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I have heard about the Google Reader will shut down at July 1st.
(OMG where to read that announcement?! I mean... I just got the panic at my Google Reader. I didn't read that claim from Google itself)

Google Reader is a great app, well, just opening and all my followed blogs would appear.
It's like two fishes in one bait, or whatever.

For anticipating this panic, I made myself a Bloglovin' account.
I don't have a Bloglovin' account before because... What for???
Now I think it's important, heheh.
But now I think it will be used soon.
I don't want to have many many many accounts, so I think Bloglovin' is enough.
Most of the bloggers use Bloglovin', right?

The button will appear soon...
Soon after this blog claimed by this post.
Or you can follow from the link at the top of this post.

Thanks for following ^_~




Simple French Manicure Nail Tutorial

11:50 PM

I'm so sorry for the lack of post >_<
Blame my perfectionism *slap!*
Because I want to make a zzzuuupppeeerrr perfect review post, I overdo it. T-T
So, now my review post is postponed.
Oh yea, due to my mood now, my watermark will be a plain writing, keep it simple.

To fill this lack of post, I've decided to make a tutorial post~! Yay~! ^-^
This is...
Simple French Manicure Nail by me.
But it looks kinda cheap and mess a lot =,="

Do you know french manicure?
For me, it's a technique to gives illusion of healthy, natural, and clean nails using nail polishes.
Some said that it was a trend at Paris first, so it is known as french manicure.

I won't share about the manicure, because I don't know how to.
I'm focusing on the nail polishing.

Let's get started!

--The tools and materials---

1. Hand lotion, I use Citra Night Whitening
2. Nude, pink, or peach nail polish, here I use Oriflame Visions Fast n Furious Nail Polish in Skydiver. Pretty old, I remember bought this when I was at my end-Senior High School. Now Oriflame has stopped producing this.
3. White nail polish. It's a cheap-cheap nail polish and I don't know what's the brand. It's just 3.550 IDR!
But of course, the quality isn't as good as the good one...
4. Scotch tape
5. Nail buffer
6. Stick to clean around my nail. Actually it's Oriflame White Tip Pencil. But I just need its top XD

For addition, you may use:
7. Base coat
8. Top coat

---How to do---

First, trim your nails to a shape that you want.
I want a short-short nails because it would be easy to typing at keyboard with short nails.
Then use rough nail buffer to refine nails' edge (no pic, sorry >_<)

Then wash your hands, so your hands will clean and ready for polishing step.

After your hands are dry, rub your nail surface using nail buffer, to make your nails smoother and shiny +_+
If you don't have it, you can skip this step.

I suggest you to apply your base coat first before polishing.
Base coat is important to protect your nail from staining, become yellowish.
Right now I'm still searching for a good and cheap enough base coat.

Then, apply your nude or pink or peach nail polish.
Wait till dry.
(I skip this step)

Now, this is my cheap trick to achieve fine white tip.
Cut about 4 cm scotch tape, and place it to your nail tip like this.
You may not follow your real white tip, as mine.
Just make sure it's even and make a fine, similar tip from edge to center.
Especially for short nails like mine, don't do it straight. Make a bow.
Make sure the edge of your nails is adhere with the scotch tape.

 Then, it's time to polish, polish, polish! ^-^/

 Then release the scotch tape.
I do it before my nail polish dry.

Last of the polishing step, use top coat to protect the nail polish.
Here, I use my Visions Nail Polish as my top coat.
Because, first, I don't have any nude nail polish.
Second, this cheap-cheap white nail polish needs to be protected, or else it would be ruined off...
Third, this nail polish is semi transparent. It's pink transparent with blue shimmer, as you can see on the first photograph. So my white tip nail still be visible.

Now it's time to mini massaging... massaging... ^-^

Use you hand lotion, focus on your hands, especially your nail and around your nail, and your fingers.
Give them more amount of lotion to hydrate them, and massage... massage... *massage randomly o_O*

And if you see something like this...
It's the stick time~!!!
Make sure you hydrate that area, so they would release easier.

---THE END---

I enjoy my new nails now.
I know I'm not good at this.
That's why I called this "simple" ^o^

Anyhow, this french manicure doesn't stuck to this look.
There are sooo many variant looks from this french manicure.

I also want to do pedicure at a salon.
If you are Solo citizen and know some good but cheap salon that has pedicure service, tell me ^-^

To close this post, I present to you some cool french manicure that I took from other website:
French manicure and pedicure... Cool right?
French manicure in long nails

Pic above: That's the real french manicure sticker guys!; Pic below: variant of french manicure, pastel colors with white dots
Lace french manicure. Great for wedding.
Moustache nails XD
Black doesn't want to lose
Sometimes they just do it on ring finger. Oh, Hello Kitty =^-^=
Panda nails~
Strawberry nails~
Can be diagonal too~! Looks like it's inspired by Sansan and Wawa. The colors are kawaii too, ne?
Rainbow nails~
Can be ombre too

My scotch tapes residue >:D


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