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Hi, girls~
This post is the complement part of the Garnier post.
Anyway, I know many bloggers had post this one.
I just want to do it, hehe.

A few weeks ago, I got samples from Garnier, which you can see it on TV ads.
And most of you know, if we open the sachet, bacterias and dirts can enter inside the sachet.
And as a sachet package, it can't be closed again.
So we must store it in a closed container.
Ever see container like this?
You can find this on beauty store.
Price up to IDR 10k I think. 
But I got it from game center Amazon (if I ain't wrong), I bartered my tickets with it.
And it's blue I love it! ^-^

I got 2 containers and a spatula, luckily.

Let's started!
Before you start, it's important to wash your hands properly.
Rub every side of your hands, it's the early first step so your samples won't get more dirt from your hands.

I recommend to boil your container for more aseptic condition.
But if you can't, try to buy alcohol 70% like mine.
It's cheap, really!
I got it for under IDR 3k!
I used a piece of cotton, wet it with the alcohol, and rub inside the container.
Try to rub it in circular motion from middle to outer, in one swab.

Actually it's better to change the cotton after use them once (disposable), but I wasn't ;P
Don't forget to rub the lid, and the spatula.

Okay, let's pour it!
Want more hygienic tips?
Swab the sachet and the scissor with alcohol cotton before you cut it.
Pour gently~

Close the container and... TARAA!!!
Your sample is kept perfectly!

Well, in the end, maybe you will ask about these:

How much is the capacity?
I got 7 ml moisturizer from Garnier, and the container was full into it, so I can say that if you have container like mine, the capacity is about 7 ml.

What is spatula used for?
Spatula is used for taking your sample from the container for hygienic purpose.
So, your hands that full of bacteria won't touch the liquid.
Bacteria on liquid can breed and duplicate, and can cause breaks on your skin.
For me, I just take it  with my finger after I take a bath, when my hands still squeaky clean and lack of bacteria.
But for hygienic purpose, you may take it with spatula, and I recommend to swab the spatula with alcohol and let it air-dry first, before you take the sample.
And do not blow out the spatula! Your mouth may contain more bacteria.

That's I can told you for your hygienic purpose.
Thanks for read, and I hope it's helpful for you guys!

-Hasu Hana-

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