Giveaway: Little Things' First Giveaway

7:53 PM

For Indonesian.

After a few days without any post, now I make a post about this little newbie blogger who wants to celebrate her almost 3.000 pageviews.
Hello! This is Little Things by Wulan :)

She held a giveaway to celebrate it.
There are 3 winners who will lucky to win these cool stuff:
1. Liese Bubble Hair Color  in Platinum Beige

2. Etude Wonder Pore Freshner Total Solution 7 in 1 (25 ml) + Beauty Diary Mask Collagen

3. Tony Moly CatChu Wink Crazy Stick (Crazy Yellow - Orange) + Beauty Diary Mask Chocolate Truffle

Interesting, right?

And if you eyes dazzled with the Liese Bubble Hair Color like me (*_*), don't worry, she sells it too!
Just check her blog post for further information :)

And since she's still a newbie (like me -_-), why don't you join her giveaway? :)
I hope her pageviews will increase into 3.000 really, if you all join it too, hehehe ^^

Show her some love at her blog here.

Thank you for read this blog post.
I'll see you later, as my new phone had arrived yesterday ^^
I can catch photos for this blog ^^



First Award! Liebster Award

2:50 PM

Thanks God because of the first award and the first follower *sob*
And thank you so much, halfnice! ;)
(I'm curious, why she wrote my blog address as And it can be clicked!)
I'm so sorry for this lateness, because this week were so busy.

So, from the title as you can see, I'm nominated for this Liebster Award.

And get ready guys, because I will accept the challenge! :D

These are the rules:
1. You must post 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the person who nominated you set for you.
3. Come up with 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 new blogs & link them in your post
5. Please leave me a comment on this post with the link to your Liebster award so I can learn more about you!

Okay, go to first rule, 11 things about myself is:
1. I am female. :D
2. I'm shy and super-calm person in real, but a happy-duppy person in this digital life.
3. I have a boyfriend.
4. Right now, I'm a medical college student.
5. I have another blog, merge with my boyfriend with random post here. But it's in Indonesian language.
6. I have 2 little brothers.
7. I was tomboy.
8. I love blue color since I knew colors (about 3-5 years old).
9. I like beauty and its stuff since I saw Michelle Phan's youtube about one year ago. I was so amazed.
10. I'm a gamer, but now I reduce it.
11. I had a camera before. Someday my little brother went to Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta. Until my brother realized that the camera wasn't in his bag anymore. Yes, all of us thought a thief may stole our camera. :( So now I can't fill this blog with photos :(

Second rule, answer her question:
1. What social media platform do you use most?
Mostly I'm using Facebook.
And now mainly my Facebook notification is full with game request. -_- Nothing special.
As for this blog, I use Twitter. No Facebook, just too lazy to take care of it.

2. What is you dream job?
Because I'm a medical student, of course my dream job right now is being a doctor.
I still thinking about being an anaesthetist or a dermatologist.
But now I wish I have my own online shop and a part time blogger.

3. What is one thing that you wish that is existed?
Eh, I don't remember if I had any wish that doesn't exist. Hmm, maybe I wish I was a witch?

4. Do you like reading? If so, what is a book you really want to read?
Yes, I do like reading. But I don't have any passion about what the next book that must to read. I accept any novels, any entertainment books, except science books. It takes a long time to read and difficult to understand. Now I'm pushing myself to read science journals routinely.

5. What is something you couldn't live without?
Hmm.. I should say that I can't live without God.
Okay I know what you mean but... Just didn't make you die without it LOL.
So, I couldn't "live" without an important communication device called cellphone. And internet, maybe...

6. Do you prefer summer or winter?
Actually, there are no winter in my country. There are just summer and monsoon.
They both have their dislike point.
In summer, the weather is too hot, even in night (sleep sweating).
And it burn my skin because I rarely cover my body with sunscreen.
In monsoon, the rain often come in the not right time.
I wanted to home and suddenly "zaaa...", raining.
Hmm, so I choose... Summer :|

7. Do you like listening the music? If so, what is your favorite band?

I was like to listen some music.
It was Japanese songs from anime soundtracks, instrumental songs, and some romantic songs.
But now I rarely listening to music again.
My favorite band is Depapepe. It's duo Japan guitarist.
You can Google it for further information.

8. What piece of advice would you give to a starting blogger?

I'm the started one too, so I think my advice won't be very useful :D
First advice is choose your blog name, and then start it as fast as possible.
I don't know about others, but for me, it takes many many months, even years, to think about my blog name.
I'm such a perfectionist person :(
Second, you must have your own passion or your own focus to start it.
For example, I choose "beauty" as the focus of my blog.
I think readers will more attracted.
Third, you can edit your layout, but try as professional as possible. Too many heavy gadgets (e.g. music, moving object, etc) will make your blog load slower.
And fourth, if you are a beauty blogger, make sure you have a good camera and good pictures! Hahaha :D (slap myself)

9. What is your favourite drink?

I love chocolate flavour, so my favourites is chocolate, chocolate milk, and choco-avocado juice.
And I love also coffee and its variants.
But in fact, I often drink iced tea than my favourite beverages :D

10. Would you like to travel to the past for a day or to the future for a day?

I prefer travel to the past then trying to make myself different, although that would be impossible because of my childhood thoughts.
I don't want to see my future, I don't want my future stuck with what I see.

11. What is an item in your wardrobe that you can't do without?

Let see...

Third rule, question for my nominees:

1. If you're a student, what do you want to be? If you're a college student, what's your department? If you're working, what's your job?
2. How much is your monthly budget for monthly beauty haul? (sorry for this question, you can skip it if you refuse to answer it)
3. How long is your sleep time?
4. What is your daily makeup?
5. What is your daily skin care?
6. Can you tell me some advice for my blog? What is that?
7. What color combination that you like?
8. Are you a gamer? If yes, what game do you play?
9. Do you have a doll?
10. What is your wish(es) that still doesn't come true yet? (serious please)
11. Do you believe that God can do that for you?
Let's pray for it (~/\~)

I choose:

1. Me and My Mockingbird
2. Beauty Chica
3. Lil'Shaww Blog
4. love.
5. Ariisa Blog
6. Land of Jenganten
7. ・ω・It is my fiction♬
8. ♥P O L K A - R I B B O N♥
9. MakeUp Guinea Pig
10. Beauty, Story, Journey
11. Beauty Journey of Yosin

That's it! :D

For Indonesian Blogger, you can use Indonesian language :)
Thank you for your participation, and don't forget to tell me your Liebster Award post when you're done.


beauty box

About Lolabox

9:27 PM

For Indonesian.

Have you ever heard about beauty box that would be send to you every month?
Have you ever heard about Ipsy's Glam Bag which is co-founded by Michelle Phan,  Birchbox, Glossybox, Blissmo, and everything else?
Or have you ever thought before, why Indonesia didn't have beauty box like that?

Now get ready to spread your smile,
because an Indonesian beauty box will be launched!!!


In Lolabox, you can discover and get the newest make-up stuff, fragrances, lotions, hairbands, even beauty drink, and many other beauty products!

Since it not yet opened, Lolabox held an event to give the very first Lolabox to 10 member with highest referrals.

If you still wondering, interested, curious, or just want to sign up, just sign up here.

Join now to get an exclusive invitation!



Giveaway: Xiao Vee's January Giveaway

11:18 PM

For Indonesian.

I'm proudly presenting to you another giveaway ^^
It's Xiao Vee's Giveaway! ^^

She will give Etude House Moistfull Aloe Skin Care Kit for two winners.

Why I'm proudly presenting this?
It's because I like her.
She was become my inspiration.
And -maybe she didn't know- she was inspiring me to build this blog.
I don't remember how I've accidentally came to her blog, but since then, I always wait her blog updated.
And I think I even copying her writing style -__-
Well, I'll try to make some difference so people don't claim it as plagiarism :P hehe

So, about the giveaway, do you want to join?
First, you must be Indonesian citizen, or have siblings or friends in Indonesia.
Check this Xiao Vee's post.
Read the rules carefully.
She didn't use Rafflecopter and will choose the winners based on their comment, and yeah, you should comment there.

For all of you who want to join after me, good luck ^^



Welcome 2013

9:57 PM

Happy New Year everybody~!

Image from:

It's 2013 already. Day by day runs so fast.
I've just made this blog, though, so I can't make much reflection of my 2012's about this blog.
I'm just grateful that at the end, this blog really became real.

I want to make some resolutions too. I hope, in this 2013 I will:
♪ Make some good review post.
♪ Join Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB).
♪ Try almost all makeup kind, e.g. eyeliner, blush, mascara (yes, I never try them before :sad)
♪ Make this blog growing and growing.
♪ Earn money.
♪ Manage my time more.
♪ Wake up in the morning (wake up lately is an unbreakable habit until now >_<).
♪ Do routine exercise.
♪ And of course, more closer to God.

OK, guys. I know I'm not a talented and skillful person nor veteran person at makeup. I'm a newbie. I know that.
I'm being excited about beauty bloggers, how they write it, and experiencing many makeup or skin care. I'm getting in love with it, and follow their path.
And because I'm a newbie, I want to share my newbie's experience. I want to guide the-never-touching-makeup-girls, about makeup, skin care, and everything.

I spent my New Year Eve at church, ended 2012 with praise the Lord and began 2013 with praise the Lord too.
Also I want to share what I got from the pastor's sermon, that this year is a year of grace.
Everything you ask to God, keep in faith, and keep believing on Him.
Even if you ask it for many years, just keep believing.
Because this year, 2013 is the year of GRACE!

That's all for now.
Enjoy your 2013! ^^
How did you spend your New Year Eve, and what's your New Year resolution? Let me know! ^^


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