Review: Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On

8:43 PM

Hi everyone~!
Anyone miss me? ^-^
I've got many products this month.
I got my first mascara and blush as well!
I will use it many times until I am ready for reviewing them :)
Actually I have this Garnier a long time before my Garnier Light Complete review.
I can say that this is my first Garnier product I have.

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On comes with a cardboard box package, wrapped with a transparent plastic.
I'd opened it before, so I just can show you the cardboard box.
Anyway, do you like my flowery colorful rose background? ^^
It's a piece of gift-wrapper.

Come to the first place, I was looking for a cheap eye cream.
This Garnier roll-on was the cheapest eye-thing I found, moreover it was discount ≧◡≦
At first I wanted to buy it, I was afraid if my baggy eyes disappeared o(╥﹏╥)o
The Garnier claimed this eye roll-on as anti-bags and anti-dark circles.
I think baggy eyes are still a trend from Korea because the effect of smiling face, which is cute.
After a long time of thinking, I ensured myself to bought it.

The back side tells about the introduction, the claims, and the ingredients, in Indonesian and... Philippines???
I capture more closer look below.
The keys they said on the introduction are:
[ Caffeine + Massage = Brightener Eye Skin ]
Caffeine to helps stimulating the circulation.
Massage to helps the natural circulation and refresh the tired eyes.

As far as I know, caffeine can dilate the blood vessel and increase muscle capacity.
Imagine if these effects are applied to your eyes, it really helps your circulation better because your blood vessel dilates or wider, and your tired eyes muscle would be fresher.

It also has cooling sensation, claimed that the skin would be brighter in 2 weeks and eye bags and dark circle reduced at 4 weeks.

Yes I feel slightly cooling sensation, but I didn't feel my dark circle reduced.
They all just same as before!
Somehow I feel regret to bought it, better I buy a real eye cream.
This roll-on just did its function as eye-fresher.

Below is the ingredients.
You can see methylparaben here, which means this roll-on contains paraben.

The right side (from my view) picture below.

I capture the bigger size about caffeine.
Well, of course the caffeine was extracted, not a real coffee (^∇^)ノ
That's why the roll-on doesn't smell like coffee.
It doesn't contain any fragrance, good for sensitive skin ^‿^

Picture below is the left side (from my view), just the philosophy of Garnier at the top side.
Made for Asian skin.
Anyway, it's not Indonesian o.O may be Malaysian?

And producer, importer, and distributor, at the bottom side.
15 ml, can be recycled, and 12 months since the first opening.
Pretty good~

Enough for the box, let's take a peek inside! ^^
I love how they pack this roll-on ♥-♥
They put another cardboard to keep the roll-on on the place and prevent it from shaking, even the roll-on is made from plastic, shaking or not, doesn't matter (─‿‿─)

Here's the roll-on ^^
It's made from yellow plastic bottle, with Garnier sticker on the middle.
The cap is made from semi transparent plastic.
The sticker continuous until the back side.
Just telling 15 ml volume, recycle-able, and...
AND TELLING THE DIFFERENT EXPIRED TIME!!! (sorry to caps lock, but I just realized this when I wrote this post)
Remember the box said 12 months, and this sticker said 6 months?
Which one is true??? (/゚Д゚)/
I opened the roll-on.
You can see it's screw-cap type.
Because it's a roll-on, the bottle attached with a metal ball on the top.
See the black plastic around the ball?
I hate it!!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ
There are, tiny, little, bumps which I can't capture with camera because it's too tiny, even I felt difficult to see it with my bare eyes, that irritating my eyes everytime I rolled this roll-up to my eye skin!
You all know that our eye skin is very thin and sensitive, and feeling that bump suddenly scratching my eyes - even gently - was hurt.
I tricked that by remembering the same spot that doesn't have bump.
But that isn't always works.

At first swatch I experienced that the liquid color was brown, so I think, "It's coffee!"
The brown color was remind me of a liquorice oil.
But at many swatch, the color began to disappear and became transparent like water.

How to use that?
Here I attached a video from Garnier's Facebook.

Well, use it 5 times a day???
Nay for me, I didn't even remember to use it  (; ̄Д ̄)

As a bonus, my picture of using Garnier Brighteing Eye Roll-On without makeup \(//∇//)\
Roll in small circular motion to massage the lower eye skin...
Roll on the upper eye skin...
Do roll in small circular motion to massage the lower eye skin once more...
Swab to spread the liquid...

In case you didn't or couldn't watch the video  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I love because...
♥ Cooling sensation, an eye-fresher 
♥ Not contains fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin 
♥ Nice packing, prevent shaking 

I hate because...
♡ My dark circle didn't reduce 
♡ Contains paraben 
♡ The expired time between the box and the sticker are different 
♡ The bump scratching my eye skin 
♡ Use 5 times a day for the result 

I give it...
Besides of eye-fresher, nothing can be benefit for me.
But I still often use it for my skincare routine twice a day.
Thanks for reading :)

Please take a look on this update ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
★ I'm a little afraid to post this review, my review is super honest and I made a bad review about this product, I feel so sorry to Garnier and the others if my writing hurts them. However, this is what I thought about this product. I'd always inserted disclaimer on PS section at the bottom of every review post.
★ It might works if you use it 5 times a day, I am so lazy and forgetful I can't use it 5 times a day.
★ If you often experience tired eyes, this product can be great instant eye-fresher for you. It's easy to carry on everywhere in your makeup pouch.
★ I forgot to enclose the price. After a long time searching the bill, the normal price of this Garnier is IDR 35.5k, I got discount from the local supermarket, so I bought it at IDR 20k ^^

Based on my honest review.
I do not paid for this review.
If it's working for me, it doesn't always working for you and vice versa. Check your skin type and your allergies.

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  1. (^_^) i have this roll on too, tapi aku cocok pakai ini sis <3 aku pakainya cuma pas mau tidur aza,,bangun pagi mata terasa lebih kencang & gak berkantung,,xixixi tampaknya hasilnya berbeda-beda yach :-D

    1. Kalo aku pakenya abis mandi (pagi & sore) *makanya jadi kurang ngefek kali ya soalnya fresh abis mandi ^^"
      Laen kali aku coba deh kalo mau tidur :D
      Tapi kalo dark circles aku tetep...

  2. Was planning to buy it, but thanks to u , saved my money.,
    Keep in touch

    1. It makes me feel sorry to Garnier xD
      But it's a great eye-fresher, I think...
      Hope you find better eye-thing :)

  3. great product!

    Would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  4. Bahh, I'm looking for a good eye brightener, but I guess this one isn't the perfect one! ;n; Thanks for the review! <33

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. Better looking for real brightening eye cream if you want a better brightener effect, I think...

  5. aku juga pake ini, gak ngefek di aku wkwkw

  6. banyak yg nggak ngefek ya pake ini. sering aku baca review o.o btw reviewmu super duper lengkap banget xD

    Invite you to join my giveaway Imomoi giveaway and Efoxcity giveaway I hope you will join

    ~✿~Visit my blogs here~✿~
    Luch Luch Craft Blog
    Toko Luch Luch Craft

    1. Jadi sedikit lega ( ̄◇ ̄;)
      Masa? Aku merasa kurang before-after photos lho sebagai bukti beneran ga ngefek :/
      Oya giveaway xD
      Oke-oke nge
      Thanks for commenting :)

  7. Thanks for reviewing this product! I'm having second thoughts of purchasing this one :)


  8. great review! i've tried this product in the past and it didn't work for me either :(
    and please come check out the giveaway on my blog! (:

    1. Ah, thank you Ally >_<
      I'll check :)

  9. I've heard a lot about these, but if it doesn't reduce dark circles I don't think I'll get that at all. ;n; Thank you!

    BTW, I've got an Etude house giveaway going on, if you're interested! C: Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. You're welcome :)
      Ah, I had joined it yesterday, but thanks for informed me :)

  10. I have tried this under eye roll on..its awesome..infact i use it now too..cooling effect is the best :)

    1. I'm glad that there are people who feels the effect of this product :)
      Yeah I feel the cooling effect too xD I used it whenever I want some freeze for my tired eyes x3

  11. Aaaaahk.. Harga nya mehong ya?
    Pernah sempet mau nyoba, karena ada ball roll nya itu, sempet kepikiran kalo ada ball roll nya serasa kaya ditotok-pijet gitu mata nya..
    Aku sama punya kantong mata yang super duper hebooh..
    Kalo aku pake ERHA untuk kantong mata nya..

    Salam kenal..
    Boleh saling follow?

    1. Iya buat aku sih agak mehong sis >_< untung ada diskon... :D
      Rollnya itu... gimana ya... enggak seheboh yang aku bayangin sih...
      Kalo aku sih lebih pingin mengurangi mata panda daripada kantong mata, abis... aegyo sal lagi beken :D
      ERHA itu belom pernah denger sis :|
      Salam kenal juga, bentar lagi aku follow.
      Thanks :D


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