Happy Valentine Day

11:37 AM

^-^ Happy Valentine Day ^-^
-February 14th 2013-

I know I know, it's too late >_<
Pardon me, my laziness got me *uhuk*
There are a lot of products that I want to review, I have a camera now, but somehow I feel so lazy.
Okay, let me share a lot.

I want a personal space for me, you can imagine it as a bedroom, where there is nobody caught me capturing photos and using makeup inside my house and then wash it up, no parents would ask "What do you doing?", "What for?", no brothers would scream at me "Sis!! You're so alay!!", and so on.
I want my own privacy.
And a sunlight! :D
You know, sunlight is the best and the cheapest lighting ever!
Yea, I should go outside of my bedroom (a family bedroom) and go to the back of my house bringing many products and capturing at the back of my house.
And I believe all my family would ask many things about what I'm doing.
That so annoying for me :(

But, I can't change it. All I can do is bear it.

All I have now is my corner, at the corner of our bedroom.
It gives me a little privacy, since it isn't covered with door or curtain o_O
But now, it's messy:
I must clean it o_O spiderweb everywhere!!!

Okay, enough with my random sharing.
Last valentine, I got a chocolate from my BF :*
A chocolate in a nice heart-shaped plastic container surrounded with pink ribbon and a flower at the top of it. It's a dark chocolate covered with pink chocolate, with a rose-chocolate and some decorate. The most I like is the blue-colored "Happy Valentine Day".

The flower decoration on the top of the container.


The rose-chocolate. It's mobile XD

Thank you my BF for this chocolate ^-^
You know I won't eat cute chocolates, but I will try to eat it >:)

And for you who read this, tell me,
Do you still eat your chocolate even if it's cute?
Or you won't?


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