FOTD: First Time Makeup and Tips

11:41 AM

It's so embarrassing.
Well, I make a beauty blog, meanwhile I didn't ever blend eyeshadow to my eyes, didn't ever use blush and bronzer, didn't ever using liquid eyeliner (which is failed!), didn't ever using lipgloss, didn't ever using mascara, and so many!
Anyway I still want to share my embarrassment!
It's a milestone for me, and I hope I will be better and better at makeup *hope*

BTW, it's not today's photos!
It was at February 3rd 2013.
Soooo long time... ._."
So, FOTD would stand from Face Of That Day :D

Edited with romantic filter.

Using my front camera, quite blurring.

My... outfit that day. Using a BATIK pattern off-shoulder dress. Don't know BATIK? Google it!

Front photo.

At home. Under artificial light and with flash, my skin always looks tan and oily. But you can see my  makeup.
As a newbie, I did it quite good, eh? :D *self praise*
It wasn't as good as you, but I think it wasn't a fail :D

The outfit I used:
 + Black headband with crystals +
 + Red batik pattern off-shoulder dress by my mom *my mom made it* +
+ Black high heels which belongs to my mom *I still don't have high heels* +
+ Black Chinese pattern bag +

All of my dress was made by my mom.
And I don't have any good shoes right now, so I borrow my mom's, even if it's too small for my feet >_<
I don't have enough money to buy some outfit *dress at shop always have a better fashion, please!*
Maybe someday, after I complete my makeup collection :)

The makeup I used:

I used Maybelline BB Cream in 01 Fresh shade as a base for my makeup.
Then I used Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder in Natural shade.
Then move to my eyes, using Natureline Eyeshadow Palette which belongs to my mom again XD
Don't know this brand? Sure.
FYI, as I know, my mom has this palette since I was a 4-years old kid.
WHAT??? But it seems my mom didn't care about the expired date.
How old is this palette? You decide.

The shade I used is pointed by the blue arrow.
Took them using my Chinese-branded dual brush.

First I used the yellow-nude as a base, then I used the orange at the half outer of my eyes, and then I used the bronze to darken my outer V.
I used the white too, to brighten my inner corner.

The eyeshadow is sparkling and veeeeery low pigmented.
See? Very low pigmented. Under indirect sunlight. Without base.

Then I ask my mom whether she had a black pencil eyeliner.
But she said that she only had brown.
And then she took a pencil from our family shop and brought it to me.
But, the writing on the pencil said "LIPLINER"....
Anyway, I used it *_*
It's a cheap Chinese branded eyeliner, so I thought, "ah, whatever!"
Then I lined my eyes...

Then I used mom's blush on. It's Revlon in Red Apple shade.
If it's the first time to see this Revlon, I tell you, it's as old as the eyeshadow palette.
Took it using my Chinese-branded blush brush.

And the last is using Mentholatum Lip On Lip Lipstick in Carnation Pink shade.
It's mine!!! *_*

Oh yeah, I did my hair by straighten it using iron straightener.

Tips for Beginners:
+ If you don't have makeup, borrow some :D +
+ Use a foundation/BB cream/powder that has the right shade for your face skin. Better not use them or use them thinly if they are too white or too dark for your skin. +
+ Use the pencil eyeliner one instead liquid or gel. It's the easiest. I had tried the liquid, and I'm sure it will ruin your eye makeup if you do it for the first time. +
+ Use soft and pastel color eyeshadow instead of heavy dark or black. +
+ Use a soft pink or nude lipcolor, which is won't too eye-catching. Don't use your mom's red lipstick if you don't have enough confidence!! +

Thank you for reading my random story.
I'll see you soon with review post.



Won A Giveaway: Stella Lee's Thank You Giveaway

12:51 PM

This is my first time winning a giveaway ^-^
I'm maximum happy ^-^

Last year, I won a giveaway held by Stella Lee.
At November 2012.

I joined it by emailing to her.

And then, the giveaway winners was announced at December 2012...
I screamed when I see my email address written at her blog.
"WHOAA... I WIN!!!"

You can read it here:

I'm so happy.
I waited my gift.
I thought it would be arrived about one week.

Until a month, my gift didn't yet arrived.
So I emailed her again to check whether the package was sent or not.
Luckily, my package just being sent back to her again, and she would send it back to me.

Finally, at February 8th 2013
My package arrived!!!

Censored :P

What I got?
From Stella Lee's Blog
I got Naris Be Body Cleanser.
At first, I hoped I got either the mascara or the eye pencil.
But, I got this.
No problem, I appreciate it ^-^

The review will up soon.
Right now I still treasure it and didn't use it.
Too dear to use it >_<

That's it :D
Thanks for God ^-^
And thanks for Stella Lee ^-^
Sankyu, sankyu ^-^



Happy Valentine Day

11:37 AM

^-^ Happy Valentine Day ^-^
-February 14th 2013-

I know I know, it's too late >_<
Pardon me, my laziness got me *uhuk*
There are a lot of products that I want to review, I have a camera now, but somehow I feel so lazy.
Okay, let me share a lot.

I want a personal space for me, you can imagine it as a bedroom, where there is nobody caught me capturing photos and using makeup inside my house and then wash it up, no parents would ask "What do you doing?", "What for?", no brothers would scream at me "Sis!! You're so alay!!", and so on.
I want my own privacy.
And a sunlight! :D
You know, sunlight is the best and the cheapest lighting ever!
Yea, I should go outside of my bedroom (a family bedroom) and go to the back of my house bringing many products and capturing at the back of my house.
And I believe all my family would ask many things about what I'm doing.
That so annoying for me :(

But, I can't change it. All I can do is bear it.

All I have now is my corner, at the corner of our bedroom.
It gives me a little privacy, since it isn't covered with door or curtain o_O
But now, it's messy:
I must clean it o_O spiderweb everywhere!!!

Okay, enough with my random sharing.
Last valentine, I got a chocolate from my BF :*
A chocolate in a nice heart-shaped plastic container surrounded with pink ribbon and a flower at the top of it. It's a dark chocolate covered with pink chocolate, with a rose-chocolate and some decorate. The most I like is the blue-colored "Happy Valentine Day".

The flower decoration on the top of the container.


The rose-chocolate. It's mobile XD

Thank you my BF for this chocolate ^-^
You know I won't eat cute chocolates, but I will try to eat it >:)

And for you who read this, tell me,
Do you still eat your chocolate even if it's cute?
Or you won't?



Little Updates About Me

11:32 PM

After a long long day that my blog just filled with giveaways, now I can make a post about myself, hehe.
So happy, dum dum! ^^

I'm proudly present my mini thesis (skripsi) ^^ 
Name is censored

Woohoo! It's done! ^^
A little flashback, last year is the year I started blogging.
I wanted to blogging since the beginning of that year.
I had made a blog.
But, then my BF scolded me, because my mini thesis didn't yet finished, and I wasted my time on blogging.
So I declared that I would blogging if my mini thesis is finished.
And in fact, I did the final test at December 17th and 20th 2012.
It took so long time because of my laziness ^^"

And it needed about a month to made my mini thesis done after the final test until it became a green things like this.
Thank you for all of you who helped me to made this mini thesis.
Especially, my BF :*
Although he scolded me, he really helped me a lot.

Oh, don't search my before-blog.
I've already deactivate it :P

Another update, this image will be my watermark for my photos:

What do you think?



Giveaway: Phanie's Birthday Giveaway (DOAPJ)

5:06 PM

For Indonesian.

Hello all~
Sorry for the long absent.
I'm still in the middle of my remedial exam for about 3 weeks.
Even though I have a camera now, I still don't get enough time to capture pictures, edit it, and post it.
In the future, I even don't know whether I have spare time or not.

So, today...
In my little spare time I want to introduce you a giveaway again.
Sorry if my blog full of giveaway and giveaway now, haha.
Everybody loves giveaway, right?

Do you know Diary Of A Product Junkie blog?
If not, better check it. She is a doctor who shares about skin care.
Her post will really open your mind about skin care.
And now, for celebrating her birthday, she held a giveaway for all of you who has an Indonesian address.

The Prizes
Set A: Lip Addict

Set B: Eye' Love Makeup

Set C: All About Complexion

Interesting, eh?
If you want, join at Phanie's blog here.
All you want to do is follow all the mandatory and fill the form there.
If you don't have a blog, -don't worry- you can use your twitter!

As a colleague, I'm proud to post this giveaway.
And if I win, I would like to get set B because I want to try, learn, and play with eye makeup.
What's your choice?


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