Review: Garnier Light Complete Part 1

11:58 PM

Hi all, welcome back! (^-^)/
For you who are Indonesian girls, you maybe knew about freebies from Garnier.
It's on TV, girls~
Well, some people said that it was just a scam, because they didn't receive the freebies for a month.
I just knew that it only for the first 20.000 girls so feel so sorry for those who didn't get it.

Anyway, I got it! \(^-^)/
So, don't say that Garnier cheat on us, they're really sent it. The just limiting the freebies.
BTW, I got it on May 15th 2013, but I was still on the middle of my big exam.
And I just have time and want to make this post today ^-^"
Sorry for the delay >_<
I censored my name, my address, and my phone number :P

And when I opened the envelope and peek inside...
This is what i got inside.

The back side. It's a challenge to use Garnier for 2 weeks, measure with skin ruler, and tell the story after you use Garnier. 
Also, a discount voucher! \(^0^ )
Get Rp 4k discount at any Alfamart counter.
Oh, I just know that there is a definition...
Lemme read it first...
Just for Garnier Light Complete and Light Complete Extra 20 ml moisturizer...
At any Alfamart counter all over Indonesia...
And valid until Juni 30th 2013!?!?
Oh no, I must use it this month!!!

This is the wide view.

Okay, let's take a peek inside~
Overall, I got 2 packs of Garnier Light Complete, each contains 7 ml.

The left part, there are explanation about the background of Garnier Light Complete, the benefits, how to use, and another products for maximal result.

The middle part, there are 2 packs Garnier Light Complete, adhere with double tape. It's easy to take off.

The right part, the ingredients and its function, Garnier Facebook, Garnier twitter, Garnier call center, and email.
Well, I just realize that Garnier is still in one branch with Loreal, CMIIW.
I think Loreal is a good brand :)

Okay, now I need help from you girls to measure me.
I found it difficult >_<
Can you?
The ruler is start from 1 which is the lightest until 11 which is the darkest.
There are some photos of my bare face below so you can make a comparison.
First photo...
I think it's about... 10 or 11...
How can a Chinese be the darkest part :(
Then, how about some people whom the skin is darker than me!?!?
And please see at 1.
It's nearly white!!!
I think albino people still won't reach part 1!!!
It's just tooooooo bright!!!!
Is this a conspiration from Garnier!?!?
Ah Garnier, please make a realistic ruler.

Second photo.
I still say it's 10 or 11...
I can't decide.
Oh my eye, looks like a panda.

Third photo.
About 10, maybe.
I pressed the ruler too much so I made a shadow which upset the measure.

Well, how do you think?
Feel free to comment here, I want to read your opinion.

And I want to measure my inner hands too!
It's my white part of my hands, which is nearly my real skin color.
Let see...
I think it's about 8 or 9...

My inner palm.
I believe it's about 7 or 8...

Okay Garnier, I take this challenge!!!
I will do this challenge start tomorrow.
I will use it twice a day after I take a bath.
I will use this Garnier Light Complete only.
*no money to buy the foam, toner, and night cream @_@*

See you on the next Garnier Light Complete part!

-Hasu Hana-

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  1. hahaha iya kyknya albino aja yg bisa dapet no 1

    Invite you to enter
    || Luch Luch Craft x Persunmall International Giveaway
    Hope you will Join :)
    || Luch Luch Craft New Post

    1. Albino aja mentok no 2 kayaknya -_-"

  2. i buy the light complete for daycream and also night cream. The daycream makes my skin brighter when I used it.. and the night cream makes my face fresher in the morning :D

    (Follow my new blog ya >~<

    1. Wahh, makes me want to buy the night cream, if I have a chance someday xD
      Done :) sukses yaa


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