Review: Silkygirl Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof

10:26 PM

Holla (^-^)/ I'm back with another review.
It's an eyeliner now.
This is my first liquid eyeliner, btw...
*how dare you made a beauty blog when you were never using any eyeliner!? SLAP!!!*
Ahaha... (^-^") *acting kind*

This is the eyeliner.
I bought Silkygirl Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof in No.01 Blackest Black about February this year.
This eyeliner just has one shade, I think.
I didn't meet any other shade when I bought this.

I forgot how much I paid for this eyeliner, but I prove you it's cheap!
I think it's about IDR 30-40k.
For me it's quite expensive, but compare to the others that price range was about IDR 100k, it's super cheap!
But along with the cheapness, it contains 2,5 ml only -_-

It comes without a box.
I bought just like in the picture above.
It has a plastic seal to make sure it wasn't opened before.
 The eyeliner has black plastic container and sturdy enough, won't broke if it's dropped ;P

It has a screw top cap, attached with the brush.

The brush is somehow rigid.
I don't know any other eyeliner brands since it's my first, but I was surprised of its rigidity.
For making regular lines, this brush is quite okay, but for making thin lines, I'm not sure this brush can do it.


water (aqua), acrylates/octylacrilamide copolymer, glycerin, sodium lauroyl, sarcosinate, disodium edta, candelilla cera, cera alba, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, phenyl, trimethicone, ozokerite, copernicia cerifera cera, cellulose, hectorite, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, iodopropynyl, butylcarbamate, isobutylparaben, propylparaben, may contain: CI 77499
It contains parabens guys.
The ingredients written on the plastic seal I mentioned before, like the picture above, really hard to see, right?
So I wrote it just in case you want to know the ingredients, and as my documents :)


Yap, see picture above.
At the middle was the normal swatch.
I re-take the eyeliner at the first "H" and the first "-".
The heart mark on the left side is 1 swatch only, and the right side is the blackest this eyeliner can be, about 4-5 swatch -_-"
Pardon me, but when I did this, my eyeliner may be run out too, but still can use it.

You can say that it wasn't true black, which gave it one minus point.
I need to re-apply and re-take this eyeliner whenever I used it.

I divided into 2 section.
The left "Ha" is used to try rub test, and the right "Ha" is used to try water test.

Rub-proof, yes, I think, if it's soft (left above, just don't too hard (right above).
Make sure it's dry before you rub it.

Waterproof, yes! (left below), just don't rub it when it's wet!
Most of eyeliner won't resist the rub when it's wet.

I love (^-^)
♥ cheap 
♥ water proof 
♥ soft rub proof 

I hate (>-<)
♡ not true black, must re-apply 
♡ only 2,5 ml, what the... 

Note \('o' )
★ this eyeliner is good enough for beginners, I post about my first time using eyeliner here
★ after this eyeliner runs out, I will buy the gel liner from Silkygirl since it's cheap too ★

So I give...
6/10 STAR!

Thanks for reading ;)
I've made a Pinterest account today! ^^
Find me at
It's still empty, yes, I just want to announce this ^^

Based on my honest review.
I do not paid for this review.
If it's working for me, it doesn't always working for you and vice versa. Check your skin type and your allergies.

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  1. lebih bagus gel eyelinernya silky girl yaa ehheehe
    thanks for review :)
    salam kenal yah ^^

    1. Kurang tau sih belum nyoba yang gel :)
      Salam kenal juga Dewie, kita sama-sama Solo loh xD

    2. Sedikit lebih mahal dari liquid... Lupa pasnya :|

  2. Great review sista,,i never tried silkygirl eyeliner before but i will give it a try because it cheap! xixixi
    Im your new followers :-) lets be blogger friends <3

    Miss Ehara's Closet

    1. Aww thank you Ehara :)
      I think I'll follow you too!
      Yea it's really cheap XD that's why I bought that, but I warned you that the color is poor >_<

  3. Waaaa..pingin...maklum baru belajar dandan dan baru banget bisa pake eyeliner hehehehe..ditunggu review dan tutorialnya ya :D


    1. Iya nih :D kamu juga baru belajar? Hahaha sama xD
      Oke, Rahma :)

  4. Oh really cute eyeliner.
    Is the first time than I see this eyeliner thanks for your review.
    Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back in both!

    I want invite you to Join to my Etude House Giveaway! IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY

    1. Yes it is :D
      Is there any Silkygirl products in your area?
      I was visiting your blog last night and decided to join the giveaway the day after, I opened my blog today and surprised that you commented on my blog! >,<
      Okay I'll join asap :)
      Thanks for following me :)

  5. It actually is water proof.. :)
    Keep in touch


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