Announcing my Facebook account

10:51 PM

Sorry for lack of update, guys >_<
I will enter the full of study live and still don't know whether I continue this blog or not.
I'll try to always update my blog so I can share with you guys.

Back, to the topic, here I share my second Facebook account.
I don't want to mess my primary account if I join giveaway or just share something about this blog.
So, I have this!
I didn't change the username and got this username, so the 7 number isn't because I like it, I just got it.

Sooo, feel free to add me, because I don't have any friends yet ;_;

Thanks for add me! ^^

-Hasu Hana-

Maybe I can't post blog for next month... Big final exam for my next step key is waiting for me in a little time. Must study very hard... Wish and pray for me guys. Thank you so much.

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  1. oh xD jadi hasu hana itu kamu xD pantesan waktu dapet friend request dari hasu hana aq kyk ngerasa familiar ama namanya hahaha

    Invite you to enter my giveaway to win eco bag and sativa bracelet :)
    visit my blog ^^

  2. eh hana, klo mw join aku ada giveaway baru :D
    Invite you to join my giveaway
    Hope you can join. Thank you :)

  3. Hey, Nice blog..

    Would you like to follow each other...


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