~

Want to try some Korean brand new? Here's the chance! Aigoo... I can't say much... Just click the pic and she will tell everything!



Wow! December is coming so fast!

10:57 PM

Hey, guys! *christmas song's ringing*
Do you also feel that December and Christmas coming so fast? I feel like I didn't do any big things this year, include my blog. Yah I also make some difference but not as same as the one I imagined in the beginning of the year.

Actually I'm in a holiday-like stage but I still too lazy to put blog things up, hahaha! Pardon me. I'm so much neglected this blog, yeah. So today I'm in a mood for anything like cleaning, making my projects which I procrastinated for months. And blogging also the one of them!

So my pray for today:

"Oh, dear almighty God, please make this happy, productive mood last forever. Amen."

But today I'm not coming with reviews or beauty things, no. It would take time to capture, edit, write reviews, etc. Today I'm just having some mood for writing diary.

O.K, now from when should we start...

Oh, back pain!

Back in these days, I'm suffering a back pain. I dunno where it comes, it just like I'm too tired and want some rest especially for my back. Taking a massage would be awesome, but cost me money. My mom said it because I'm on my period. But I don't think so. For now, using my mom's corset is the best idea for compressing my back.

So, question one, do you also feel some back pain?

Horrible test result

On Sunday, I attended a symposium about nutrition. The point is, I came to Diabeta*** booth, and I saw a bone density meter. Excited, - because it was also free - my dad and I took the test. My dad was osteopenia - a condition that the bone density was lower than normal, described by yellow area. The normal is green area. I also took the test, and the result was pretty horrible. I was diagnosed with OSTEOPOROSIS - even worse than the osteopenia, the red area! Seriously, in my age?! The examiner also shocked and borrowed my phone immediately to capture the test result.

I also asked the examiner to repeat the test, but they said it would be the same result. And my aunt bought me some high-calcium-low-fat milk...

Intermezzo, osteoporosis actually asymptomatic. No symptom would appear, just suddenly you got fracture easier than normal human, or got sudden back pain (not my back pain, I think) because of the compression fracture from your spine. This would be worsen if you are an elder, but I don't want to talk about it in this blog, too long :P

But seriously I want to take the test again. Maybe they misdiagnosed it by calculating my achilles tendon, not my calcaneus bone. Maybe...

Okay, it's sleep time! I want to tell many things I didn't blog for months including my short hair, but, maybe later.

Last, I want to write things I got from my life this time.

It's nice to accomplished some to-do-list and projects, why did I procrastinate!? ヽ(♯`Д´)ノ

I have so many talents. If I develop it, I would be more than my friend who can do this and that. I just need to manage the time, and an intention.

We do the chronic things, only God do the acute things. (maybe only doctor would understand this)

Thanks for reading, may this writings help you too :)
God bless,


Giveaway Addict in October 2014

10:58 PM

Hello guys, long time no see you aaaaa~ (so happy and said "aaaa" so many times).
Sorry if my giveaway post is late this month, the fault in my laziness :P
So here's the resume of the giveaway I joined this month:

Rini Cesillia Birthday Giveaway (Indonesia)

Look who's having a birthday this month? Yes, Rini Cesillia! Happy birthday! Hope you get successful and more beautiful, and get the loveable one, yes! And thank you for sharing your happiness to us :)

I quite drooling with the prize, since I want a brush set for a long time and couldn't help it coz I still have another things to do, so although you should pay for the shipping yourself, getting a brush set ++ should be a worth one!

My Lovely Sister: September - October Giveaway (Indonesia)

My Lovely Sister always generously make some giveaway every 2 months, and this time is about skincares. Besides, they have cool blog! I love the photography exercise the most ^^

Loveellentan 1st Blogiversary Giveaway (Indonesia)

Happy birthday, Loveelentan blog! X3

Pinku Room Birthday Giveaway (Indonesia)

Happy sweet 17th birthday, Dewi! ^^

Winter Blush x Charrmyn Giveaway (International)
Hyo, basically I got an email from her, anddd join~ Her blog is cute and fun anyway, visit her and her giveaway.

Don't forget to visit my online shop from instagram, Devan Beauty Shop, I'm having a planner pre order coz I want to have one too, so, buy with me, hehe. PO closed at November 1st, 2014, Indonesian only.

Thanks for reading, bye~



Review: Viva White Chic On Lips Moisture Balm (Choco Dreamer)

9:46 PM

Hello gals, big hug to you one by one,
coz today I have some spare time and finally uploading my review again~
I've spent my days for exam yesterday (and the remedial *sob*), and I was having luxury dindin with my BF this night for after-exam-treat. So I came home and ready to post this.

This time I took a product from Viva Cosmetics which I never saw before and after, at other places. Or it was just me that didn't care about.

Fyi, Viva Cosmetics is an Indonesian cosmetics producer.

I was looking around on a supermarket until I saw this lipbalm. It was cheap and choco it made me wanna buy it so I bought it. I love choco~ If I buy any beverages mostly I chose choco and its variants.

I bought it for about IDR 20K, maybe? I lost the bill >_<

When I bought this, I only see this Choco Dreamer variant only. From the website it should have 4 variants.

Screenshot from www.vivacosmetic.com

Each contains of 4.2 grams lipbalm.

The introduction claims to care the dry, cracked, and chapped lips. It also shows off the chocolate therapy sensation as the unique characteristic of this lipbalm. Moreover, it has shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

This lipbalm was wrapped with this cardboard to hang it up. The container was made from plastic with its white and brown theme, and roll to get the lipbalm's out, just like another regular lipbalm.

At first time I opened it I shocked seeing the color. It's really choco color, but not dark choco. Looks like brown sugar for me.

The choco scent is so-so. It's just like a regular choco, not as rich as the Tender Care in Chocolate which I gave to my BF, That Tender Care was smell oh-sooo-good-quality-choco.

Pict above shows the length of the lipbalm, again, just like another lipbalm. Yah maybe it can last for a few months, depends on how often you re-apply the lipbalm.

At first I saw the lipbalm quite fine, until I coincidentally turned the lipbalm and found this:

Bahahahahaha a hole!
Actually it's fine and didn't offend the applying nor the quality, but somehow I'm a lil' disappointed to see a defect on it.

Move onto my experience about this lipbalm,
It glides easy just like any other lipbalm. The cocoa scent's level is about 2 from 5.
Although it's claimed for intensive use, but it's easy to wiped off when I eat, should re-apply after eat or drink. It last for 4-6 hours without eat or drink, in my opinion.

Actually I never concern about the lipbalm's function whether for intensive or daily, coz' for me all of them are same. Unfortunately the intensive series doesn't contain any UV filter and only daily series contains UV filter. What aaah~ I think I will buy the daily one someday.

Someday, I questioned myself, "is this lipbalm stain my lips?" because of the brownie color.
Then I checked on tissue...

From the tissue, the color shows, but lightly.

But on my hands, it gives minimal, light color and can blends with our natural skin. Yes, it stain my lips as well! But tolerable and nobody would know that I use colored lipbalm.

See? Just like my virgin lips. No brownie-brownie at all!

3/5 stars~

I ♥ this:
-♥ So far this lipbalm is good for daily use. Any lipbalm always good, tho!
-♥ Color, but colorless. Isn't that somewhat magical?
-♥ Cheap

I dis♡ this:
-♡ But this lipbalm doesn't carry any UV protection which made a minus point. I prefer it has UV protection although it's supposed to be an intensive use.
-♡ The choco scent is so-so.

But I think I will buy another Chic On Lips series if I see them later. The aloe lipbalm makes me curious!

How about you guys? Ever tried it?



Giveaway Addicted August 2014

2:58 PM

Hello-hello I'm back with another refreshing give-a-wind of the autumn season although it's already at the end of August, oh man~
I feel so empty without a story to tell, so if you are following my Instagram, you might see that I postponed my camera. Right now I'm still saving for the gap and searching for another camera shop so I will buy at the cheapest peak! (。♥‿♥。) Oh myself, please wait a bit longer~ If requested, I want to review the camera as well~

Sakuranko Giveaway: Etude House and Lioele



Giveaway Addicted July 2014

11:06 PM


Okay I'm a little back to my fantasies~
It's just a giveaway post so you may skip it, or not, up to you.
I just wanna share some blogged-required giveaways, to be honest :P
I miss blogging... I wish I come back to blogging soon :3 but maybe after I buy my dream camera, and in that time, I want to focus on my real life first.

But right now, you may want to check out what I share:

Misaraisu Kawaii Box Giveaway
I know it's not beauty related things, but I LOOOVVVEEEE cute things! And this innovation is the best! *I wish I have spare money to subscribe this box* *feels like got a box of happiness every month*

PhanXiaoDan Opening New Beauty Blogger ft. Etude Recipe (Indonesia)
A new beauty blogger held her opening giveaway~ This is sponsored by Etude Recipe. Welcome to our world, dear. Hope the best for you and your new blog :)

Lala & Xiao Vee Collab Giveaway
I'm kinda late about this. However, the Etude House and the Holika Holika always calling me to pick...
The good news is, it's international! Hurry up! You can also check the giveaway from Xiao Vee's Blog.

Rini Cesillia ft. Misslie Collection (Indonesia)
Ever tried Cathy Doll? If not, try your luck here coz this giveaway specially for Cathy Doll giveaway.

My Lovely Sister July August 2014 Giveaway (Indonesia)
Two monthly giveaway from My Lovely Sister, join join join :3



Update: Friend from France

6:17 PM

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates.
I'm in big stage again, I'm not so sure, actually I'm not as crazy tired as in the first big stage, but I feel like I'm so lazy to make a review these days. So many excuses I want to say:

★ Because I want to buy a pocket camera, I become lazier to take pictures with my phone. I feel like "Ah the pic from my phone would be in bad quality, better to take with my soon camera."

★ Ah my phone full of picture of the clerkship things (hundreds of them!) and it would be messier if I take picture with my phone. It would mix up and would sure make me confused more.

★ Ah I still stupid! I need to learn! *but I think I didn't study that significant*

And so more...!
I have so many beauty products I want to review but somehow I'd like to wait my camera and don't want to mess my blog life and real life. My life without a blog was already a mess, man.

So many things I want to tell (but I forgot everything).

One of them is... We have student exchange program and some students from France come to our stage. And we will be together for 1 month. So fun having chat with them! But I feel so self-blamed myself because I didn't talk properly. I have difficulties like talking with another because naturally I am introvert, silent person, and when I talked, I always have a mumbling-like pronunciation and low volume so they can't hear my voice T_T I will improve it I promise T_T *cross-finger, which Indonesian never do this, but they did it before haha*

 It's the first or second time I have real conversation with foreigners

I'm grateful that I am an English blogger. If I never saw this beauty topic, I don't know, maybe I can't talk to them? Haha

Yah, I just want to make an update and make this blog alive. No beauty-related things, sorry. I even never went out with makeup again. Feels like I have limited time so... skip makeup.

And I want to go to Paris when I have money. It seems a beautiful city I should visit.

See ya~



About My Guilty Pleasure and My Layout Transformation

11:22 PM

Just have a little time, typing fast. Sorry guys, this is just a diary session. If you don't want to read non beauty things then just don't click it, hehe.

So it started when I was feeling so dummy, the lecturer may be remembered me as the dummy student who can't answer my question, huh T_T
I feel in pressure, my life schedule is messy, honestly I hate my life to become this way. So when I have spare time, I didn't study. I just rolling around in bed and gaming. No heart for studying at all.

Until now I still researching how I can manage my life better. How I can love my life however it will go. How I can study diligently. Do you have any suggestion?

Also I am a perfectionist person. This makes sense when I do craftworks - it will be neat - but it become a disaster in another topic. I deleted my old blogpost on my old blog so I can focus it for my notes, every time I read a book, I'll write in the blog. BUT... It just ended so bad. I stopped and no mood for doing it again because of the format is messy. ONLY THE FORMAT! How perfectionist I am!! Still researching about a good format so I can do it again T_T

And that perfectionist makes me to delaying anything so badly, and that's the beginning of my PROCRASTINATION.

I was thinking of sacrificing some of my most time-wasting games and apps, and then the "guilty pleasure" just pop out from my mind.

I thought that guilty pleasure is a pleasure things but you feel guilty to doing that. Such as I was gaming that cost much time (it can be more than 1 hour long for 1 game/apps).

But dang I was wrong. I just search on Google to make sure what the real means is.

Got it from Wikipedia. Majorly said it.

According to it, I just realized that "that's" different. And I just remembered this blog *changing topic*.

I enjoy collecting makeup stuffs, I really want to have a beauty blog, it's really my pleasure, I love it. But I never said I have a beauty blog to anybody nor my parents, except my BF. He just need to know all the way I do, because, later he'll be my husband right? He'll mad at me if I keep it secret, and I can't keep it secret when I live together with him. Although I still don't want anybody, ANYBODY sees how I blogging and capturing pictures and tons of selfies and editing and typing and etc etc. I still soooo embarrassing if someone sees me.

I am in real life just a very low-fashioned girl, even people and all of my friends wouldn't be proud of my beauty blog or even they wouldn't believe I have a beauty blog, maybe. Even if they just found it and they read my blog, they may be said "ALAY" and that's just makes me more lack of confidence. I got that word from my friends before, I don't know why, and that just made me... ( p′︵‵。)

And that's it! So I changed the sub-title to "My Guilty Pleasure". This blog is my guilty pleasure. I don't want any of my real friends see my blog. I just want the worlds that accept me like this :)

I changed my title back to Hasuhana's Blog, it just suits me better than another quotes. Let the quotes fills the sub-title.


And about my blog layout transformation. I edited the layout myself before, because of my perfectionism I just want to make my own cute layout *and failed*. Later I bored with the old layout and start searching a new free cute light blue layout, and also a cute layout for my another blog. I want more cutesy on my blog, doesn't matter if it's free design.

So I transform from this:

To this:

TADAAA~ *Loki style*

Which one do you like? Any suggestion?
I keep it simple because my laptop's slowness and my internet's slowness, I always like "hhhh...." *exhaling dragon's breath* everytime I opened heavy blog layout, much gif pictures, added with music on it. And then my brother that playing dotA would screaming and glaring at me because of their dotA lagging.

I feel that the header just a bit empty, so I am thinking what designs to fill it up.


Thanks if you read this. You can comment below what you think of me, or just answering my unanswered questions above. Who knows if your comments may encouraging me T^T

Love ya' ♡♡♡



Review: OPI Morning, Moneypenny Magnetic Lacquer & Magnetizer

1:06 PM

Hello guys, so I am ready for next review now. This is the nail polish review I promised before... I know it's so late, but time doesn't want to cooperate with me naw -_-

At first time I got the present, I was very interesting with the magnetic lacquer. I never had any of them before and I was very very excited to see the magnetic effects. It sounds cool! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Cool! My first .GIF! 

So first I start with the packaging.

Sorry for the reflection of my phone, so the box is made from a plastic, clear side for showing the nail lacquer, and printed side - which is covering the plain magnetizer box - for showing the main picture at the front, and its description at the back.

The back side. Still reflects my phone, sorry for the green lime color, it's my phone.

Here I tried to snap the description the other day, just ignore the blue color (´_`)
It ended still reflecting my phone that now in blue case. I couldn't stand the green lime case (the green one has a lid) for more than 2 weeks because it was limiting my left hand to use my phone. I'm ambidextrous, you know?
So I was back to my baby blue case although it made my phone feels thicker.

The upside. This nail lacquer is the part of 007 series in... Skyfall, I think? celebrating the 50 years of 007. But I never watch Skyfall before (´_`。) my BF doesn't like 007 series that much.

The downside. Ingredients and the enterprise description.

O hello inside! This is what you get from the box. a nail lacquer and a white plain box!?
How how how, actually the box contains...

Tralala the magnetizer~!
And the description how to use it inside.


I did 2 coats so the color's more vibrant, and at last use magnetizer. Don't forget the base coat and top coat too!
The colors looks magenta with a hint of rainbow glitters. Just a little, so you can't see it unless you look carefully.

How do you think? Is it good?

Overall, this is the first red type nail lacquer I have, cause I love pastel colors and never tried any sexy lust colors like this. I think it's really good and match my red pink bag I posted earlier.

First time with magnetic, I really love the magnetic shadow just create like a hologram illusion. First time I tried and and I amazed like "woooow, it's magic!!" lol. However, I felt the magnetic shadow faded after a few days, it was still there, but just not as strong as the first time.

Minus point (for me), all of my first tried using the magnetizer always ended with... the nail lacquer touch the magnet and stick there -,- then I like "oh, ****!" and removing the mess in the magnet and my nail, and start over again, with carefully.

So my tips is press your finger to the bottom so the nail lacquer doesn't touch to the magnet.

5/5 stars~!  it~!

Hope for future, I hope there are magnetic lacquer with pastel colors. Hehehe. Oh, maybe there are some but I don't know?

Say bye to my nails, hehe.
See you on another post! ♥♥♥



Devan Beauty Shop, My Online Shop

9:11 PM

Hey guys,
Thank you for reading and still stay tune in my blog.
I'm so sorry if I can't update my blog these times, I'm so enthusiastic with my online shop. I need to have a side work. Once my shop is done, I'll update this blog again.

And so on, again, I'm in a big stage (surgery and will go on interna on the next), so I can't say much, my time is limited. All of my free time is used to rest and when I recharge, I go on my online shop first.

I open the online shop in...







And oh btw, my online shop may be still doesn't up to date, but I'll update it a.s.a.p if I have spare time.
It's in pre-order system in 3 weeks a time, Indonesian resident only.

Right now I have SHOP OPENING PROMO, get 5% discount for ordering at deadline April 26th, 2014 and May 18th, 2014. For further information please see the social media above.


If you are my follower, I'll give you special discount +5%* by mention my blogname HASUHANA.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you catch the promo (○゜ε^○)
Bye-bye~ good luck d(-_^)


*+5% means you get 5% discount before, then add 5% discount from the final prize.


My 22nd Birthday

11:33 PM

Good day everybody! ^^

I know it's already 2,5 months since my birthday. Thank you so much for everyone I love, that gave me some special things that day and another days.

Usually I don't want people know my birthday. When my birthday came up, I change my birthday date on Facebook so almost all of my friends didn't know my birthday date, and my Facebook didn't get flood of birthday comments. I did it before, because I don't have money, and I didn't get money from my parents, instead they (or she) insisted to made food herself, use "rantang" (a lunchbox, in cylinder) and spread to my group. Well, aah, I would be somewhat embarrassed and my friends would be somewhat have weird feeling for making my mom cook for them, I think. So I hid it.

But after I told many stories to my parents about how my little group (different than before) is contains of rich people (they were insisted that they're not rich, but their economical stage is absolutely above my economical stage, so, they are rich for me) and always treated us when their birthday, so this year I got some money to treated my friends!
And so on, I finally showed up myself and my birthday, uploaded the pics above, with self-promised that I must get money for next birthday to treat my BF and friends.

----- Anyway, let's move to the birthday stories this 2014 year -----

--- At hospital ---

The stories of surprise may be began that afternoon, after I back from the hospital. My BF insisted that I should went to his boarding house, although I already told him to picked me up in front of the ATM.

After a few minutes I got a feeling and so I walked to his boarding house.

Oh yeah, while waiting me walking, I recall that I was getting some birthday congratulation from some of my friends.  I can't say whether they were remember my birthday or not, but technology is great, right? And Facebook never die, Facebook is the only social media I know this day that would giving alert to your friends whenever you're in birthday. Cool!

--- At BF's boarding house ---

I didn't find him on his boarding house like he always did - waiting my outside - so I sat on the terrace and wait. I saw a box at the table but I didn't explore it so much. I though he was still busy.

After more then 5 minutes I asked him where was he, and he suddenly out from his hiding place - so he was hiding - and successfully made me surprised, I didn't expect he was hiding that long.

And he gave me some surprise. First of all is the chocolate cake. I love chocolate flavors, I would always ask for chocolate if I eat ice cream.
Chocolate cake

Also gave me a birthday letter and a present.

The birthday letter.
Was opened at home and successfully being trolled with the first letter. Now I treasured it.

The present I got from him.

--- At home ---

Now I got home. Suddenly my lil' bro came out and gave me a beverages which I love:

This is choco-mint beverage!

Oh thanks my bro! I know it just a beverage but I appreciate it and taste sooooo good~!
My BF tasted it and made a sour face XD and said "weird taste!"
Oh, c'mon baby, it's great!

I would have a hang out with my BF that evening because he wanted to get a trouser so I should get ready. But before that, I opened the present, and...

Being trolled. Again.
I know I like peanut when I need a snack in hospital, but, as a birthday gift... I... I tried to appreciate it and hid my disappointed feeling :(

Let it gooo~
Let it gooo~

--- At Hartono Mall ---

"Hey, baby, I invite you to the mall, not because I want to buy trouser, but I want you to choose one of item you like below 250,000 IDR. Everything. Blouse, bags will be fine."

Sometimes I don't want him to buy something expensive for me, but this time, I just burst in happiness because I don't have any other handbag for outgoing besides my brown bag, and let it gooo~

So that time I walked over Matahari Department Store choosing a bag which below 250,000 IDR and...

Could find any that I like. Many of them also expensive beyond 250,000 IDR.

"Erm,  below 300,000 IDR would be fine," he said.

But, none of them I liked.

So we moved to Matahari Department Store in Matahari Singosaren, hoping the design were different and found any that I liked.

--- At Matahari Singosaren ---

Finally, in short, I found design which I like (though actually I want purple instead of pink)

Here's my new bag ^-^

Why I love is because I wanted a bag that can change from handbag to one-sided bag, I dunno what it's called, if you know please tell me, hehe

--- At home ---

Tadaimaa~ I'm at home again. But my story is still about a half, man.
So, after my BF went home, about 9-10 p.m. my little group friends came over my house (actually I thought they didn't know it was my birthday, so I wasn't hoping so much at first)
And they brought a blue cake!

Ermm, why Cars? I think they were looking for blue cake because of my craziness in baby-blue colors, instead the design (which is more likely for boys than a girl).

My friend captured my photos

Praying before blowing the candle up

You should know, my second last time I got surprise from my friends may be about Junior High School. I don't have many friends, in Senior High School and Uni I didn't get much attention (if my memory didn't go wrong).


My friends came from China (I forgot the town) and told me to picked up a package she was preparing for me (because we didn't get a spare time to hang out together)

So I came to her family's shop business and got it like a boss' friends wkwkwk (indeed) and got my package.

My package. Inside a paper bag. When I first saw it, I smiled. Her writing style just changed a little from the last I knew her writing (about Junior High School) that I still can recognize her style.

Opened the package and found these, which I believe it's a souvenir snack from China.

Opened the envelope and found this. How creative China is! *Or is it just me that never saw a card like this!?*

Okay I reveal her name, but it's okay I think. She also has her blog and all I know that she is a K-pop fans. Hellow, K-poppers, you may give her a visit~

If you see the package in "batik" wrap, it's my birthday present, oh thank you :*

I never saw something like this before and it's so creative. It might be simple but I love it! She even arrange it in January 2014 calendar and put "birthday" on 20th.

And I picked this package in the same day with my giveaway winning package. What a double happiness~!


Okay, this is the last birthday present I got, because, I was attending the first PMK service in this semester (actually I absolutely an alumni for them, but sometimes I want to come over) and when the people that having birthday at holiday called out, I was too. And because of my alumni status, the PMK caretaker felt sorry that he didn't prepare a present for me, and I said it's O.K.

But in the other day, I really got present from my BF and said, "It's from the PMK caretaker." And I just "Whaaaaat!?" oh okay thanks~ (until now I didn't SMS him to say thanks, too late).

So here's the present I got:

I saw people in PMK service before got a picture of their in frame. But mine is different. Actually this is suit my live that coass needs a little book accompany us everywhere for writing every med-things we just got. Moreover, I got my photo in frame last year.

So, thank you PMK~!


Here's the end of my story. Sorry that the chapter after my birthday has no date, it's because my photos in my phone suddenly gone. So sorry I just posted it now. Browsing internets, watching Youtube, and reading your blogs and another beauty blogs take my major spare time that it give me too little time to writing my blogs. I enjoying watching and reading more than blogging, I should say. I don't know why, may be I bored? Do you feel like me?

Anyway, if you read this, thanks for reading. I appreciate you so much because I know my writing is boring xD

See you :*


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