Giveaway: Little Things' First Giveaway

7:53 PM

For Indonesian.

After a few days without any post, now I make a post about this little newbie blogger who wants to celebrate her almost 3.000 pageviews.
Hello! This is Little Things by Wulan :)

She held a giveaway to celebrate it.
There are 3 winners who will lucky to win these cool stuff:
1. Liese Bubble Hair Color  in Platinum Beige

2. Etude Wonder Pore Freshner Total Solution 7 in 1 (25 ml) + Beauty Diary Mask Collagen

3. Tony Moly CatChu Wink Crazy Stick (Crazy Yellow - Orange) + Beauty Diary Mask Chocolate Truffle

Interesting, right?

And if you eyes dazzled with the Liese Bubble Hair Color like me (*_*), don't worry, she sells it too!
Just check her blog post for further information :)

And since she's still a newbie (like me -_-), why don't you join her giveaway? :)
I hope her pageviews will increase into 3.000 really, if you all join it too, hehehe ^^

Show her some love at her blog here.

Thank you for read this blog post.
I'll see you later, as my new phone had arrived yesterday ^^
I can catch photos for this blog ^^


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  1. nice info

    visit my blog ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks...
      Sorry about your last giveaway. I was busy until I remembered your giveaway and realized that was the last day. I tried to join it because my clock still didn't reach 00.00 yet, but I was late...
      But great giveaway! :)

  3. Such a great blog! And post! : )


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