Workout Encouragement & Crazy Long Holiday

9:23 PM

Hello everyone! ^^
This time I don't want to do review, but a kind of beauty-related (a far related).
Yes, yes, if you followed the famous beauty guru, blogger, and youtuber Bubzbeauty, you maybe know something about Blogilates and the trainer, Cassey Ho.
Oh, yeah, because of Bubz, I do the pilates XD
Who's with me? XD

Actually I want to make this post earlier (about one month ago) but I was too lazy.
And right now I am more lazier (I don't know whether the word "lazier" is exist) than that day :((

I am in holiday, waiting for my coassistantship for more than 2 months.
My brain slowly but sure got atrophy if I continue like this.
My counting brain does.
I often miscount.

So the story is, my house has a shop, so sometimes I should be the seller.
Today a buyer bought something cost IDR 14k, he paid IDR 50k and I almost gave the change IDR 37k...!?!? o.O
Luckily, I suddenly "woke up" and gave the right change.
Oh, what's up with my brain now T_T

What I did in my holiday??

At the early holiday, after my super big exam, I was like, "OH FINALLY IT'S HOLIDAAAAY~!"
I spent my times only rolling on the bed, browsing, and play games.

At the mid holiday, I was like, "Oh, no, I can't be like this. I must do something useful! My territory should be pretty neat before my coassistantship because I wouldn't have time anymore."
So I restricted myself from gaming (just except Candy Crush, I love it!), and did something useful like, cleaning my bed, cleaning my fan, etc.

At this late holiday, I was like, "This is so boring. All become boring. Browsing become boring. Play games become boring (but still play Candy Crush)."
That is now.

My BF is in his hometown now, so nobody invite my out or come to my house everyday.
Hanging out alone is boring too.
Because of this boring feeling, my online shop got stuck too.

Okay enough my holiday story.
If somebody follow my instagram XD (yeah, my real instagram, I have double twitter account, one's for real me and one's for this blog), I've already passed the POP Pilates beginner's calendar.
I did it since my early holiday.
This is my encouragement to you all.
I know some beauty bloggers are not-a-very-busy-women-or-moms-that-can-do-browsing-for-hours, so this would be good to you :)

Even though you are busy woman, I suggest to have time for exercising, at least 3 times a week.
If you do it in irregular times, it's not giving effect :) I tried before.

And doing gym somehow be very popular among girls, my girl friends take monthly to yearly membership program at gym.
As for me, doing gym is expensive, so this Pilates workout is good enough for me.

Blogilates makes a workout calendar each month.
If you're just starting it, don't take the regular monthly calendar or else you may be super exhausted you can't do it anymore and doesn't want to continue it, I tried before, seriously XD
It would be great if you start from the basic and slowly intensify the workout.
If you do it regularly in a full month, I promise your body will want to workout again the day after :)
And you won't feeling lazy to do workout :)
And you would feel great to do the regular monthly calendar!


That's because the endorphin hormones.
When you regularly exercise, endorphin would flowing through your body.
It makes you feel good and happy, less stress :)
It works like morphine, you know, a drug.
The different is that endorphin is your own hormones and good for you.
Your body will want it again, making habituation effect.
So, if everyday you do workout but the next day you don't, your body will feels like "missing something".

There are many workout's benefits, like:
☆ your body will be sculpted 
☆ you will get stronger 
☆ improve your sleep quality 
☆ less stress 
etc etc

Blogilates also make a healthy food recipe.
But in Indonesian, some ingredients are hard to find, so I just ever do the recipe once, the easiest pancake in the world.
But my mom was like, "Yuck! You mixed banana with egg!? It's fishy lah!!! I don't want to try!!!"
(In Indonesian, pancake is not a common food)

I encourage you to embrace a healthier lifestyle, guys!
I do not ask you to do this Pilates, any workout is fine!
There are many free workouts training, as for me this is my workout style.
Just need a large clean place for your body to move to do Pilates.
I don't have, so I did it at my... uhm.. bed...
If I have money later, I will buy a yoga mat so I can do Pilates at my dirty backyard.
And then I want to buy neon running shoes, aaaah!
I'm in love with Cassey's shoes!!!
And running~!! *_*

As the bonus:
I like this picture :D
I am a little 2, mostly 3, and a half 4.
(Just saying that I am 3 is enough -,-)

What's yours? :)

Based on my honest thoughts.
I do not paid for this post.
It's working for everyone ;)
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  1. I do exercise everyday is cool and I feel better with myself. ! :D

    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!

    1. Yes me too :D sore, but happy :D
      I'll join, in my waiting list :D

  2. Really Crazy!!
    I am inspired everything you mentioned. These days I am working out so as to maintain my body to get back into my favorite cloths ;) Agreed with Sakuranko It feel better and happy all day light and delight! :) I copied your picture!

    1. Yes, it's crazy xO
      I hope your workout success and get your body sculpted :)
      Smile every time you feel sore, and think about your favorite clothes and body, it helps :) think of happiness! :D

      Okay no problem :) Just do not claim it as your pic xD

  3. Hi dear, aku menominasikan kamu di The Liebster Awards, Please read on :

    1. Hmm, aku udah dapet nih dear :|
      Coba aku bikin second postnya aja yah :)


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