Giveaway: Phanie's Birthday Giveaway (DOAPJ)

5:06 PM

For Indonesian.

Hello all~
Sorry for the long absent.
I'm still in the middle of my remedial exam for about 3 weeks.
Even though I have a camera now, I still don't get enough time to capture pictures, edit it, and post it.
In the future, I even don't know whether I have spare time or not.

So, today...
In my little spare time I want to introduce you a giveaway again.
Sorry if my blog full of giveaway and giveaway now, haha.
Everybody loves giveaway, right?

Do you know Diary Of A Product Junkie blog?
If not, better check it. She is a doctor who shares about skin care.
Her post will really open your mind about skin care.
And now, for celebrating her birthday, she held a giveaway for all of you who has an Indonesian address.

The Prizes
Set A: Lip Addict

Set B: Eye' Love Makeup

Set C: All About Complexion

Interesting, eh?
If you want, join at Phanie's blog here.
All you want to do is follow all the mandatory and fill the form there.
If you don't have a blog, -don't worry- you can use your twitter!

As a colleague, I'm proud to post this giveaway.
And if I win, I would like to get set B because I want to try, learn, and play with eye makeup.
What's your choice?


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  1. too bad, i don't live in Indonesia :c

    1. I'm sorry about that :(
      Or maybe you have a sibling or a friend who lives in Indonesia?


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