Giveaway I Joined: August 2013 Edition

3:01 PM

Hello everyone ^-^
Actually I have many products to reviewed, but my lazy habit grow everyday -_-
So, yes, I am not going to post many after this, as well as I will end my holiday and enter coassistantship next Monday!
Also, I am so lazy now about joining giveaway and collecting points everyday, but I try my best to entering giveaway, trying my little luck.
Here's my giveaway list:

I am certainly a fan of makeup brushes, but don't have enough money to save and buy the good one. Right now I just have 2 brushes. Need more!
I know Sigma is one of the best brushes. I want it, but the real essential brush kit cost more than 1.3 million rupiahs, too much >_<
So even though I'm lazy, I will collect points for this giveaway. Want to get it extreme~!!! +_+

Click the title to go into the giveaway website.
I want to hang out with my BF after this post ^-^
See ya!

-Hasu Hana

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  1. Lot of nice giveaways :)
    I am trying to inprove my habit too, entring giveaways..
    Keep in touch,

    1. Yes it is :D I love them all :D
      Hehe, it's good, I am now lack of time to do it.

  2. Oh, so many giveaways! Thanks for sharing haha. Hope you win at least one of them!

    lovely blog<3

  3. Can I add your list with another giveaway? ^^

    For winning $39 Firmoo eyeglasses :)

    1. I am not late, am I?
      Hehe, okay I will check it :)

  4. Aku sukaaa giveaway,,hehehe <3 thanks for the info yach :-D

    1. Iya sama sama :D
      Belum pernah menang lagi nih sejak first time win giveawaynya Stella :( itupun bukan based on luck tp based on best.
      Good luck for you girl :*


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