Totally Random Today

2:30 PM

Hi girls,
I am so boreeed today, I don't have any mood to capture photos, so lazy because this is a shared room and I don't want my brothers catch me photophoria, so embarrassing >_<

I kept thinking what I wanna do, and I decided to make this random post.
No makeup or beauty things today, just random things I want to share.
And I played with Pinterest these days.
I want to know about Pinterest more, can you guys tell me something?
I try to uploaded my photos here via Pinterest, but now I think it's not a good idea -_-
It doesn't support multiple uploads.
Pinterest may be more worth when I upload pictures on this blog and then detect them on Pinterest to pin it, agree?

Okay, go to the randomness~!
★ My highest blog visit of the day until now is on July 9th 2013 with pageviews 67 visits ★
Maybe it because I shared my blogpost on IBB >.<
And it makes sense now xD

★ Persunmall giveaway everywhere 
Especially on email.
Until now, I joined every Persunmall giveaway on my blog comments.
I want to appreciate all of you guys.
But looking at this list makes me lazy to take some acts -_-
My mail, full of giveaway...
I even didn't open all of them -_-
I appreciate Persunmall that makes giveaway for us, really.
I just... bored because of too many blogs featuring their giveaway.
I censored all of their name except subscribed mails from MichellePhan, etc.
It's just a segment of my mails, there are more...

★ I will buy a new glasses~! 
What's up with a glasses??!
Everyone can buy that!
Let me tell you some story...
It began from my mom, who had myopia eyes.
She was using glasses.
She found that it made herself felt dizzy.
She blamed the glasses.
She never wanted to wear glasses anymore.
No, no, it's not the end of the story!
The story continuous after I became a little girl.
Because of her experience with glasses when she was a young lady, my parents didn't allow me (and my brothers after then) to wear glasses.
They said they would buy me a horse glasses if I get myopia.
They always scare me by that horse glasses, did everything that folks said it can prevents me from myopia.
At my junior high school, my eyes was still good.
I have normal eyes on the left and -0.25 on the right.
Still good, really.
Go to senior high school, I felt my eyes myopia a bit.
I asked my parents to bought me a contact lenses.
And maybe because I was winning a contest, I got that contact lenses ^^
It's the first time I used contact lenses.
I found my eyes is -0.50 on both.
(I think my story isn't to the point now)
Yeah, the point is, I never used glasses before.
Well, back to the present.
I feel my vision getting worsened these days.
It's very annoying when I watched basketball several times, I couldn't see the player's face.
They are all blurred... o.O
I still believe my vision still below -1.00, but I want to fix it.
I can't buy contact lenses because my life after this would become very very busy, if I should wear contact lenses for more than 6 hours, I don't know what would happen to my eyes... It would be very very dry...
But I still love using contact lenses ^^ if I get it, I can use it for special occasion :D

I proposed my parents yesterday if I wanted to buy a glasses and they accepted it! ^^
I want to buy glasses that supports my face, my face is round, and I should look for a rectangle frame.
Also, glasses can boosts my professional look!

Here what I want to buy:

How do you think?
Remember I like blue color ^^
Pics from here.

Okay that was the random today.
I want to prepare myself now, want to watch Despicable Me 2 with my BF ^^
See ya!


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  1. kita kok sama an ya ;D

    emang kok di share di fb group pasti lebih banyak yg visit. tp pilih fb group yg orangnya aktif dan mau baca blog2 >.< ku join buaaanyak banget group. tp cmn sedikit yg bener2 baik dan aktif.

    dan lol nggak cuman kamu aja xD aku juga dapet buaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk banget email. hari ini aja udah 5 email. tenang aja. hbs ini giveawaynya selesai jd selesai deh per-emailan ini. soalnya biasanya yg udah nge-email. pasti email lg. jadi keliatnnya buanyak banget

    aku juga mw beli kacamata baru ;) samaan ya ;) soalnya kacamata yg ini nggak cocok banget ama aku. ku jg mwnya beli yg model2 kyk km gt. tp warnanya item aja :D

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Masa? :D
      Iya sih, kalo IBB pasti kebanyakan baca...
      Sejujurnya aku cuma join IBB ;P dan aku sebenernya orangnya maluan, jadi kalo mau share pilih-pilih yang bagus takut dipandang jelek karena masi newbie >_< PeDe-meter low to medium...

      Kayaknya hampir semua beauty & fashion blogger junk email >_< aku males join semuanya... orang aku subscribe web penting buat belajar aja enggak aku buka lol xD

      Kalo kacamata katanya sih aku pedomannya diliat dari bentuk muka dulu, di sini aku liatnya
      item tuh netral :D warna juga ada aturannya warna kulit apa dulu, di-googling ketemu :D


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