To Be Honest...

9:52 PM

Hello guys, seems like long time no see.
I write this post using my phone.
There are many things I want to share, even not all of them are beauty related.

You maybe know I like to join giveaways. Even my giveaways widget more updated than my post itself. Yes I want to try my luck if I can get them. In my real life, it's hard for me to get some beauty products over IDR 50k. Even for some beauty product above IDR 20k, I should really think, and the end always be the same, I restricted myself to buy it. Even my BF told me to buy it, but sometimes I won't.

It really are... guys. Please be grateful if you can buy makeups over IDR 50k. I just have my Maybelline concealer for my over IDR 50k's makeup. I want to buy etude house, they are super cute, but I just can't. Yeah, sometimes I felt envy to all of you... But I decided to create this beauty blog, even if I would join among people with makeup addicted, I feel that I can get closer to get some makeup things. Yeah, the most simple thing is if my blog traffic is high, I can place some ads, get money, and buy more. Or I can get some affiliates or sponsors, and get some products. Yeah, that is my honest thought...

The shocking part was when I joined someone's giveaway. The participants should tell about how we knew the blog, critics, and suggestions. Because many bloggers accept bad critics and thoughts, I also wrote in my honest expressions of the good and bad... everything. Even it was out of topic. I wanted that she knows all my thoughts. Just that. No bad words.

But, she more appreciated the one with polite way of speak. When I read the winner announcement, I realized that I did that wrong. My words are... maybe making those heartbreak. But, it's okay that I didn't win, I thought. Until she made a post by gather all of our entry.

Including my bad entry.

The shocking part was reading almost all of the comments. They are all hate my bad entry :((( I couldn't resist it so I commented too, defending myself, protecting my good name. I am a beauty blogger too, and I don't want my name being bad :(

After that, I told myself to give up on that kind of giveaways. Or just fill it with "more reviews, more videos, more tutorials" is the safe way, even if I think that kind of entry is just a common follower who just want to get extra points for the giveaway...

It's not the end. Some shock still in my head, made me think again, am I capable? Can I become a beauty blogger? Should I retire, and just focus on my college? Should I close this blog? Should I? :(

To be think, I am procrastinating to make some reviews. My house doesn't have private room, make me doesn't want to make reviews. I can't doll up myself if my parents can sometimes brag inside the room and can scold me about wasting the makeups anytime if I do. Later, I will be a busy girl because of coassisstantship and will often sleep at hospital, learning forever, working, get and saving money, marry, buying house, honeymoon, take specialist while have a child, take care the household, and beatify my husband, I don't sure if I can have time for blogging, even if I can manage my time.

Can I have your suggestions?

And I will open a shop.
I will give you an opening discount, so please come by and place an order.
It's not finished yet, but you still can looking around. Not sure about having opening giveaway or not...
For now I sell Etude House makeups by pre order.
It's for Indonesian only.
I'll be back with more stories, and come back with my laptop, because it really slow to write with phone -_-" many typos...

Right now I want to study first.
Bye everyone ^^/

-Hasu Hana

*okay, edited in laptop because the result was quiet bad, can't do
and my enter somehow disappeared...*

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  1. This is a very intresting post.. I read around 100 posts in a day, all of them in very carefully written words but this post of yours is so geniun... I agree people dont want to listen to truth there days... But u must not change for anything girl...
    Keep in touch

    1. Thanks, Pooja :)
      I feel much better now :)

  2. Hi Devi, I can't really give much comment because I haven't seen your entry on 'that giveaway' yet, if you like then you can give me the link and I'm gonna check and of course will com back with another opinion (just in case I have more!) haha... but well. it's good that you're being honest, moslty ppl will hate it when others tell them all negative things bout them, just make sure that you do it in a polite way :)
    bout your blog, I will definitely encourage you to continue your blog. The quality of review is not determined by how expensive the product is, but by how good you make an article, and be honest^^
    If I could, then little tips for me is: learn a bit about photography as you might also like it, make a deep and thorough review, make your blog unique and easy to be remembered by others. That's it. I'm still learning too, to be a better blogger :) see ya and take care


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