Won A Giveaway: Stella Lee's Thank You Giveaway

12:51 PM

This is my first time winning a giveaway ^-^
I'm maximum happy ^-^

Last year, I won a giveaway held by Stella Lee.
At November 2012.

I joined it by emailing to her.

And then, the giveaway winners was announced at December 2012...
I screamed when I see my email address written at her blog.
"WHOAA... I WIN!!!"

You can read it here:

I'm so happy.
I waited my gift.
I thought it would be arrived about one week.

Until a month, my gift didn't yet arrived.
So I emailed her again to check whether the package was sent or not.
Luckily, my package just being sent back to her again, and she would send it back to me.

Finally, at February 8th 2013
My package arrived!!!

Censored :P

What I got?
From Stella Lee's Blog
I got Naris Be Body Cleanser.
At first, I hoped I got either the mascara or the eye pencil.
But, I got this.
No problem, I appreciate it ^-^

The review will up soon.
Right now I still treasure it and didn't use it.
Too dear to use it >_<

That's it :D
Thanks for God ^-^
And thanks for Stella Lee ^-^
Sankyu, sankyu ^-^


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  1. wow congrats!!

    visit my blog ^^

    1. itu yg dimenangin apaan ya? untuk bersihin badan ya?

    2. Thank you thank you ^-^
      Sepertinya sih... Belum nyoba... Masi eman-eman buat pakenya ._."

  2. yea i apologized cos it's sent back again, prob ur family at home werent at home when they sent it :(
    and cos i was in japan for a month lol
    i hope u like it ^^

    1. Wakatta, daijoubu ^^
      But, my family always at home o_O we have a shop in our house that opens 15 hours non-stop, so at least one of us wouldn't go anywhere o_O
      Maybe they've sent it to wrong address...
      Thank you so much for visiting ^^


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