Giveaway I Joined: September 2013 Edition

3:38 PM

Hi girls,
Sorry if I change the schedule of this segment post, I thought it would be save more time and efficient if I post this in early month, and continuously updating the content, so if you interesting with this post, please check it regularly or in the end of the month (if the giveaway still on the go).
Please note that I just put the giveaway that give points by blog it.
For another giveaway you can check my sidebar, it will put all giveaways I entered whether it gave me points by placing the banner or not :) (I'm kind enough, right? Hehehe)

Now onto the giveaway :)

1. Tangerinebabi & MOOTTA Giveaway

2. Yevi Ng 6th Giveaway: Birthday Giveaway (Indonesia only)

3. Airi's Blog monthly pick me up

4. Yozellyn & Lensvillage circle lens giveaway

5. Misaraisu

6. Misaraisu & Angel Contacts

Click the picture to join :)
Thank you :)



Liebster Award #2

5:21 PM

Hi girls, I was in dormant phase later o.O
I was all too lazy to do anything, hehe.
I didn't even make any reviews T_T sorry girls...

As a quick post, I wanna say thanks to iezyfritzii for nominating me to this award.
Actually I was nominated, so there's a reason to not doing this post, but as my thanks and because I want to do some fun without the boredom part, I want to answer her questions, but I don't want to nominate again xD *mean*
The questions are changing every time I nominated from different bloggers, right? :D

Let's go to the question! :)
Ah, she's said it in Indonesian/bahasa, so I follow her language yah :)

★ Deskripsikan siapa kamu dalam tiga kata 
cewe, pendiam, melankolis

★ Kalo cuman bisa make 3 produk makeup, kamu pakai apa aja? 
lipbalm (tinted lebih baik) harus tuh, bibirku kering soalnya
terus concealer akhir-akhir ini pake, guna buat memperingan dark circles
terakhir emm... sulit nih... aku pilih bedak :D

★ Travelling, shopping, reading? Kenapa? 
Shopping! Ga tau gimana setiap abis beli di rumah mood jadi happy banget karena ada yang baru.
Reading is the second, aku harus membaca karena jobku. Selaen itu aku bisa betah menghabiskan waktu berjam-jam internetan walaupun cuma baca-baca artikel (misalnya
Travelling yang terakhir dan aku juga enggak berharap milih, karena aku mabokan x_x

★ Makeup yang ada di tas kamu apa aja? 
Sebenernya aku jarang bawa makeup hahahah.
Biasanya yang paling sering aku bawa-bawa (walau jarang) itu lipbalm. Yang kedua bedak padat.
Aku nggak pernah touch up x_x cuma pernah beberapa kali aja pake lipbalm lagi karena kering.

★ Skincare favorite? Kenapa jadi favorite? 
Moisturizer. Kenapa? Soalnya paling basic dan harus... hahaha. Kalo produknya masih nomaden, sekarang lagi pake Garnier Light Complete. Trus lipbalm is a must.

★ Siapa beauty guru favorit kamu? Kenapa? 
Sejujurnya ada beberapa beauty guru favorit, kalo disuru milih salah satu agak susah karena masing-masing punya kelebihan sendiri.
1. Michelle Phan. No.1 beauty guru lah ga ada yang bisa nolak pasti ada di list tiap beauty blogger. Suka karyanya bagus semua, salut sama kerja keras, passion gimana dia mencapai kesuksesannya, dan perkembangannya :)
2. Bubzbeauty. Ini juga pasti ada di list sebagian besar Asian beauty blogger. Suka pembawaannya :)
3. mybeautymimi. Beauty vlogger ini aku suka karena hasil makeup korea nya bener-bener "korea". Natural.

★ Sosial media apa saja yang sering kamu gunakan? 
Aku sekarang sukanya buka twitter dan instagram. The real 'me' lho yah, bukan yang Hasu Hana. Facebook udah jarang, sepi juga.

★ Apa brand makeup favorit kamu? Kenapa? 
Silkygirl, karena murah xD mahasiswa-friendly agak pas di kantong harganya :D

★ Apa kebiasaan jelek kamu? 
Hemm.. Aku masih bangun siang (padahal udah koar-koar di new year resolution kalo mau bangun pagi selama tahun ini), suka males-malesan berguling di kasur maen dan membuang waktu, kadang suka terlalu fokus sampe lupa bales SMS, nggak punya waktu belajar mandiri di rumah (harus punya ini), perfeksionis yang kadang bikin lelet tapi aku suka sifat ini ^^ masih banyak yg lain tapi lupa.

★ Gendut atau berjerawat? Kenapa? 
Ini pertanyaan nggak enak banget -_- of course lah semua orang ga pengen gendut apalagi berjerawat. No no I can't decide T_T I want slim body and normal skin dear... I have it all now, thanks God :)

Okay that's all the question :)
Thank you for read it :)


Giveaway I Joined: August 2013 Edition

3:01 PM

Hello everyone ^-^
Actually I have many products to reviewed, but my lazy habit grow everyday -_-
So, yes, I am not going to post many after this, as well as I will end my holiday and enter coassistantship next Monday!
Also, I am so lazy now about joining giveaway and collecting points everyday, but I try my best to entering giveaway, trying my little luck.
Here's my giveaway list:

I am certainly a fan of makeup brushes, but don't have enough money to save and buy the good one. Right now I just have 2 brushes. Need more!
I know Sigma is one of the best brushes. I want it, but the real essential brush kit cost more than 1.3 million rupiahs, too much >_<
So even though I'm lazy, I will collect points for this giveaway. Want to get it extreme~!!! +_+

Click the title to go into the giveaway website.
I want to hang out with my BF after this post ^-^
See ya!

-Hasu Hana


Workout Encouragement & Crazy Long Holiday

9:23 PM

Hello everyone! ^^
This time I don't want to do review, but a kind of beauty-related (a far related).
Yes, yes, if you followed the famous beauty guru, blogger, and youtuber Bubzbeauty, you maybe know something about Blogilates and the trainer, Cassey Ho.
Oh, yeah, because of Bubz, I do the pilates XD
Who's with me? XD

Actually I want to make this post earlier (about one month ago) but I was too lazy.
And right now I am more lazier (I don't know whether the word "lazier" is exist) than that day :((

I am in holiday, waiting for my coassistantship for more than 2 months.
My brain slowly but sure got atrophy if I continue like this.
My counting brain does.
I often miscount.

So the story is, my house has a shop, so sometimes I should be the seller.
Today a buyer bought something cost IDR 14k, he paid IDR 50k and I almost gave the change IDR 37k...!?!? o.O
Luckily, I suddenly "woke up" and gave the right change.
Oh, what's up with my brain now T_T

What I did in my holiday??

At the early holiday, after my super big exam, I was like, "OH FINALLY IT'S HOLIDAAAAY~!"
I spent my times only rolling on the bed, browsing, and play games.

At the mid holiday, I was like, "Oh, no, I can't be like this. I must do something useful! My territory should be pretty neat before my coassistantship because I wouldn't have time anymore."
So I restricted myself from gaming (just except Candy Crush, I love it!), and did something useful like, cleaning my bed, cleaning my fan, etc.

At this late holiday, I was like, "This is so boring. All become boring. Browsing become boring. Play games become boring (but still play Candy Crush)."
That is now.

My BF is in his hometown now, so nobody invite my out or come to my house everyday.
Hanging out alone is boring too.
Because of this boring feeling, my online shop got stuck too.

Okay enough my holiday story.
If somebody follow my instagram XD (yeah, my real instagram, I have double twitter account, one's for real me and one's for this blog), I've already passed the POP Pilates beginner's calendar.
I did it since my early holiday.
This is my encouragement to you all.
I know some beauty bloggers are not-a-very-busy-women-or-moms-that-can-do-browsing-for-hours, so this would be good to you :)

Even though you are busy woman, I suggest to have time for exercising, at least 3 times a week.
If you do it in irregular times, it's not giving effect :) I tried before.

And doing gym somehow be very popular among girls, my girl friends take monthly to yearly membership program at gym.
As for me, doing gym is expensive, so this Pilates workout is good enough for me.

Blogilates makes a workout calendar each month.
If you're just starting it, don't take the regular monthly calendar or else you may be super exhausted you can't do it anymore and doesn't want to continue it, I tried before, seriously XD
It would be great if you start from the basic and slowly intensify the workout.
If you do it regularly in a full month, I promise your body will want to workout again the day after :)
And you won't feeling lazy to do workout :)
And you would feel great to do the regular monthly calendar!


That's because the endorphin hormones.
When you regularly exercise, endorphin would flowing through your body.
It makes you feel good and happy, less stress :)
It works like morphine, you know, a drug.
The different is that endorphin is your own hormones and good for you.
Your body will want it again, making habituation effect.
So, if everyday you do workout but the next day you don't, your body will feels like "missing something".

There are many workout's benefits, like:
☆ your body will be sculpted 
☆ you will get stronger 
☆ improve your sleep quality 
☆ less stress 
etc etc

Blogilates also make a healthy food recipe.
But in Indonesian, some ingredients are hard to find, so I just ever do the recipe once, the easiest pancake in the world.
But my mom was like, "Yuck! You mixed banana with egg!? It's fishy lah!!! I don't want to try!!!"
(In Indonesian, pancake is not a common food)

I encourage you to embrace a healthier lifestyle, guys!
I do not ask you to do this Pilates, any workout is fine!
There are many free workouts training, as for me this is my workout style.
Just need a large clean place for your body to move to do Pilates.
I don't have, so I did it at my... uhm.. bed...
If I have money later, I will buy a yoga mat so I can do Pilates at my dirty backyard.
And then I want to buy neon running shoes, aaaah!
I'm in love with Cassey's shoes!!!
And running~!! *_*

As the bonus:
I like this picture :D
I am a little 2, mostly 3, and a half 4.
(Just saying that I am 3 is enough -,-)

What's yours? :)

Based on my honest thoughts.
I do not paid for this post.
It's working for everyone ;)
Source from


To Be Honest...

9:52 PM

Hello guys, seems like long time no see.
I write this post using my phone.
There are many things I want to share, even not all of them are beauty related.

You maybe know I like to join giveaways. Even my giveaways widget more updated than my post itself. Yes I want to try my luck if I can get them. In my real life, it's hard for me to get some beauty products over IDR 50k. Even for some beauty product above IDR 20k, I should really think, and the end always be the same, I restricted myself to buy it. Even my BF told me to buy it, but sometimes I won't.

It really are... guys. Please be grateful if you can buy makeups over IDR 50k. I just have my Maybelline concealer for my over IDR 50k's makeup. I want to buy etude house, they are super cute, but I just can't. Yeah, sometimes I felt envy to all of you... But I decided to create this beauty blog, even if I would join among people with makeup addicted, I feel that I can get closer to get some makeup things. Yeah, the most simple thing is if my blog traffic is high, I can place some ads, get money, and buy more. Or I can get some affiliates or sponsors, and get some products. Yeah, that is my honest thought...

The shocking part was when I joined someone's giveaway. The participants should tell about how we knew the blog, critics, and suggestions. Because many bloggers accept bad critics and thoughts, I also wrote in my honest expressions of the good and bad... everything. Even it was out of topic. I wanted that she knows all my thoughts. Just that. No bad words.

But, she more appreciated the one with polite way of speak. When I read the winner announcement, I realized that I did that wrong. My words are... maybe making those heartbreak. But, it's okay that I didn't win, I thought. Until she made a post by gather all of our entry.

Including my bad entry.

The shocking part was reading almost all of the comments. They are all hate my bad entry :((( I couldn't resist it so I commented too, defending myself, protecting my good name. I am a beauty blogger too, and I don't want my name being bad :(

After that, I told myself to give up on that kind of giveaways. Or just fill it with "more reviews, more videos, more tutorials" is the safe way, even if I think that kind of entry is just a common follower who just want to get extra points for the giveaway...

It's not the end. Some shock still in my head, made me think again, am I capable? Can I become a beauty blogger? Should I retire, and just focus on my college? Should I close this blog? Should I? :(

To be think, I am procrastinating to make some reviews. My house doesn't have private room, make me doesn't want to make reviews. I can't doll up myself if my parents can sometimes brag inside the room and can scold me about wasting the makeups anytime if I do. Later, I will be a busy girl because of coassisstantship and will often sleep at hospital, learning forever, working, get and saving money, marry, buying house, honeymoon, take specialist while have a child, take care the household, and beatify my husband, I don't sure if I can have time for blogging, even if I can manage my time.

Can I have your suggestions?

And I will open a shop.
I will give you an opening discount, so please come by and place an order.
It's not finished yet, but you still can looking around. Not sure about having opening giveaway or not...
For now I sell Etude House makeups by pre order.
It's for Indonesian only.
I'll be back with more stories, and come back with my laptop, because it really slow to write with phone -_-" many typos...

Right now I want to study first.
Bye everyone ^^/

-Hasu Hana

*okay, edited in laptop because the result was quiet bad, can't do
and my enter somehow disappeared...*


Review: Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On

8:43 PM

Hi everyone~!
Anyone miss me? ^-^
I've got many products this month.
I got my first mascara and blush as well!
I will use it many times until I am ready for reviewing them :)
Actually I have this Garnier a long time before my Garnier Light Complete review.
I can say that this is my first Garnier product I have.

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On comes with a cardboard box package, wrapped with a transparent plastic.
I'd opened it before, so I just can show you the cardboard box.
Anyway, do you like my flowery colorful rose background? ^^
It's a piece of gift-wrapper.

Come to the first place, I was looking for a cheap eye cream.
This Garnier roll-on was the cheapest eye-thing I found, moreover it was discount ≧◡≦
At first I wanted to buy it, I was afraid if my baggy eyes disappeared o(╥﹏╥)o
The Garnier claimed this eye roll-on as anti-bags and anti-dark circles.
I think baggy eyes are still a trend from Korea because the effect of smiling face, which is cute.
After a long time of thinking, I ensured myself to bought it.

The back side tells about the introduction, the claims, and the ingredients, in Indonesian and... Philippines???
I capture more closer look below.
The keys they said on the introduction are:
[ Caffeine + Massage = Brightener Eye Skin ]
Caffeine to helps stimulating the circulation.
Massage to helps the natural circulation and refresh the tired eyes.

As far as I know, caffeine can dilate the blood vessel and increase muscle capacity.
Imagine if these effects are applied to your eyes, it really helps your circulation better because your blood vessel dilates or wider, and your tired eyes muscle would be fresher.

It also has cooling sensation, claimed that the skin would be brighter in 2 weeks and eye bags and dark circle reduced at 4 weeks.

Yes I feel slightly cooling sensation, but I didn't feel my dark circle reduced.
They all just same as before!
Somehow I feel regret to bought it, better I buy a real eye cream.
This roll-on just did its function as eye-fresher.

Below is the ingredients.
You can see methylparaben here, which means this roll-on contains paraben.

The right side (from my view) picture below.

I capture the bigger size about caffeine.
Well, of course the caffeine was extracted, not a real coffee (^∇^)ノ
That's why the roll-on doesn't smell like coffee.
It doesn't contain any fragrance, good for sensitive skin ^‿^

Picture below is the left side (from my view), just the philosophy of Garnier at the top side.
Made for Asian skin.
Anyway, it's not Indonesian o.O may be Malaysian?

And producer, importer, and distributor, at the bottom side.
15 ml, can be recycled, and 12 months since the first opening.
Pretty good~

Enough for the box, let's take a peek inside! ^^
I love how they pack this roll-on ♥-♥
They put another cardboard to keep the roll-on on the place and prevent it from shaking, even the roll-on is made from plastic, shaking or not, doesn't matter (─‿‿─)

Here's the roll-on ^^
It's made from yellow plastic bottle, with Garnier sticker on the middle.
The cap is made from semi transparent plastic.
The sticker continuous until the back side.
Just telling 15 ml volume, recycle-able, and...
AND TELLING THE DIFFERENT EXPIRED TIME!!! (sorry to caps lock, but I just realized this when I wrote this post)
Remember the box said 12 months, and this sticker said 6 months?
Which one is true??? (/゚Д゚)/
I opened the roll-on.
You can see it's screw-cap type.
Because it's a roll-on, the bottle attached with a metal ball on the top.
See the black plastic around the ball?
I hate it!!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ
There are, tiny, little, bumps which I can't capture with camera because it's too tiny, even I felt difficult to see it with my bare eyes, that irritating my eyes everytime I rolled this roll-up to my eye skin!
You all know that our eye skin is very thin and sensitive, and feeling that bump suddenly scratching my eyes - even gently - was hurt.
I tricked that by remembering the same spot that doesn't have bump.
But that isn't always works.

At first swatch I experienced that the liquid color was brown, so I think, "It's coffee!"
The brown color was remind me of a liquorice oil.
But at many swatch, the color began to disappear and became transparent like water.

How to use that?
Here I attached a video from Garnier's Facebook.

Well, use it 5 times a day???
Nay for me, I didn't even remember to use it  (; ̄Д ̄)

As a bonus, my picture of using Garnier Brighteing Eye Roll-On without makeup \(//∇//)\
Roll in small circular motion to massage the lower eye skin...
Roll on the upper eye skin...
Do roll in small circular motion to massage the lower eye skin once more...
Swab to spread the liquid...

In case you didn't or couldn't watch the video  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I love because...
♥ Cooling sensation, an eye-fresher 
♥ Not contains fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin 
♥ Nice packing, prevent shaking 

I hate because...
♡ My dark circle didn't reduce 
♡ Contains paraben 
♡ The expired time between the box and the sticker are different 
♡ The bump scratching my eye skin 
♡ Use 5 times a day for the result 

I give it...
Besides of eye-fresher, nothing can be benefit for me.
But I still often use it for my skincare routine twice a day.
Thanks for reading :)

Please take a look on this update ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
★ I'm a little afraid to post this review, my review is super honest and I made a bad review about this product, I feel so sorry to Garnier and the others if my writing hurts them. However, this is what I thought about this product. I'd always inserted disclaimer on PS section at the bottom of every review post.
★ It might works if you use it 5 times a day, I am so lazy and forgetful I can't use it 5 times a day.
★ If you often experience tired eyes, this product can be great instant eye-fresher for you. It's easy to carry on everywhere in your makeup pouch.
★ I forgot to enclose the price. After a long time searching the bill, the normal price of this Garnier is IDR 35.5k, I got discount from the local supermarket, so I bought it at IDR 20k ^^

Based on my honest review.
I do not paid for this review.
If it's working for me, it doesn't always working for you and vice versa. Check your skin type and your allergies.


Giveaway I joined: July 2013 Edition

9:36 PM

It's middle of July now and it's the time for Giveaway I joined: July 2013 Edition~!!! ^0^
Lets check 'em!!

1. Luch Luch Craft ft. Persunmall July Giveaway

Yeah, the famous Persunmall Giveaway~
I just want to blog her giveaway, because... I trust her, it's the first Persunmall July giveaway I joined, and I am so lazy to put other ^^
If you want to join another Persunmall giveaway, check my sidebar or my blog comments.

2. TangerineBabi & Lens Giveaway

3. Pieces Of Me: Thank You Giveaway (Indonesia Only)
There are 2 winners:
First get this box below for the best comment. The products inside the box is secret aka mysterious box :)
Second will get a box and a The Body Shop agenda + vouchers.

4. DOAPJ July Giveaway (Indonesia Only)

5. Qoqo & Tallas Shop Kawaii DustCap Giveaway
Even it's small, I seriously want this dust cap. I found many dust cap in many store but they are all pretty expensive and not my type.

6. tokki autumn First Monthiversary / 50+ Followers
The detail prizes below.

7. Sweetaholic Beauty: 200,000 Pageviews Giveaway
Prizes detail below.

8. Sakuranko Etude House Magic Tint Balm Giveaway

9. tokki autumn + VIVI-Clothes Giveaway
Winners will get jewelry from VIVI-Clothes, circle lenses from Kpop2, and $25 worth cosmetics from Cosmetic-Love.

That's all for this July ^^
If you want to join, just click any picture of them.
See ya next time! Bye~!



Totally Random Today

2:30 PM

Hi girls,
I am so boreeed today, I don't have any mood to capture photos, so lazy because this is a shared room and I don't want my brothers catch me photophoria, so embarrassing >_<

I kept thinking what I wanna do, and I decided to make this random post.
No makeup or beauty things today, just random things I want to share.
And I played with Pinterest these days.
I want to know about Pinterest more, can you guys tell me something?
I try to uploaded my photos here via Pinterest, but now I think it's not a good idea -_-
It doesn't support multiple uploads.
Pinterest may be more worth when I upload pictures on this blog and then detect them on Pinterest to pin it, agree?

Okay, go to the randomness~!
★ My highest blog visit of the day until now is on July 9th 2013 with pageviews 67 visits ★
Maybe it because I shared my blogpost on IBB >.<
And it makes sense now xD

★ Persunmall giveaway everywhere 
Especially on email.
Until now, I joined every Persunmall giveaway on my blog comments.
I want to appreciate all of you guys.
But looking at this list makes me lazy to take some acts -_-
My mail, full of giveaway...
I even didn't open all of them -_-
I appreciate Persunmall that makes giveaway for us, really.
I just... bored because of too many blogs featuring their giveaway.
I censored all of their name except subscribed mails from MichellePhan, etc.
It's just a segment of my mails, there are more...

★ I will buy a new glasses~! 
What's up with a glasses??!
Everyone can buy that!
Let me tell you some story...
It began from my mom, who had myopia eyes.
She was using glasses.
She found that it made herself felt dizzy.
She blamed the glasses.
She never wanted to wear glasses anymore.
No, no, it's not the end of the story!
The story continuous after I became a little girl.
Because of her experience with glasses when she was a young lady, my parents didn't allow me (and my brothers after then) to wear glasses.
They said they would buy me a horse glasses if I get myopia.
They always scare me by that horse glasses, did everything that folks said it can prevents me from myopia.
At my junior high school, my eyes was still good.
I have normal eyes on the left and -0.25 on the right.
Still good, really.
Go to senior high school, I felt my eyes myopia a bit.
I asked my parents to bought me a contact lenses.
And maybe because I was winning a contest, I got that contact lenses ^^
It's the first time I used contact lenses.
I found my eyes is -0.50 on both.
(I think my story isn't to the point now)
Yeah, the point is, I never used glasses before.
Well, back to the present.
I feel my vision getting worsened these days.
It's very annoying when I watched basketball several times, I couldn't see the player's face.
They are all blurred... o.O
I still believe my vision still below -1.00, but I want to fix it.
I can't buy contact lenses because my life after this would become very very busy, if I should wear contact lenses for more than 6 hours, I don't know what would happen to my eyes... It would be very very dry...
But I still love using contact lenses ^^ if I get it, I can use it for special occasion :D

I proposed my parents yesterday if I wanted to buy a glasses and they accepted it! ^^
I want to buy glasses that supports my face, my face is round, and I should look for a rectangle frame.
Also, glasses can boosts my professional look!

Here what I want to buy:

How do you think?
Remember I like blue color ^^
Pics from here.

Okay that was the random today.
I want to prepare myself now, want to watch Despicable Me 2 with my BF ^^
See ya!


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