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9:27 PM

For Indonesian.

Have you ever heard about beauty box that would be send to you every month?
Have you ever heard about Ipsy's Glam Bag which is co-founded by Michelle Phan,  Birchbox, Glossybox, Blissmo, and everything else?
Or have you ever thought before, why Indonesia didn't have beauty box like that?

Now get ready to spread your smile,
because an Indonesian beauty box will be launched!!!


In Lolabox, you can discover and get the newest make-up stuff, fragrances, lotions, hairbands, even beauty drink, and many other beauty products!

Since it not yet opened, Lolabox held an event to give the very first Lolabox to 10 member with highest referrals.

If you still wondering, interested, curious, or just want to sign up, just sign up here.

Join now to get an exclusive invitation!


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  1. Hi :) I've nominated you for a liebster award and i've followed you :) please come check my blog post to see what you have to to do when you win a liebster award!

  2. kpn ya ini?

    Join my first giveaway and win Thboxes accessories of your choice

    1. Sayangnya aku juga kurang tahu... Di email ga ditulis kapan bakalan launch, cuma ditulis intinya subscriber akan pertama kali dikasi tahu kapan launch-nya...
      Okay I will ^^


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