First Time Using Liquid Eyeliner

2:46 PM

Welcome ^-^
In this post I wanna share my first time using liquid eyeliner.

Why it's my first time?
First, liquid eyeliner is too expensive for me, and I had been using cheap pencil eyeliner before that uner IDR 5k.
Second, my mom don't have it.
I've always borrowed my mom's makeups before.
The weakness of my mom's are my mom doesn't have liquid eyeliner, mascara, nude lipstick (all red!), lipgloss, concealer, etc etc.
So my focus are buying that my mom doesn't have.
Third, I was a tomboy girl before and an anti-makeup girl.
I ever try, yes, but in a salon with a makeup artist did it for me.
So I never, ever, used it before I bought it myself.

Now let's get to...
First time swipe~!!
It's hard at first, yea >,<
My lashes, please, get out of my sight!
I can't draw the outer because my lashes obstruct the view.
It slipped a lot.

Alright! Let's try again.
Remove the old one first...
Why are they still in my eyes!?
It can't removed! >,<
They stuck between my lashes >,<
*pardon my big nose*

Some of them stuck inside my eyes, bleh xP
I have to put them out >,<
Okay I give up.
Let them inside, besides, it's not hurt.

Let's try again...
Both right and left are different, yes, it's because...

I made this on the left eye ^^
It's like Xiaxue's eyeliner :|

And this on the right eye ^^
It supposed to be puppy eyeliner, but it just make me look sad :(
Yea, no problem, it's the first time using it so I need to practice and practice more.
*the problem is the eyeliner runs out >,<*

And you will see your eye dirt become black in the morning...

Eyeliner I used:
♥ Silkygirl Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof 
(Review here)

How about you? How's your first time using liquid eyeliner?
And can you give me tips to draw my outer line because my lashes obstruct my view >,< but I don't want to pull my eyeskin >,<

Thanks for reading, guys ^0^
PS. Just a story.
Persunmall giveaways are really booming around this early July. There are too much Persunmall giveaway inviting in my comments and my email. So, sorry for you guys, if I am not joining your giveaway after this... I just can't take it anymore... I am a bit busy this day... I will try to join, I want to appreciate all of your comments, but I don't have many times for that. Thanks for your concern :)

-Hasu Hana-

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  1. Easy entries for my giveaway. Do participate. Will take a minute!

  2. Great review - you'll get better at liquid eyeliner if you keep practising! You're already pretty good at it, hehe. (I like your "Xiaxue" type better than the puppy one, hehe) ^__^

    Would you like to follow each other on Blogloving/GFC? Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. Yea~ thanks xD
      I still have difficulty because my lashes are grow upwards (while most of Asians are downwards, so it won't obstruct their view)
      Yes I think that "Xiaxue" makes my face looked happier :D but I wanted to create the ulzzang "puppy" eyeliner, I think I should use pencil/gel and keep practicing :)
      Thanks June :)

  3. try to hold your breath when drawing. it'll help you a lot

    1. I tried, wkwkwk...
      I remember the day when I was junior high school, I was making a curve in math session and the teacher told us to hold our breath...
      But when I hold my breath, sometimes I felt into more panic because of lack of oxygen... hihihi ^-^
      Yah, maybe I should practicing more...
      Thanks for commenting ^-^


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