Finally, A Haircut

1:24 PM

After a looong looong time about 1 year, finally I've got a haircut again 2 days ago!
I save my money, because doing haircut is expensive for me, and promised myself to do haircut after the big exam.
OMG finally finally finally!!

Why I got excited?
Because it's rare for me to cut my hair at salon.
So expensive yet I still can't believe at any cheap salon.

June 6th 2013

So, I got layer cut. And on the photos, it's plus blow dry so my hair looked good.
Want to capture this moment, I asked my BF to captured some pics of me.

Please take a look at the drinks! I loooove it so much! I bought it from Mr. Cool stand, it's called Jamaica.
It consists of Jamaica chocolate, blend with Oreo, and RUM, I love that rum flavor ♥_
Add cheese and chocochips topping and done!
Love love it ♥_

Okay enough for the drinks.
I did my hair at Rudy Salon which is still grand opening at a new mall and they offered some discount!
I got 50% discount for the cut,
and about 20% discount for the blow dry.
Cool, yes?

I looove the shampoo they used.
It has green tea scent, so calming and fresh ♥_
I ended up sniffing at my hair all the time till its faded away.
Ah, no more in my hair now :'(

To the hairstylist, I asked layer cut, or if he had another idea for my hair.
But he said layer cut would good on me.
So, layer cut :)

You can see my face type is round, and layer cut can helps my face looks slimmer.
*suggest you to do layer cut XD*
And side bangs can helps my face looks slimmer too!

For the entire cutting process, the hairstylist suggested me to apply hair serum or aloe vera to the scalp because my hair is dry and long.
A long hair is heavy enough, so the hair roots can't stand for the weight and makes it easy to fall.
Therefore, all of you who has a long hair, it's natural to get some hair falls.
Except you have strong roots and scalp XD
To prevent your hair from falling, use serum or aloe vera on the scalp, the hairstylist said.
Cut it more shorter would affect too, I think :)

Overall, I'm happy :)
My head is lighter now XD
The hair before was heavy, though.

So as a comparison, I give you my before photo:
Okay, I cropped it XD
It's... about a year since my last haircut.
No styling. I can't style my hair.
It was June 1st 2013.

And after photo:

Can you suggest me some hair serum for my hair, that cheep enough and easy to find?

Thank you for reading ^^

-Hasu Hana-

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  1. Great post :)
    Summer giveaway on my blog, check it out :)

    xx Sofie

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

  2. coba pake produk johnny andrean ce, murmerr :3 -->

    1. Wahaha, iya makasih... Aku udah baca...
      Cuma aku kadung survey-survey dan beli hair tonic-nya Clear anti hair fall :3
      Semoga ngefek :3


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