Review: Garnier Light Complete Part 2

10:00 PM

Hi, everyone! ^^
This is the second part of the Garnier Light Complete samples which I got from Garnier Indonesia.
Fyi, I still watched the ads at TV for free samples a few days ago, so I think you who want to get this free samples still can request too!
This post will be concerned about the review.

It's... come in sachet. XD
Which actually you'll never find this sachet in beauty store, because it's just the sample that Garnier brought to us because of  the event.
Front side

Back side

Since it's just a sample sachet, I can't say about the price.
I didn't buy any Garnier Light Complete too.
It has many size, I remember Garnier has tiny size too, and the price was under 5k IDR, I think.
I was going to buy the tiny size before, but the store was run out of that Garnier tiny size :(

Claims in English.
They said it can acts on dullness, dark-spots, excess oil, and acne marks.
It makes your skin visibly fairer while leaving it perfectly clarified.

Claims in Indonesian, and ingredients.
They said that it had been made especially for Indonesian women.
It makes your skin fairer and 8 hours shine-free.
The rest are same with the English one.

From now, I don't want to write about the function of the ingredients.
I found this method is toooooo slow for me.
I spent too many times (or months?) just for 1 post, only one post, because of the ingredients section.
So sorry about this guys :(
You just can read only the list of the ingredients below.

Stearic acid, palmitic acid, alcohol denat, niacinamide, dimethicone, glycerin, cyclohexasiloxane, aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, octocrylene, parfum/fragrance, isohexadecane, ammonium polyacryldimethyltauramide/ammonium polyacryloyldimethyl, taurate, behenyl alcohol, benzyl salicylate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, caprylic/capric triglyceride, capryloyl, salicylic acid, cetyl alcohol, CI 14700/red, CI 77891/titanium dioxade, citral, citrus crosspolymer, dimethiconol, ethylparaben, geranol, limonene, linalool, methylparaben, octyldodecanol, phenolxyethanol, potassium hydroxide, sodium acrylates, copolymer, tocopheryl acetate

And we can find parabens derivate here.
It has vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate).
Both of them are antioxidant.

---Swatch and Thoughts---
At my first time using it, I was really pleased with its aroma.
It was really, really fresh aroma, citrus-like.
And I was also pleased with the cooling effect, although there isn't menthol in its ingredients .
These two was a fresh combo for my skin!

The texture is really creamy.
Just remind me of whip cream.
Sooo creamy that it is hard to spread.
I also need to take more amount than I used to take at my Olay moisturizer because of the heaviness and the quickness of absorb.
But, although it's creamy, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling.
You can see the pics below.

Okay actually I took too much amount of the cream >_<
And my hand wasn't fairer that instant, it just the effect of the lightning, compare to my wrist.

Is it really 8 hours shine-free?
I think no.
My face is oily enough.
After I use it, my face still oily after a few hours.
Yes, it's matte your face in an instant.
But for me it's not for 8 hours.

How was the fairness effect?
For this, I captured 4 photos of me as the comparison.
You can find the previous post here to compare the photos before I used Garnier Light Complete.
How is it? 10?

Or 9?

9? 10? 11? @_@


Please comment below your thoughts.
But.... if you think my skin isn't fairer, don't say that Garnier's fair effect not worked.
It can be because I used Olay moisturizer before, which it also has whitening effect.
And I can't be more fairer than this, maybe ^-^

I love (^-^)
 good moisturizer 
♥ the whitening effect seems to be worked 
♥ + sunscreen 
♥ not greasy although it's creamy 
♥ pleasant aroma 
♥ cooling effect 

I hate (>-<)
♡ no SPF level 
♡ contains paraben 
♡ hard to spread 
♡ need more amount than usual 

So I give...

8/10 STAR!

Okay girls, that's all I can share to you.
Please check their Facebook Garnier Indonesia.
And did you know?
They just launch their new product: Garnier BB Cream!!!
The new Garnier ambassador, Ms.Pevita Pearce.

Get the promotion price just IDR 16.5k guyssss until August 31st 2013!!!
Who wants this baby!? *raise your hand >_</*

Thanks for read, guys!
God bless!

-Hasu Hana-
Based on my honest review.
If it's working for me, it doesn't always working for you and vice versa. Check your skin type and your allergies.


Giveaway I Joined: June 2013 Edition

11:12 PM

Welcome to the new segment of the month: Giveaway I joined~!
Well, since next month will be a horrible month =_=" I can't promise monthly post can be up every month.
It's so hard to make this blog private in a shared room.
Took photos secretly...
Edit secretly......
Blog secretly..........
Forget about that. *slap*

Back to the point, these are them.
Click the image to go to their giveaway website.

#1. Sparkly Chee ft. W2Beauty.com Giveaway

#2. Tangerine Babi 100+ Followers Favorites Thank You Giveaway

#3. Sparkly Chee 110+ Readers Giveaway

#4. Luch Luch Craft ft. Persunmall Giveaway

#5. See it, Love it, Swatch it Lips & Nails International Giveaway

#6. Rini Cesillia 500+ Followers Giveaway

#7. Dr.Poison Ivy 2nd Blog Anniversary Jumbo Giveaway

Yup, that's it.
See you on next post!

-Hasu Hana-


Sample Sachets Tips

10:19 PM

Hi, girls~
This post is the complement part of the Garnier post.
Anyway, I know many bloggers had post this one.
I just want to do it, hehe.

A few weeks ago, I got samples from Garnier, which you can see it on TV ads.
And most of you know, if we open the sachet, bacterias and dirts can enter inside the sachet.
And as a sachet package, it can't be closed again.
So we must store it in a closed container.
Ever see container like this?
You can find this on beauty store.
Price up to IDR 10k I think. 
But I got it from game center Amazon (if I ain't wrong), I bartered my tickets with it.
And it's blue I love it! ^-^

I got 2 containers and a spatula, luckily.

Let's started!
Before you start, it's important to wash your hands properly.
Rub every side of your hands, it's the early first step so your samples won't get more dirt from your hands.

I recommend to boil your container for more aseptic condition.
But if you can't, try to buy alcohol 70% like mine.
It's cheap, really!
I got it for under IDR 3k!
I used a piece of cotton, wet it with the alcohol, and rub inside the container.
Try to rub it in circular motion from middle to outer, in one swab.

Actually it's better to change the cotton after use them once (disposable), but I wasn't ;P
Don't forget to rub the lid, and the spatula.

Okay, let's pour it!
Want more hygienic tips?
Swab the sachet and the scissor with alcohol cotton before you cut it.
Pour gently~

Close the container and... TARAA!!!
Your sample is kept perfectly!

Well, in the end, maybe you will ask about these:

How much is the capacity?
I got 7 ml moisturizer from Garnier, and the container was full into it, so I can say that if you have container like mine, the capacity is about 7 ml.

What is spatula used for?
Spatula is used for taking your sample from the container for hygienic purpose.
So, your hands that full of bacteria won't touch the liquid.
Bacteria on liquid can breed and duplicate, and can cause breaks on your skin.
For me, I just take it  with my finger after I take a bath, when my hands still squeaky clean and lack of bacteria.
But for hygienic purpose, you may take it with spatula, and I recommend to swab the spatula with alcohol and let it air-dry first, before you take the sample.
And do not blow out the spatula! Your mouth may contain more bacteria.

That's I can told you for your hygienic purpose.
Thanks for read, and I hope it's helpful for you guys!

-Hasu Hana-


Finally, A Haircut

1:24 PM

After a looong looong time about 1 year, finally I've got a haircut again 2 days ago!
I save my money, because doing haircut is expensive for me, and promised myself to do haircut after the big exam.
OMG finally finally finally!!

Why I got excited?
Because it's rare for me to cut my hair at salon.
So expensive yet I still can't believe at any cheap salon.

June 6th 2013

So, I got layer cut. And on the photos, it's plus blow dry so my hair looked good.
Want to capture this moment, I asked my BF to captured some pics of me.

Please take a look at the drinks! I loooove it so much! I bought it from Mr. Cool stand, it's called Jamaica.
It consists of Jamaica chocolate, blend with Oreo, and RUM, I love that rum flavor ♥_
Add cheese and chocochips topping and done!
Love love it ♥_

Okay enough for the drinks.
I did my hair at Rudy Salon which is still grand opening at a new mall and they offered some discount!
I got 50% discount for the cut,
and about 20% discount for the blow dry.
Cool, yes?

I looove the shampoo they used.
It has green tea scent, so calming and fresh ♥_
I ended up sniffing at my hair all the time till its faded away.
Ah, no more in my hair now :'(

To the hairstylist, I asked layer cut, or if he had another idea for my hair.
But he said layer cut would good on me.
So, layer cut :)

You can see my face type is round, and layer cut can helps my face looks slimmer.
*suggest you to do layer cut XD*
And side bangs can helps my face looks slimmer too!

For the entire cutting process, the hairstylist suggested me to apply hair serum or aloe vera to the scalp because my hair is dry and long.
A long hair is heavy enough, so the hair roots can't stand for the weight and makes it easy to fall.
Therefore, all of you who has a long hair, it's natural to get some hair falls.
Except you have strong roots and scalp XD
To prevent your hair from falling, use serum or aloe vera on the scalp, the hairstylist said.
Cut it more shorter would affect too, I think :)

Overall, I'm happy :)
My head is lighter now XD
The hair before was heavy, though.

So as a comparison, I give you my before photo:
Okay, I cropped it XD
It's... about a year since my last haircut.
No styling. I can't style my hair.
It was June 1st 2013.

And after photo:

Can you suggest me some hair serum for my hair, that cheep enough and easy to find?

Thank you for reading ^^

-Hasu Hana-


Review: Garnier Light Complete Part 1

11:58 PM

Hi all, welcome back! (^-^)/
For you who are Indonesian girls, you maybe knew about freebies from Garnier.
It's on TV, girls~
Well, some people said that it was just a scam, because they didn't receive the freebies for a month.
I just knew that it only for the first 20.000 girls so feel so sorry for those who didn't get it.

Anyway, I got it! \(^-^)/
So, don't say that Garnier cheat on us, they're really sent it. The just limiting the freebies.
BTW, I got it on May 15th 2013, but I was still on the middle of my big exam.
And I just have time and want to make this post today ^-^"
Sorry for the delay >_<
I censored my name, my address, and my phone number :P

And when I opened the envelope and peek inside...
This is what i got inside.

The back side. It's a challenge to use Garnier for 2 weeks, measure with skin ruler, and tell the story after you use Garnier. 
Also, a discount voucher! \(^0^ )
Get Rp 4k discount at any Alfamart counter.
Oh, I just know that there is a definition...
Lemme read it first...
Just for Garnier Light Complete and Light Complete Extra 20 ml moisturizer...
At any Alfamart counter all over Indonesia...
And valid until Juni 30th 2013!?!?
Oh no, I must use it this month!!!

This is the wide view.

Okay, let's take a peek inside~
Overall, I got 2 packs of Garnier Light Complete, each contains 7 ml.

The left part, there are explanation about the background of Garnier Light Complete, the benefits, how to use, and another products for maximal result.

The middle part, there are 2 packs Garnier Light Complete, adhere with double tape. It's easy to take off.

The right part, the ingredients and its function, Garnier Facebook, Garnier twitter, Garnier call center, and email.
Well, I just realize that Garnier is still in one branch with Loreal, CMIIW.
I think Loreal is a good brand :)

Okay, now I need help from you girls to measure me.
I found it difficult >_<
Can you?
The ruler is start from 1 which is the lightest until 11 which is the darkest.
There are some photos of my bare face below so you can make a comparison.
First photo...
I think it's about... 10 or 11...
How can a Chinese be the darkest part :(
Then, how about some people whom the skin is darker than me!?!?
And please see at 1.
It's nearly white!!!
I think albino people still won't reach part 1!!!
It's just tooooooo bright!!!!
Is this a conspiration from Garnier!?!?
Ah Garnier, please make a realistic ruler.

Second photo.
I still say it's 10 or 11...
I can't decide.
Oh my eye, looks like a panda.

Third photo.
About 10, maybe.
I pressed the ruler too much so I made a shadow which upset the measure.

Well, how do you think?
Feel free to comment here, I want to read your opinion.

And I want to measure my inner hands too!
It's my white part of my hands, which is nearly my real skin color.
Let see...
I think it's about 8 or 9...

My inner palm.
I believe it's about 7 or 8...

Okay Garnier, I take this challenge!!!
I will do this challenge start tomorrow.
I will use it twice a day after I take a bath.
I will use this Garnier Light Complete only.
*no money to buy the foam, toner, and night cream @_@*

See you on the next Garnier Light Complete part!

-Hasu Hana-

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