Giveaway I joined: July 2013 Edition

9:36 PM

It's middle of July now and it's the time for Giveaway I joined: July 2013 Edition~!!! ^0^
Lets check 'em!!

1. Luch Luch Craft ft. Persunmall July Giveaway

Yeah, the famous Persunmall Giveaway~
I just want to blog her giveaway, because... I trust her, it's the first Persunmall July giveaway I joined, and I am so lazy to put other ^^
If you want to join another Persunmall giveaway, check my sidebar or my blog comments.

2. TangerineBabi & Lens Giveaway

3. Pieces Of Me: Thank You Giveaway (Indonesia Only)
There are 2 winners:
First get this box below for the best comment. The products inside the box is secret aka mysterious box :)
Second will get a box and a The Body Shop agenda + vouchers.

4. DOAPJ July Giveaway (Indonesia Only)

5. Qoqo & Tallas Shop Kawaii DustCap Giveaway
Even it's small, I seriously want this dust cap. I found many dust cap in many store but they are all pretty expensive and not my type.

6. tokki autumn First Monthiversary / 50+ Followers
The detail prizes below.

7. Sweetaholic Beauty: 200,000 Pageviews Giveaway
Prizes detail below.

8. Sakuranko Etude House Magic Tint Balm Giveaway

9. tokki autumn + VIVI-Clothes Giveaway
Winners will get jewelry from VIVI-Clothes, circle lenses from Kpop2, and $25 worth cosmetics from Cosmetic-Love.

That's all for this July ^^
If you want to join, just click any picture of them.
See ya next time! Bye~!


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  1. Hi :) Great blog!


  2. Omg, love your blog!


    Do you want to follow each other?

  3. Yay! we joined the same giveaways :)

    you might want to check my giveaway too:



  4. thanks for sharing :) and good luck!


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