Little Updates About Me

11:32 PM

After a long long day that my blog just filled with giveaways, now I can make a post about myself, hehe.
So happy, dum dum! ^^

I'm proudly present my mini thesis (skripsi) ^^ 
Name is censored

Woohoo! It's done! ^^
A little flashback, last year is the year I started blogging.
I wanted to blogging since the beginning of that year.
I had made a blog.
But, then my BF scolded me, because my mini thesis didn't yet finished, and I wasted my time on blogging.
So I declared that I would blogging if my mini thesis is finished.
And in fact, I did the final test at December 17th and 20th 2012.
It took so long time because of my laziness ^^"

And it needed about a month to made my mini thesis done after the final test until it became a green things like this.
Thank you for all of you who helped me to made this mini thesis.
Especially, my BF :*
Although he scolded me, he really helped me a lot.

Oh, don't search my before-blog.
I've already deactivate it :P

Another update, this image will be my watermark for my photos:

What do you think?


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  1. ahah yea I have quite a couple of blog too before <33 that's nostalgic though

    1. But my other blog was so messy... It didn't have any theme like beauty or something. Just my weird thoughts and some of my crochets. I think even people didn't want to read my writings LOL


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