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Happy New Year everybody~!

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It's 2013 already. Day by day runs so fast.
I've just made this blog, though, so I can't make much reflection of my 2012's about this blog.
I'm just grateful that at the end, this blog really became real.

I want to make some resolutions too. I hope, in this 2013 I will:
♪ Make some good review post.
♪ Join Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB).
♪ Try almost all makeup kind, e.g. eyeliner, blush, mascara (yes, I never try them before :sad)
♪ Make this blog growing and growing.
♪ Earn money.
♪ Manage my time more.
♪ Wake up in the morning (wake up lately is an unbreakable habit until now >_<).
♪ Do routine exercise.
♪ And of course, more closer to God.

OK, guys. I know I'm not a talented and skillful person nor veteran person at makeup. I'm a newbie. I know that.
I'm being excited about beauty bloggers, how they write it, and experiencing many makeup or skin care. I'm getting in love with it, and follow their path.
And because I'm a newbie, I want to share my newbie's experience. I want to guide the-never-touching-makeup-girls, about makeup, skin care, and everything.

I spent my New Year Eve at church, ended 2012 with praise the Lord and began 2013 with praise the Lord too.
Also I want to share what I got from the pastor's sermon, that this year is a year of grace.
Everything you ask to God, keep in faith, and keep believing on Him.
Even if you ask it for many years, just keep believing.
Because this year, 2013 is the year of GRACE!

That's all for now.
Enjoy your 2013! ^^
How did you spend your New Year Eve, and what's your New Year resolution? Let me know! ^^


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  1. Happy new year! thanks for your sweet comment too ^^ it was a past though, I brokep up with him last year, after being together for 5yrs, haha.. but it's okay. love comes and goes :)

  2. Hii yeaah lmao, I was such a BOY back then! even ppl often thought I was really a boy irl, and got like 3 girls confessing to me *I was kinda embarrassed! Lmaooo. I often got scolded for entering a girls washroom u.u boo me. lmao...


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