Giveaway I Joined: September 2013 Edition

3:38 PM

Hi girls,
Sorry if I change the schedule of this segment post, I thought it would be save more time and efficient if I post this in early month, and continuously updating the content, so if you interesting with this post, please check it regularly or in the end of the month (if the giveaway still on the go).
Please note that I just put the giveaway that give points by blog it.
For another giveaway you can check my sidebar, it will put all giveaways I entered whether it gave me points by placing the banner or not :) (I'm kind enough, right? Hehehe)

Now onto the giveaway :)

1. Tangerinebabi & MOOTTA Giveaway

2. Yevi Ng 6th Giveaway: Birthday Giveaway (Indonesia only)

3. Airi's Blog monthly pick me up

4. Yozellyn & Lensvillage circle lens giveaway

5. Misaraisu

6. Misaraisu & Angel Contacts

Click the picture to join :)
Thank you :)


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